DIY decoration

2 instructions and 65 ideas for making and decorating poinsettias yourself

We have already shown you how to fold origami Christmas stars out of paper and how you can hang illuminated stars on your windows and use them to decorate them. Now we will show you 2 more super easy instructions and 65 ideas for making poinsettias yourself. Scroll through and check out projects Pasta, Salt dough, felt, thread, drinking straws, etc. Your children are welcome to join in with all of them and make handicrafts a real family activity.

Make your own poinsettias out of straw and decorate them in a natural way

Make your own poinsettias out of straw

Why not made from cinnamon sticks, cloves and star anise?

Make your own poinsettias out of cinnamon sticks

Simply wrap yarn around cardboard and hang it up – it couldn’t be easier and yet the stars look super decorative

Make your own poinsettias out of yarn and cardboard

Effectively reuse old sweaters and scarves

Make poinsettias out of an old sweater or scarf

Crochet poinsettias and tie them into a pretty garland

Make poinsettias yourself and crochet garland from white yarn

Colorful accents with a garland of crocheted poinsettias in a completely white decoration

Make poinsettias yourself, crochet out of yarn and hang up

Make great borax-crystallized poinsettias yourself

These poinsettias are super easy to make and the effect of the crystallization looks absolutely enchanting, especially when there is enough light. Pipe cleaners and fringed garlands are the best surfaces for growing crystals and their bright colors shimmer beautifully through the borax. However, the process must be waited for about 24 hours. You also need to use boiling hot water and let the borax melt in it. When the water cools down, the crystals then form.

This is how your stars made of fringed garlands will look like after 24 hours in borax

Make your own poinsettias out of a large silver garland

Pipe cleaners give more colorful results

Make poinsettias yourself purple green star with crystals

First, bend your pipe cleaners or wrap the garland around a wire base. Tie a thread to each star and hang them in large mason jars or bowls so they don’t touch the sides or the bottom. Now mix 2 cups of boiling water with ½ cup of borax and stir until it melts. Pour the borax-water mixture over the stars and cover them completely. Let them sit like this for up to 24 hours and then you can take out your stars, dry them and hang them up.

First, make the shape you want out of your pipe cleaners

Make poinsettias yourself Make stars out of pipe cleaners

Hang the stars in large mason jars and put the borax in them

Make poinsettias yourself with water and water borax

After a few hours, your stars will look like this

Make your own poinsettias sitting in glasses

Carefully remove the stars and let them dry before hanging them up

Make your own poinsettias out of borax and remove them from the jars

Make your own Christmas stars pink red stars with borax

Make blooming felt poinsettias yourself and tie them to other decorations

These tropical plants have already become a popular Christmas tradition. Despite proper care, their flowers last very short and only fall off after a few days. But you can also make poinsettias that never lose their flowers – those made of felt. You can then tie them into wreaths, use them as brooches, decorate a hair clip or diadem or make garlands out of them.

Bend a string of lights into a wreath and simply glue some felt poinsettia flowers onto it

Make your own poinsettias, lightening a wreath of flowers

Almost as pretty as the real flowers – worthy even for a vase

Make poinsettias yourself and put them in a vase

You can then determine how big the flowers are – simply cut out several sheets of felt and glue or sew them together to form a larger flower. Start with 5 overlapping small flowers. Fold the stems of 5 more larger leaves and secure them over the smaller ones. Complete your poinsettia with a few small pearls in the middle. If you like, you can also attach green leaves to the bottom.

Make very light poinsettias yourself and decorate with them as you wish

Make poinsettias yourself close up

Simple instructions with great results

Make poinsettias yourself instructions

Make poinsettias yourself with beads and felt

To make a brooch out of the flower, all you have to do is glue a brooch pin to the back. You can make a garland with a long rope that you hide under flowers and green leaves. Use felt glue or hot melt glue. For the wreath, you first need to get a base made of straw or twigs and wrap it with fabric. Then just glue the flowers to it right away.

Pretty felt garland made of flowers and leaves on a rope

Make your own Christmas stars garland with rope

Which an original chain or chair bow as part of the Christmas table decoration

Make your own poinsettia necklace made of felt

So creative and original

Make your own poinsettia wreath out of flowers and fabric

These poinsettias are made of paper and cotton balls in a similar way

Make poinsettias yourself and make flowers out of paper

Conclusion: Making poinsettias yourself is a great opportunity to gather around a table with the whole family and create beautiful decorations. Dedicate a full day to this activity and make Christmas very personal.

You can find wire bases in the craft shop or bend them yourself with pliers

Make poinsettias out of wire and twigs

Make your own poinsettias out of green branches around a wire base

Here wire was wrapped in old denim and jute and hung from a piece of driftwood

Making poinsettias with jute and recycling jeans

Poinsettias make silver bells

Very original idea – create a Christmas tree on the wall from many small and large wire stars

poinsettias tinker stars out of wire fir tree

poinsettia tinker rust gold star garland

Old table corners and scraps of fabric can also be reused

Make poinsettias out of felt and fabric

Simply sew or glue onto a piece of felt and attach a button

Christmas stars make fabric star ornaments yourself

Beautiful ornaments for the Christmas tree are made from thread and cardboard

Make poinsettias out of yarn and cardboard, white and red

Make poinsettias yourself instructions yarn wrap cardboard

Wrap gifts creatively with drinking straws

Make poinsettias out of red and white straws

Make your own poinsettias out of black drinking straws in gift packaging

And so you can make this star yourself out of drinking straws

Make poinsettias yourself drinking straw star instructions

You can also make whole garlands and other ornaments from drinking straws and paper stars

Make your own Christmas stars garland out of straws and cardboard stars

Christmas stars tinker with different beads and wire

You can find these star boxes in every craft shop and turn them into fancy advent calendars

Make your own Christmas stars out of boxes

You can hang this advent calendar from a wooden ladder, for example

Make your own Christmas stars advent calendar and wooden ladders

Use jute to give your ornaments a retro look

Make poinsettias out of old jute

Effectively recycle old bicycle chains

Make poinsettias out of bicycle chain

Yarn will hold its shape if you dip it in all purpose glue and shape it first

Make poinsettias out of yarn and glue

When the glue dries, the thread will become very solid

Poinsettias make yarn, wool and glue

Tinker Lego blocks into a star and take them apart again after the party

Make poinsettias out of lego parts

Don’t throw away small and broken krayons – melt them into a large, brightly colored stick in silicone baking molds

Make poinsettias out of recycled colored pencils

Make poinsettias from a bow on wood and needles

Salt dough is very easy to make and looks like clay after baking

Make poinsettias out of white salt dough

Poinsettias make salty dough hanging garland

Make long garlands for the Christmas tree from salt dough stars and wooden beads

Christmas stars make salt dough chain

You can also easily paint the salt dough after baking

Make poinsettias yourself, paint salt dough gold

Make poinsettias yourself from salt dough and bells

Christmas stars make felt pillows

Noodles are surprisingly versatile as a decoration

Make poinsettias out of golden noodles

making poinsettias with pasta

Make your own poinsettias out of pasta

Did you realize that these lids are from salt and pepper shakers??

poinsettias make salt shaker lids

Santa Claus also needs summer vacation

Make poinsettias, santa claus paint the sea star

Christmas stars tinker black and white wool felting

Old scraps of fabric, buttons, rusty bells and bed springs can still be used as decoration

Make your own poinsettia old scraps of fabric

Make your own poinsettias out of old fabric and old bed springs

Make your own poinsettias out of colored beads and wire

Make your own poinsettias out of yellow buttons

Peppermints melt in the oven and can be shaped for a short time

Make your own poinsettias out of melted peppermints

Never simply dispose of old newspapers and magazines again

Make poinsettias yourself out of newspaper rolls and magazines

Make poinsettias yourself baby mobile for the nursery

Make your own poinsettia tree blanket out of fabric and felt stars

Make poinsettias yourself, wrap yarn around cardboard and make stars

Make your own Christmas stars garland out of felt and cardboard stars moon

Christmas stars make your own biscuit molds for the birth of jesus

Christmas stars make small felt pillows garland

Make poinsettias yourself smiling fabric star

Make poinsettias yourself ornament made of cardboard, painted white

Christmas stars make paper and rope garland for gifts

Make poinsettias yourself paper star wreath

Make a beautiful paper lantern yourself – instructions here

Make poinsettias yourself. Make your own cardboard lantern

Make your own poinsettias pinata

Make poinsettias yourself bird food stars for outside

Make poinsettias out of artificial wire