DIY decoration

Fold origami poinsettias and put them in the limelight

Poinsettias cannot only be made from wood, wire, straw or even salt dough and felt. Hobbyists with skillful fingers can also fold their own poinsettias and use them to create real origami works of art for home decoration. So we show you 50 great ideas for folding poinsettias, 2 easy instructions and interesting decoration suggestions. Some of these stars make themselves in no time at all, others are more complicated and require a closer look. Froebel stars, for example, are beautiful domestic decoration stars, but are not that easy to imitate and require around 40 exact steps.

Charming interior of a Victorian house

Fold poinsettias and decorate them in the bedroom

Fold poinsettias and put them down

Experiment with different types of paper – old book pages and a timetable were used here

Poinsettias fold out of pages of newspapers and books

Combine different geometric shapes

Poinsettia fold geometric vase with white stars

Fold modern 3D poinsettias and decorate them in a minimalist way

These 3D poinsettias can be folded very quickly and look very pretty and modern. Due to their simple shapes, they are perfect additions to a stylish minimalist interior. Choose subtle colors such as white, black, gray or taupe instead of bright tones. Adjust any patterns to the rest of the decoration in the room. The stars can be tiny or huge, depending on your preference – it all depends on the size of the paper.

Our tip: Combine large and small stars with different numbers of points.

This is what a stylish minimalist Christmas decoration with 3D paper stars looks like

Poinsettia fold taupe white black minimalistic

Subtle black, white, gray and taupe should be predominant

Poinsettia folding minimalist decorating in the living room

Any samples from the paper must not be too conspicuous. Create accents with tree decorations and potted plants

Poinsettias fold white, black and gray dominate the scene

Match your stars with the rest of the hues in the room – blue tones dominate the scene here

Poinsettia fold decoration in blue tones

To make this poinsettia yourself, you must first draw and cut out the basic shape of the star. All lines of the star must be regular, i.e. of the same length. Now fold it in half and repeat the same for each additional prong. So your 3D star is ready. Now you can hang it on the wall or the Christmas tree with a thread or make a garland of several stars. You can glue two stars together and complete the 3D look. The easiest way to do this is with a newspaper ball – instead of gluing the corners of the paper, glue the newspaper on the inside of both stars.

This is how you can fold 3D poinsettias

Christmas stars tinker 3d star fold

Put the stars in the spotlight and experiment with reflective paper and patterns

Decorate poinsettias fold stylishly

Christmas stars tinker garland out of wood and 3d stars

Poinsettias fold large and small white stars

Make the Christmas decorations part of your usual designs

Poinsettias fold in a modern and stylish minimalist way

So cozy and appealing

Fold poinsettias and use the kimin to decorate them in the living room

The fairy lights and even the wrapping paper create the necessary colored accents in the silver-gray decoration

Poinsettia fold white gray minimalist room decor

Make super easy origami lucky stars yourself

Making poinsettias has never been so easy and quick. Each of these tiny origami lucky stars can be tinkered with in less than a minute. Often large jars are filled with lots of colorful stars and set up as table decorations or given away on various occasions – mostly between couples as a token of their love and affection.

Colorful lucky stars arranged according to color in the decorative mason jar

Poinsettia folding rainbow vase with lucky stars

Poinsettia fold ornament with colorful kawaii stars

Fold poinsettias, tie them into garlands and use driftwood to create stylish abstract fir trees on the wall

Fold poinsettias and make a fir tree from driftwood and origami

Christmas stars make paper stars garland

The only material you need is long strips of paper. The stripes can be of any length and width – the wider and longer, the larger the star. Use, for example, scraps of wrapping paper, newspaper clippings or Froebel star paper. First, tie a knot in one end of the strip and press it in flat. You should get a pentagon with it. Slide the leftover side into the knot and start wrapping the remaining paper around the knot. Follow the direction of the stripe and the pentagonal shape of the star. Finally, slide the last piece of strip back into the star and press in the centers to form the spikes.

So you can make the sweet little lucky stars yourself

Poinsettia folding origami instructions

Christmas stars tinker ornament with paper stars

Poinsettias fold a blue garland of small stars

Conclusion: Folding poinsettias is a great activity for the whole family. It’s quick, easy and creates beautiful festive decorations. Experiment with origami techniques and different types of paper and decorate the whole house with poinsettias that you all made together.

You can also fold poinsettias from scraps of fabric

Poinsettias make flöbelsterne out of fabric

Froebel stars look pretty, but are quite difficult to tinker with

tinker poinsettias

You can fold poinsettias and wrap gifts with a personal touch

Poinsettia folds for gifts instruction

Make poinsettias out of colored cardboard

Did you realize that this star is made of toilet paper rolls?

Make poinsettias out of folded toilet paper rolls

Reuse old newspapers and magazines and fold beautiful poinsettias

Make poinsettias out of small rolls of newspaper

Make poinsettias out of newspaper rolls and magazines

Make a creative idea for the advent calendar yourself

Christmas stars fold advent calendar

Crepe paper is very easy to work with and produces somewhat transparent stars

Poinsettia fold from blue crepe paper

Beautiful, large lantern stars made from sandwich bags

Poinsettia fold from butterbread bags

Make poinsettias fold out of foil and hang up

Poinsettia fold from foil paper

Poinsettia folding buffet table and star decoration

Kirigami 3D stars look very beautiful and are made up of many thin strips

Poinsettia fold colorful paper stars

Poinsettia folding kirigami instructions

Poinsettias fold garland over the door

Poinsettias fold with eight points

Poinsettia folding origami star garland

Poinsettia fold garland of white cardboard stars