Easter decoration that can last until the end of spring

Easter decoration ideas springEaster decoration that lasts until the end of spring

Easter is one of the most colorful traditions throughout the year. The beautiful decoration can make the party even nicer and more optimistic! The decoration will make you experience even more joy and enjoyment during the holidays!

The fashionable colors in recent years are: crisp white, shiny metallic and tons of soft shades with a modern look.

Designing an Easter table can be overwhelming, especially if you’re hosting a large group.

However, you don’t need to make each item specific to Easter. Actually, most of the Easter tables deviate from traditional ideas. For example, you do without delicate pastel shades and opt for bright colors.

The decoration will make you experience even more joy and enjoyment during the holidays!

Easter decoration plate colorful

Are you fed up with the rabbits and eggs too? Whimsy and geometric shapes are also wonderful choices. These can decorate the tablecloths and napkins.

The counterpart pieces are often designed to be timeless. They are less and less intended for specific occasions. So, you don’t have to feel under pressure anymore! You can now choose a decoration for many weeks after Easter. It will be relevant longer after the Easter Bunnies have retired from everyday life.

Whimsy and geometric shapes are also wonderful choices

Easter decoration bowl yellow green

Tablecloths for Easter

The tablecloths presented next will be a real treat for your guests.

These plates by the West Elm designer, executed in light melamine nuances, were inspired by the Mexican papel picado decorations. And you have no idea the greatest advantages of these plates: They can also be used at summer parties!

 You can always use this harness

Easter decoration glass brown

Check out these bowls with colored glaze! They are executed in earthy nuances and show different shades inside and outside. There is no better set of dishes for serving the desserts. You can afford several pieces. Get some, mix them up, and match them. We can already see them full of ice cream on your table! [to West Elm]

Earthy nuances

Easter decoration glass green blue

You can also bring in colors through the drinking glasses and cups! Most often, these pieces can be found in different colors – yellow, blush, sage green, and turquoise. Below we see warm combinations of pink and gold shades.

Now we see the glass objects in cool shades of blue and green. Turquoise and sage green stand out without dominating the room.

The tablecloths presented next will be a real treat for your guests

Easter decoration blue patterned

The pieces of glass below look just fabulous inside the great Z gallery coasters. The meaningful geometric patterns include lively shapes in aquamarine and mint. They are the main feature of the lids shown below.

Decorate the tablecloths and napkins

napkin orange pink easter decoration

With this great and eye-catching jewelry you can spice up the rest of your Easter table with further strong accents. You can decorate the room with bright colored eggs. This will be a great way to end the set!

A green napkin

napkin Easter decoration green

Do you prefer the cloth napkins over the others? Opt for something like the -Dye Napkin Set. You can see this in pomegranate color below. You have created an ombre effect and you are thus writing yourself in a top designer trend. So you can use this Easter design for a very long time. [to West Elm]

Patterned scarves

Easter decoration patterned cloth

Or do everything in green.

Isn’t a beautifully manicured lawn one of the most beautiful things in this world? And an Easter basket full of grass belongs here. The Uno Chartreuse linen napkin shows the most beautiful color for spring. Below we see this with a couple of Chartreuse linen pads. These spread a lot of joie de vivre around the table.

These modern yet delicate pieces are perfect to use outside of the Easter season

Easter decoration vase glass

The great kit includes 4 beautiful colored pieces. These are available in different colors and you can come up with many combinations with other nuances. The setting is impressive too. Thanks to its crisp white color, it avoids oversaturation.

The pieces of glass below look just fabulous

blue glass dishes easter decoration

Actually, these shapes were inspired by train tracks! [according to West Elm]

Personalize any place with the Cardholder Bud Vase. Each of these has a set of name tags. These modern yet delicate pieces are perfect for entertaining and can be used outside of the Easter season. And here’s a fun fact: They were created from hand-made beakers. [according to CB2]

These porcelain bunnies are shiny and white

Bunny Easter decoration porcelain

Four sea tablets are a great way to group popular items together and create new frames on the table.

Check out these bowls with colored glaze

Modern golden easter decoration

Chevrons created the herringbone patterns on the chevron serving tablets from Crate & Barrel. These show a palette of golden shades and these will create a sunny glow for your Easter celebration.

Flowers are always a great decoration

Easter decoration plants wood

Easter counterpart

Now we want to show a couple of counterparts that make a strong statement. They combine diverse elements within your Easter decoration. Besides, there has to be at least one rabbit in the mail, right? These porcelain bunnies from the Z gallery are shiny and white. You can buy a lot of them and create a change ….

A shiny vase of white flowers

Easter decoration around vase

So what do you think of this Easter decoration! Is it not worth using this festival as an occasion for new accessories??

Vases with wooden elements

Easter decoration vasePersonalize any place with the glass vases

Easter decoration glass flowers orange   Colorful glass candlesticksEaster decoration glass candlesCandlesticks with golden surfaces Easter decoration wood candles  These light green candlesticks look great in the gardenEaster decoration candlestick greenThese birds are interesting decorations Easter decoration candlestick white red bird

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