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In this way you can organize your entrance area in a flash and design it perfectly!

The entrance area plays a very important role in our everyday life. Time and again, the perfect organization in this room ensures a lot of discussions. But the good end result is impressive from afar, because it is about a high degree of flexibility and well-planned organization. Follow our tips and they will ensure a stress-free everyday life. Guaranteed!

DIY cool tips for the entrance area of ​​the house

Design the entrance area: Sort first!

Start with a breakdown of your personal belongings. Create different groups of small accessories, shoes, bags, jackets, and small items that are easy to lose. This gives you an up-to-date overview of the items that need sorting.

Things that you don’t need during the working week can be moved to another room. After you have finished the groups, the time has come to design the entrance area.

Make groups of items before you get started!

Instructions for entrance house

Design of the entrance area

Everyone has certain habits that repeat themselves almost every day. Think carefully about the habits of your family members. If you run into trouble with this, ask yourself a few questions such as: What items do family members need each day? Jackets, shoes and keys are among the most important items. Discuss with your family which design would be best for the entrance area.

Our first tip for the good design of the entrance area is to choose a suitable shoe rack. Our editorial team attaches greater importance to a high degree of flexibility and can therefore recommend an open shoe rack that is about two meters high and 30 cm wide. Using the height and not the width leaves much more space for other pieces of furniture in the room. The shoe rack should have a sorting that creates even more organization in the entrance area. The lower steps of the shoe rack should be filled with shoes that are used every day and the upper steps with shoes that are rarely worn.

At the top are the shoes that are the least worn

Setting up the entrance area Tips for organization

Interior entrance area modern

Organize the entrance area inside

Next to the shoe rack, you can position hooks that are very helpful for the bags. Heavy backpacks should be placed in a compartment. After you have a place in the entrance area for shoes and bags, the next group of objects comes – the accessories. For this we use a very well-known shelving system, namely the pegboard. This piece of furniture is considered a new symbol of flexibility, because its structure can be designed again and again according to your personal needs. The pegboard will be the perfect place for your keys, bags, glasses and cards. Secure a separate compartment in the pegboard for each family member, which is suitable for small accessories.

Practical pin board for the accessories

Entrance area modern and practical

Open shelving systems offer many advantages

interior design organization

Larger rucksacks and bags should be placed in the compartment

cool tips entrance area

Next, let’s focus on the space for the jackets, coats, and shirts. Stable hook rails with a cool look are considered the best solution for all items of clothing. They can be easily integrated into the entrance area and allow space for many jackets and coats. Make use of the height of the room and plan the lower clothes rails for your children. So everyone has their own coat hook.

 Don’t forget the clothes rails!

cool tips entrance area house inside

The sorting of shoes, clothes and accessories naturally depends on the current season. For this reason, we suggest that you store the unusable items above the front door until the next season comes for them.

Until summer or winter comes, you can organize a stowage space for your things that are currently unusable

Tips to design the inside of the entrance area organization

The last tip for good organization in the entrance area is to position a mirror and a wall clock. So don’t neglect your punctuality or appearance before you leave home.

Punctuality is considered crucial these days

Wall clock entrance area ideas and tips

A “final check” mirror before you go out

Interior furnishing entrance area modern mirror

Your order in the entrance area is now ready. Do not forget that our editorial team quickly sorted, analyzed the habits and made simple design to get this end result. Make your everyday life less stressful through flexibility in the entrance area!

This is what the end result looks like! Cool, right?

Entrance area ideas and tips

Use curtains to hide the open shelving systems

Tips for organizing receipt