Make flower garlands and welcome spring with joy

Spring is finally here and we are trying in every possible way to welcome it! A fresh room decoration is very suitable. And since colorful flowers are held as a symbol of spring, today we suggest you: welcome the new season by making flower garlands. In the following you will find several creative ideas on how you can make fancy spring-like decorative garlands yourself. You are sure to find inspiration for your own home decoration!

Make flower garlands – creativity is the order of the day!

Make flower garlands colored paper use beautiful wall decorations

Make flower garlands instead of buying them

Garlands are a delightful way to decorate your home. In spring they bring a good portion of nature into your own four walls. Of course, you could buy these ready-made and simply spice up your house and garden with them. But to be honest, it’s twice as much fun to create garlands yourself.

So you can give the ambience an individual character.

Especially in spring there are numerous ideas on how to create a garland yourself. The revival of nature gives us the inspiration, various handicraft materials represent an infinite number of design possibilities. And nobody can deny that the decorative elements that have been created are real works of art! A preferred motif for the spring garland are the flowers. Nothing is better suited to making a decorative garland for spring than flowers. The craft ideas vary from simple paper flower garlands to artistic garlands made from real flowers. The flower garlands made of crepe paper and napkins are particularly popular. Children can also take part in many DIY projects.

The self-made flower girls can then be used to decorate shelves, windows and doors. But most of all the walls. The magnificent garlands bring color and mood to the wall and bring it to life. The outside area also gets a fresh flair through the decoration with colored garlands. Crocheted garlands are also very popular. These are robust and durable. Decorative garlands are extremely effective if you want to decorate the garden or birthday party great.

Make wonderful flower garlands out of crepe paper and refresh the ambience

Make flower garlands using crepe paper beautiful wall decoration ideas

Colored garlands can be attached almost anywhere

Flower garlands make attractive paper decorations

Make an original flower garland yourself – a variety of ideas and techniques

There are so many ways to make a flower garland! For example, a Garland of paper flowers make it child’s play. You just need some brightly colored paper, staples, hole punches and scissors. Make a square out of the colored paper. Now bend this like a fan and then the fan itself in the middle. Cut off a triangle on each side. Staple the fan in the middle and then unfold it. Make two holes on the edges of the prongs so you can thread the flower on a long ribbon. Repeat the same a few more times, depending on how many flowers you need or how long the garland should be.

Wonderful flower garland beautifies the interior not only in spring

tinker flower garlands paper flowers tinker colored decorative garland

Artificial flowers are perfect for making an original decorative garland. But you need a base to attach the flowers to. An artificial ivy garland would be perfect for this. You have limitless freedom to arrange artificial flowers however you like. Real flowers could also be linked to form a garland. Various techniques such as the binding technique or the adhesive method are used for this. The result is beautiful decorative elements with a high decorative value and a positive effect on mood and ambience.

Sewing technology could also be used when making flower garlands. This is especially useful when making a flower garland out of felt. But it is also suitable for handicrafts with paper. Felt garlands are also great as year-round home decorations.

Young and old like to make colorful spring decorations

make flower garlands sew paper flowers

Conclusion: Are you aiming for an atmospheric spring decoration? Would you like to create beautiful color contrasts that inspire and enchant? Flower garlands are particularly suitable for the purpose. However, we advise you to create them yourself instead of buying them. Because that gives you greater pleasure and guarantees you great experiences! You and your children will also practice your handicraft skills. We wish you a lot of fun and success!

Flower garlands are almost all-rounders in home decoration

tinker flower garlands make unusual felt decorations yourself

Felt garlands fascinate with their detailed design 

tinker flower garlands felt beautiful spring decoration

Bring color and joy into the room with flower garlands

Make flower garlands yourself

Real flowers are always preferable, even if they have a shorter life

tinker flower garlands make fresh flower decorations yourself

Creative arrangements with artificial flowers leave a lot of space for experimentation

tinker flower garlands make fresh spring decorations yourself

Creative idea for the spring decoration

tinker flower garlands make creative decorations yourself

make flower garlands paper napkins original decoration ideas

Flower garlands make unusual decorative napkins

flower garlands tinker paper flowers fresh decorating ideas

flower garlands tinker napkins flowers fresh colors

make flower garlands, napkins, cool decoration ideas

tinker flower garlands paper decoration yourself tinker spring