Unusual houseplants create a real sensation in your own four walls

It is a hot trend to bring a jungle feeling into modern interior design with suitable plants. Exotic houseplants are a great fit in a minimalist living room! But not only. Because unusual-looking plants also spice up a Scandinavian or industrial interior. The reason for this is very simple: They always catch the eye and create a certain dynamic in the room. In the following we present a brief overview of some extraordinary houseplants. Perhaps you will find the right one for your own four walls!

Extraordinary houseplants are that certain something in every room

extraordinary indoor plants pencil shrub living room decor ideas

If you don’t want the usual green roommates for your home, you could rely on living stones, mosaic plants, air plants, corkscrews or heart plants. But that is only a small part of all sorts of plants that astonish everyone. There are so many others that we have narrowed down to what we think are the 6 most eccentric ones.

Here you are!

Exceptional houseplants – Albuca spiralis

Albuca spiralis is a bulb of the hyacinth family. Its leaves have a delightful spiral shape and are particularly similar to a corkscrew. It blooms in winter and rests in summer. The magnificent flowers of Albuca Spiralis can be enjoyed from May or June. These fascinating flowers are placed on a tall stem. Place this houseplant in a bright and light-flooded place. Albuca spiralis is a plant that needs a lot of water to thrive. But be careful not to allow waterlogging! You can proudly use this special plant decoratively in your own living room. It also has a great vanilla scent.

Give your own home a special touch

Caring for exceptional indoor plants albuca spiralis properly

Donkey tail

The donkey tail is still known as Sedum Burrito, which also reveals its homeland – Mexico. It has long shoots and is particularly suitable as a hanging plant at home. This houseplant has succulent leaves that are closely spaced and can hold a lot of water. That is why the donkey tail is considered a very perennial houseplant. The bottom of the donkey’s tail must not remain damp. So pouring rarely happens. The cactus soil is the perfect substrate for Sedum Burrito. The plant is still called serpent sedum plant. It has stunning dainty flowers that bloom between April and June.

Use donkey tail decoratively and bring a can of exotic foods into your home

extraordinary houseplants donkey tail succulent plant home decoration

Pencil bush

The pencil bush reaches a height of 40 to 80 cm. Its special appearance is due to the fact that it forms numerous green shoots. These are largely similar to pencils. This is precisely why the plant bears the name pencil bush. Although some species may fail to bloom, this houseplant makes an excellent decorative addition to any room.

The pencil bush is a great minimalist decoration for the modern apartment

extraordinary houseplants pencil shrub decorate windowsill

Desert rose

The desert rose has the scientific name Adenium obesum. This is a particularly impressive houseplant because it has a thick stem and beautiful flowers above it. The fascinating plant comes from East Africa and is actually a shrub, but is reminiscent of a bonsai. The desert rose likes bright places and blooms in spring. In the coldest months, however, it needs a break when it should be cool.

The desert rose has its own charm that enchants young and old

extraordinary house plants desert rose unusual flowers

Breeding leaf

The breeding leaf, or Kalanchoe daigremontiana, is a particularly easy-care houseplant. It needs a sunny and warm location. This is a thick leaf plant, so it needs very little water. It is fascinating because of the fact that many small brood buds grow on the leaf margins. The breeding leaf also has flowers. These appear on a tall stem from the middle of the plant. There are numerous individual flowers that sit loosely next to each other. What you should be aware of with this plant is that its sap is toxic to the heart, nerves and muscles.

Brood leaves are real works of art by nature, don’t you think so?

decorate unusual houseplants brood leaf at home

Hawaii palm

The plant has a stem with beautiful leaves on the upper part. The Hawaii palm is actually a succulent plant. But not a typical one. Because the leaves of the Hawaii palm are not fleshy and thick. These are reminiscent of palm fronds, which is what gave the plant its name. It is also called volcanic palm because of its home. The Hawaii palm also has wonderful yellow flowers that bloom in winter. She is a bit demanding when it comes to location. A bright place is the best for the volcanic palm. Too strong sun rays are to be avoided. If something is wrong with the plant, its leaves will fall.

This wonderful rarity can also be enjoyed at home

extraordinary houseplants hawaiian palm beautiful small flowers

Well, all of these special houseplants impress with their attractive leaf shapes and delightful flowers. Regardless of which you choose for your exuberant home decoration, you will create a real sensation in your own four walls. Below are even more suggestions for great, unusual houseplants. Be sure to take a look at these too!

The pea plant gives the apartment a tropical flair

extraordinary houseplants pea plant

The donkey tail flowers fascinate with their unique charm

extraordinary houseplants donkey tail exuberant home decor ideas

Violin figs are large houseplants with impressive leaves

exceptional houseplants violin fig

The antler fern is an unusual decoration for your living room

extraordinary houseplants antler fern

The pubic flower is a stylish ornamental plant

extraordinary houseplants shame flower hanging plants

extraordinary indoor plants desert rose great deco ideas a breath of fresh air

Caring for extraordinary houseplants donkey tail properly

extraordinary indoor plants pencil shrub living room decor ideas

Properly care for exceptional indoor plants brutblatt

exceptional houseplants albuca spiralis

extraordinary houseplants exotic houseplants hawaiian palm

extraordinary houseplants attractive home decoration pencil bush

extraordinary houseplants brood leaf unusual leaves flowers

exceptional houseplants exotic houseplants brood leaf