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Your smartphone will love these DIY ideas!

Imagine that you will never look for a suitable phone case again or that your headphones will never get tangled up again! After many years of experience with the latest DIY ideas, we would like to show you 4 practical tips that will make your everyday mobile phone much easier!

Tip 1: design your own smartphone case

People are always looking for new and trendy cell phone cases that protect the smartphone from signs of use and provide an attractive look. Our DIY idea can save you the constant search. From now on you can design the cover to suit your own taste within minutes.

First and foremost, you need the following materials: nail polish, sponge, shine for nail polish and your old phone case. Get yourself several colors of nail polish and start combining the nuances on the back of the case in one order. It cannot be ruled out that you will also paint something if you have experience with it. Use the sponge to easily wash off the colors. You don’t need the whole sponge so just cut a small part of it. This gives you an abstract combination of all the nuances that have been used for the project. The final step is to apply shine for nail polish to the whole case.

Get hold of different colors !

do projects yourself

DIY ideas: Design carefully and the end result will not be long in coming!

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DIY ideas: Abstract cell phone cases are considered trendy

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Wait a few minutes for the colors to dry out!

design your own cool phone case

Having fun on the phone!

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Tip 2: necklace for smartphone

This idea can bring you many advantages. This DIY project allows you to have a good overview of your calls and messages via smartphone at any time. Thanks to a necklace made by yourself, you will never forget your cell phone. For the destination you need a small plastic container that is a bit bigger than your smartphone.

With a permanent pen, mark the same lines as in the following picture. This drawing is considered especially important for the structure of the necklace. After you’ve made the mark, you can move on to cutting it out with a cardboard knife. Now you can carefully cut out these 5 pieces that will serve as the support for your cellphone. The resulting 4 large holes are intended for holding the smartphone. There is only a small hole left, which is intended for the collar. Now you can take your mobile phone with you wherever you go and make calls and chat with even greater flexibility!

Green can be seen from afar!

smartphone diy ideas

DIY ideas: this is what your marker should look like!

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DIY ideas: carefully cut out holes !

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Position the phone correctly!

neck DIY ideas with handy tips

Use your mobile phone in a practical and flexible way!

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Tip 3: headphones – solve the problem!

Can you imagine that your headphones will never get tangled up again. Yes, it sounds unrealistic, but our editorial team would like to save you time and nerves and show you a trick. Anyone who enjoys listening to music knows this problem. That is how it goes ! To get there you need your mobile phone case and two small wall hooks like the one in the picture.

Attach the small wall hooks and the cell phone case to each other with superglue. Carefully position the two elements and wait about 5 minutes to dry out. You can now wind up the headphones using the two wall hooks.

Position the wall hook exactly in the middle!

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End the headphone problems!

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Wrap around and listen to your favorite music within minutes!

Design your own smartphone diy ideas

problem solved!

cool tips design your own smartphone diy ideas

Tip 4: Mobile phone holder for the bed

Do you like to watch videos or do you regularly read interesting DIY ideas on your mobile phone? If so, then you probably know how hard it is to hold your cell phone in bed all the time. Our editorial team will show you a cool tip. In the first place, you need a watch strap. It doesn’t matter whether the watch strap is new or used, the main thing is that it works! Use a silicone gun to glue the watch strap and the phone case together and wait a few minutes. Make sure that there is enough space between the phone case and the strap for your hand.

The watch band will become your new holder!

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Superglue or silicone gun? Decide according to your taste!

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Allow enough drying time before testing the final result!

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The bracket should be stable

tips projects

Watch your favorite shows in bed for hours!

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Projects don’t take more than a few minutes, so why not give them a try? Design practical projects according to your taste and your everyday life will be much more practical. The numerous DIY ideas help everyone to organize their everyday life comfortably.