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Make your own air freshener: 3 recipes and lots of helpful tips!

The market is full of odor remedies, but the good ones are quite expensive and the cheap ones tend to be high in pollutants. There are so many simple recipes you can use to make an air freshener yourself. In this case, you can determine exactly what goes into the homemade remedy. This is very important, because after all, its ingredients get into the air and are in constant contact with your skin! With DIY air fresheners you save money and you can do something creative. As we have already stated and written several times, every kind of creative activity is of positive importance for our psychological balance!

The fresh scents at home ensure better health

Wardrobe ideas - great air freshener

Make sea salt air fresheners yourself

One of the most effective and accessible means by which you can make an air freshener yourself is that Sea salt. Practically everyone has this in their own kitchen and can quickly access it. For this recipe you will need the following ingredients:

  • A small cup of yogurt,
  • A large yogurt pot,
  • Paper coffee filter (one sheet),
  • A needle,
  • A rubber band,
  • A pack. Sea salt.

This is how it’s done:

Use the needle to pierce the bottom of the small cup. Then pour some sea salt into it. Therefore, you should put the small cup in the larger one. Cover the opening of the large mug with the coffee filter. You should fix this with the elastic band. You can now place this air freshener where bad smells have arisen. Don’t forget to change it every three months at most.

The different air freshener recipes are suitable for different purposes 

Very good air freshener - make air fresheners yourself

Make fabric softener air fresheners yourself

Another great option for homemade air fresheners is the following recipe with fabric softener. It is particularly suitable for the wardrobes. You can also use it to remove mold successfully in many cases. In contrast to the previous air freshener, this should be applied to a cloth. You would then have to wipe the wardrobes with it. Here are the resources needed:

  • A can of your favorite fabric softener (a full cap),
  • One liter of water,
  • An empty spray bottle,
  • One or more wipes.

Here’s how to do it:

Pour the prepared can of fabric softener into the water. Mix very well and pour the finished liquid into the spray bottle. Now you should pour everything into the perfectly cleaned spray bottle and dampen the cleaning cloth. Use it to wipe the inside of the wardrobes. Of course, you could also use it to clean other furniture, as soon as you consider this smell appropriate for the respective household area. A fine fabric softener scent could be very popular in the living room, for example. But in the kitchen, such a fabric softener smell could be perceived as bizarre. However, it is a matter of taste! After all, this is your household and you should feel free to do your experiments there!

As you can see, the resources required for the homemade air fresheners are usually already in the storage shelf

Great household tips - make an air freshener yourself

Make air fresheners yourself with chalk

This simple recipe works especially well if you want to remove odors from old furniture. You can also use this homemade remedy in wardrobes and other places where textiles are kept.

Funds required:

  • A bigger board,
  • ordinary blackboard chalk,
  • grommet,
  • A ruler,
  • A crayon,
  • A scissors,
  • Satin bow,
  • line.

With the help of the ruler and pen, you should draw as many pieces of 25 x 25 cm as possible on the chalk board. Place the grommet on top and use the lines on the chalk board to cut the fabric into several squares. You should now fill the finished small pieces of fabric with chalk. Finally, you should use the string to tie them. You can now distribute these small air freshener sets between the furniture and in wardrobes at home. Among other things, they will soak up the moisture. As soon as the chalk gets too wet, you should replace it.

If you make an air freshener yourself, you can choose the aromas yourself 

Air freshener - great idea to make yourself

All three air freshener recipes are pretty universal and could remove unpleasant odors in any household. In addition, they can be adapted very well to your own taste. With the idea of ​​fabric softener, we recommend using ecological products that are also good for your health. You could add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the first and third recipes. In any case, we recommend that you use pleasant aromas after removing the bad smells.

Remove odors from furniture and other corners of the home

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Keep empty spray bottles handy for your great air fresheners!

Make air fresheners yourself - tips and tricks

The good mood at home depends on the good smell!

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After removing the bad smells, you can freshen up the atmosphere even more with scented oils

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We always wish you good aromas at home!

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