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White desk: the perfect finish for your modern home office

In the gloomy times of the pandemic, you need hope and light. Maybe that’s why we’re so drawn to the white color. This is the third contribution to our series of articles. We have already reported on white chairs and white brick wall optics, in the first two articles we showed appealing designs in the non-color. Today we continue with a white desk. Because a white desk could complete your modern home office perfectly. By the way, topics such as home office and office furnishings have become just as important in recent months due to the current situation. What does a modern piece of furniture of this type look like? How can it best be integrated into the interior design? Our ideas, tips and pictures follow.

A white desk may be the best solution for a dark room

white desk in front of a blue wall

White table with a simple design in the style you want

Let’s look at the first example in the picture above together! For the interior you can choose the nautical color palette, which is enlivened and individualized with green vegetal accents. The whole thing looks bold, modern and gloomy. The simple white table provides a color balance and a little more light.

It could just as easily be placed in the dining room, kitchen or balcony. The white shade retains its rough, in this case somewhat nostalgic, character. At the same time, it makes it universal and makes it appear contemporary.

Thanks to the floating design and white color, you save on the running surface

floating white desk blue chair

Floating designs for small spaces

In many rooms, sufficient walking space is a great advantage. You would like to keep them free by all means so that you can move around without any problems and there is space for storage space. In this bedroom, the white desk is only attached to the wall. This creates a floating design that is modern and very practical at the same time. You leave enough space for your legs and you can use the space underneath in various ways. In addition, this table becomes the focal point in the interior.

Original and practical solution that integrates the desk in a storage unit

great shelf design white desk

Integration of office desks in storage units

Large storage units like the modern shelf in the picture above are often made in white or another light color. As a result, they take up much less space from a purely visual point of view. As a result, the room feels more modern and comfortable. If you look closely, you will discover an additional bonus: a white desk has been integrated into it. Clever and original, isn’t it?

With white office tables, you often make the most of tricky floor plans

white desk - great, super trendy furnishings

A white desk for tricky room design

White room design and a white office table are an optimal solution because they combine modern minimalism and practicality. In the monochrome interior, desks look like they have grown out of the wall. In many of our pictures, this is exactly what they did and thus got the best out of tricky floor plans.

Large and open floor plans are perfectly structured by similar pieces of white furniture

great modern desk in white

White desk for a wide space and an open floor plan

In the previous examples, the benefits of white office desks for small and medium-sized spaces became apparent. These can represent the right answer to many challenges, even in large rooms and open floor plans. In the example above, we see a great work table made of transparent and glossy materials painted white. For one thing, it looks modern. You can also use it anywhere in the room. In this case you have made the boldest decision, namely to place it in the middle of the room. As a result, the room is very well structured, visually filled and at the same time a practical workplace is created.

Here you can also see a great idea for the nursery

trendy pattern white desk

The white office table – is it more of a stylish or a practical solution?

White desks are a pretty practical and at the same time inexpensive solution. But is that always the strongest argument for using them? That is really difficult to answer, because the purely aesthetic advantages are also very many. A white desk can seamlessly enroll almost anywhere. Modern living facilities in particular benefit from this in many ways. This is definitely a great solution for everyone who wants to look stylish and well-thought-out in design at the same time. This keeps you on the safe side and achieves appealing aesthetic results.

The glossy table surface contrasts wonderfully with the creatively structured wall

weisser schrebtsch - great ideas

This white desk with wooden legs welds the color palette of the room together

white desk - glossy surface and wooden legs

The white desk plays a functional and at the same time decorative role here

white desk - great white furniture

The white color of the table and other elements make this 80s room design appear more modern

white desk - great model next to the fireplace

white desk (14)

white desk (15)

white desk (16)

Thanks to its white color, this table looks almost invisible

white desk (17)

white desk (18)

white desk wood floor and shelf ideas

white desk modern great design

Such a brilliant white room would greatly promote the effectiveness of many

white desk space with simple shapes

white desk shelf ideas shelf design

white desk pink wall ideas

white desk great floor design

white desk - great window ideas

The office chair and the desk each correspond to different aspects of this great office design

white desk great ideas for furnishing

white desk great brick wall ideas

white desk and a gray wall in the background

white desk walls and floor in wood look

The white color gives you the opportunity to be particularly creative in other aspects

white desk drawers and ideas

white bedroom white desk