Wall and ceiling design with panels

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Find high quality panels for your home

There are various options for giving your own four walls an individual style. For a long time, tiles, wallpaper and wall paints were in particular demand to bring color into the room. However, panels are currently enjoying greater popularity again. They are ideal if you want to give a room a completely new design to bring a breath of fresh air into your own home.

Modern panels give both the room walls and the ceiling a completely new look.

Practical advantages of panels

The fact is: First and foremost, panels naturally have optical advantages. They change the overall impression of a room and provide a breath of fresh air. However, the practical advantages should not be forgotten either:

  • They make the classic “cable clutter” disappear
  • Holes or scratches in the ceiling can be concealed
  • Unevenness or blemishes on the ceiling can also be easily hidden under a ceiling panel
  • They are ideal for households with children or animals, as the panels are very easy to care for
  • Damp room panels are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens to hide old tiles
  • They ensure better sound insulation, especially with thin partition walls
  • At the same time, they create better thermal insulation

It is therefore not only worthwhile to equip your home with panels for visual reasons.

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Countless design options

The design options that arise with wall and ceiling panels are almost infinite. The wooden surfaces are made of beech, walnut or oak and create a particularly warm and friendly atmosphere. Alternatively, ceiling panels with a white decor can bring more brightness into the room and are therefore especially suitable for small rooms, because they make the room appear larger.

Consciously influencing the spatial effect

By a attractive wall and ceiling design with MEISTER panels you can also influence the overall effect of the room. The arrangement of the joints in particular plays an important role. If you use horizontal joints, you ensure that the room looks wider. Vertical joints in the wall panels, on the other hand, make the room appear higher and more airy. In addition, diagonal joints are also possible. They should always be used when you want more dynamism instead of boredom in your own four walls.

Modern interior design with wall panels

A few decades ago, rooms were almost completely clad with wood paneling. Nowadays this is no longer the norm, because with such a design the rooms appear too dark. Modern wall panels are therefore used much more sparingly and often only serve to visually highlight a very specific area of ​​a room or to separate it from another room section. the Laying wall panels turns out to be problem-free.

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Ceiling panels are back in fashion

Not only are wall panels more in demand than ever, but also panels for the ceiling. They were extremely popular in the 1980s and can therefore be found in almost every household. For a while, the ceiling panels were anything but popular because people were simply tired of seeing each other. They have therefore been removed from most homes.

As with everything in life, ceiling panels will make their big comeback at some point. The reason that the panels are in great demand again is primarily the high flexibility of the wood cladding. Ceiling panels are easy to lay and can then be repainted in any color. This means that the overall impression of a room can be changed in no time at all. There are currently various materials to choose from, all of which are very easy to care for.

Different types of panels

Before buying panels for your home, you should know that there are different types. Each type of panel has its own advantages and disadvantages. In principle one differentiates:

  • Real wood panels
  • Decorative panels
  • System panels

It depends entirely on the individual requirements which species is best suited for the individual case.

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Real wood panels – perfect for the vintage or country style

Real wood panels are ideal for people who want to furnish their home in a natural style. They are made of real wood such as birch, maple, oak, walnut, pine, cherry or beech. The surface still has the natural wood grain, which automatically creates a warmer and more pleasant atmosphere.

Decorative panels – for individual and modern room designs

The modern decor panels are an alternative. The choice of colors and patterns for the surface is significantly greater here than with real wood panels. They are also available in a wood look, but also in many different plain colors, stone patterns or wiped optics, for example. With this type of wood cladding, even more individual room designs are possible.

System panels – attractive and practical at the same time

Finally there are the system panels. They are characterized by the fact that, in addition to their attractive appearance, they also have a special function. These serve to increase living comfort. For example, panels are available, between which aluminum rails can be attached so that accessories such as hooks or shelves can be easily attached. Current-carrying aluminum rails are also possible in order to install customizable lighting systems in the room.

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