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Chic private vacation home – lively vacation home design

chic private vacation home dining table green table runner bowls

Chic private vacation home – lively vacation home design

The place. The real estate agent’s mantra is chanted by house hunters everywhere, and in Hutland the refrain takes on a feverish litter. Finding the perfect private harbor spot takes patience – so it helps if you’ve been staring at it for nearly five years.

“From our previous cabin on the lake of the same name, we saw,” says homeowner Katie McLean, “and waited for the right place to come in the market.” What about Katie’s husband, Brian? He didn’t come to see the cabin until they bought it. “But he knew the property,” says Katie.

The Kawarthas, Ontario, vacation rental location was ideal, but the house showed 1970s decor and an awkward layout that ignored the cottage’s best asset: its view. “I knew I couldn’t do the layout on my own,” says Katie, so she asked Robyn Clarke from Robyn Clarke + Co. Interior Design to take a look.

Though the house was in rough shape, Robyn, who had been renovating McLean’s Toronto home (they’ve been doing it since moving to Calgary) saw its potential. “Robyn had more or less full authority,” says Katie, whose only instructions were to open the layout and give the kitchen a view (so she could watch her four children carefully) and create a fresh, bright, modern interior.

Dining room: Homeowners Katie and Brian McLean wanted the dining room to be connected to the kitchen, but the room was down a few steps. Designer Robyn Clarke opened the archway between the two rooms and wrapped the kitchen countertop and cabinets around the corner and down into the dining room, where the bank of cabinets serves as a sideboard and forges a visual connection with the rest of the room.

White wall shelves offer extra storage space

chic private vacation home dining table shelves white furnishings

Open shelves: In the dining room, the floating shelves create clear lines and offer exhibition space for knick-knacks, dishes and works of art. A wine refrigerator and wine racks are hidden under the worktop, so that the area often doubles as a cocktail bar.

Kitchen equipped with leather chairs – shiny pendant lights above the worktop

chic private vacation home dining table sink kitchen pendant lights

Kitchen: Katie loves the new open space. The kitchen island marks the place where a wall stood. Robyn had stained the island, but she kept a creamy color for the cabinets to give the airy, fresh feel of the great room.

Built-in stone fireplace – grass green sofa and low wooden table

chic private holiday apartment wooden table table legs stone built-in fireplace

living room: The sofa is hard, but soft to the touch – perfect for lounging around in a cottage country. “The old fireplace was in the corner; so we moved it and it will be more than a facility, ”says Robyn.

Living area – large armchairs and round coffee table

chic private vacation home armchair around coffee table wall art

Sitting area: “The first time we sat here, my friend called it ‘The Nook’ and it has been since then,” says Katie in the cozy lounge with four comfortable armchairs. Sliding doors capture the cross wind that cools the muggy midsummer evenings.

Roof terrace – seating area with rattan dining chairs and wooden table

chic private vacation home roof rattan furniture outdoor area

Terrace: Katie stands in front of the anthracite-colored hut, which has been given a fresh white trim for a sea feeling. Robyn had replaced the spindles on the terrace railings with Plexiglas to ensure a clear view of the lake.

Bedroom designed in fresh light colors

chic private vacation home bedroom pillows bedding

Bedroom: The well-covered bed and modern home décor give the feeling of a luxurious, personalized cottage holiday resort. “Country life is always so busy, and it’s nice to come home in a well-made bed at the end of the day,” says Robyn. The bedside lamps have an ivory finish that adds texture; the drum shadows and graphically patterned bed linen keep the mood modern.

Rustic bathroom design – sink with vanity unit

chic private vacation home bathroom sink wood

Bathroom: “We went for modern elements like wall-mounted taps and sinks mounted below,” says Robyn.

Thematic furnishings in the outdoor area – rattan garden furniture and placemat

chic private vacation home outdoor area rattan furniture dining table drinks

Opinion: On the terrace, a round wooden table and casual wicker chairs provide the perfect place to enjoy drinks while looking at the view.

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Compact, rustic living room ambience

chic private holiday home dining table solid wood sofa cushions

   Pale blue colors in the white room – wooden equipmentchic private holiday apartment bright ambience armchairs wood cabinets

Eclectically furnished living room – combination of different fabrics and textures

chic private holiday apartment wood ceiling rods velvet sofa classic Rustic design – old, foldable wooden chair in the outdoor area chic private holiday home wood cushions striped

Bright, lively atmosphere in the kitchen – striking striped floor rugs

chic private vacation rental rustic style floor runners green stripes

Cozy bedroom – comfortable double bed with colorful bed linen on it

chic private vacation home bedroom comfortable double bed