Cool and sublime: bursts of refreshing orange accents for stylish interiors

For the past couple of seasons, orange has been the “hottest” color in both fashion and interior design. More homeowners are now ready to take a shot of this playful and dramatic color. An overdose of orange can instantly transform your lovely home into a shady set from a badly done ’70s flick. But if it is dosed correctly, the orange gives the rooms a new life. Warm, bold, brilliant and energetic, orange is a color for those who embrace life with optimism and joy.

living room orange accents modern design elegance chair couch

Swan chair by Arne Jacobsen in orange is a modern design icon that adds elegance to color – orange accents

by FORMA Design

Designers and homeowners currently using neutral tones and muted colors for the background will prefer the accent colors to be an absolute must. With orange accents, it visually brings much-needed liveliness to an attitude that otherwise borders on mildness.

The right balance between serenity and passion can inspire orange in more ways than one!

Accent wall next to the stairs is actually a popular choice by homeowners

wall orange accented couch living room picture flowers

Airy white kitchen uses the skylight with orange curtains along with chairs of a similar shade

from Velux

orange accented chair kitchen white cabinet

Beautiful strawberries, pink and white color associated with orange in a modern bedroom

by Jessica Lagrange

bedroom orange accents currently lamps

Modern children’s bedroom in white and orange

modern children's room bed red fur carpet shelf orange accents

Cube stool brings both color and modern style!

style modern chair orange table

Cushions associated with lighting are a wonderful way to add orange

by Chad Jackson Photo

bedroom orange pillow candlestick curtains gorgeous

Orange dashboard in the kitchen to complement the white background

by Tracy Hansen

orange cabinet kitchen candlestick wood floor

 Eclectic nursery uses orange in a pleasant and stylish fashion way

by Lovejoy Designs

eclectic orange style children's room couch colorful pillows

Notice how the interior of the pendant light has orange accents

by The Couture Rooms

pendant lamp orange cushion living room white couch

Lots of moods of orange

Orange is a secondary color made by mixing yellow and red. In order not to be bored with a class of primary and secondary colors, it is important to realize the presence of these individual elements. Before we go into orange accents, let’s try to choose the exact shade, shade, and value of orange that will best suit your home. Red means energy, while yellow brings warmth and tenderness. If the red tones dominate, then you can expect an intense and lively outcome. Greater presence of the yellow color promises a more softened and deep aura.

An orange couch draws your attention no matter where it is

orange couch living room wood table

Bathroom looks lively with bold orange lines

by Digital Properties

bathroom orange tub light

Wall art brings a powerful punch of orange to this gorgeous bedroom

 wall orange bedroom modern

The interiors of most homes work well with the softer and sober shades of orange. This is especially true if you use them for living quarters and other public areas. With orange there is a real danger of adopting the accent color. Make sure this doesn’t happen sporadically with thicker shades of orange.

Splash of orange that you use more prominently in a completely neutral background by Catlin Stothers Design

bedroom orange pendant light pillow

Simple additions like wall art and dining table mats can be in orange accents from Jason Ball Interiors

table orange wood kitchen

Pop of orange spread in the living room with a high ceiling

by Pangea Interior Design

orange living room sofa table

Perfect way to bring orange accents for those with color engagement problems

bedroom orange pillow bed lamp wall

Orange is an ideal choice for rooms that use gray and white extensively

Orange bed bedroom sofa

Liven up the bedroom with orange peel

Recent studies of sleep patterns have shown that bedrooms with a neutral look are actually not ideal for a sound sleep. Gray and white bedrooms have been found to be depressing and induce somber thoughts. Experts suggest that choosing colors like blue, green, and orange for your bedroom interior is the best solution to the problem. Because an orange bedroom may not always work, fabric accents in the form of carpets and curtains are a nice touch that drives the monotony away. Orange pillows and an odd chair or two can also spice up a dull bedroom setting with ease.

Studies show that warm tones of orange in the bedroom improve sleep quality

by Amy Renea

bedroom orange pillow bed wood

Orange accent chair alongside white and light blue backdrops is a chic and fashionable choice

by Incorporated

white bedroom orange chair closet

Explosion of orange in the bedroom creates a playful atmosphere

by Patterson Construction Corporation

orange bedroom colorful chair red couch

Orange says I’m fun. Orange says I’m brave enough to hug the cool and the flamboyant. In the 1970s, people were scared and kept away from orange. Now it is a color that affects you on the inside. No wonder a more liberal world has quickly warmed up to this hot hue.

Green and blue in pale tones – mix in balanced bursts of orange

by Urban Dwell

children's room book lamp carpet orange

Bedroom bench in orange adds some much-needed color here

bedroom orange gorgeous wall paneling

Children’s bedroom adds vibrant colors in the form of orange accent wall and accent fabrics

by McCroskey Interiors

kids room orange wall bed carpet pillow

Orange lampshades illuminate this modern bedroom

from A-Interiors

pillow orange bedroom lamp curtains

Warm and inviting bedroom in gray with orange accents

by Catherine Sands

bedroom pillow lamp design picture

While an accent wall is still one of the most popular ways to add color to a room with neutral tones, it may not always be the best idea. This is especially true for those who have problems using the color combinations. You don’t want to realize that “orange” is not the color for your home after wasting all the time and money painting a wall. A better way to test yourself is with decor, furniture, and fabrics that add lots of orange. This strategy works for pretty much every room in the house.

Blue and orange colors with a hint of happy yellow and lively!

blue orange colors glass mirror table cushion

By using orange couch cushions, you can easily change the accent color

orange couch gray cushion beige white living room

It is best to repeat the accent colors as they add more visual balance to the room

by Sutton Suzuki Architects

orange sofa couch table living room

You can introduce accent color to a couch, chairs, carpet or two in the bedroom, pillows, and even neatly placed towels in the bathroom. Once you get used to the color, you can go a step further in the form of painting an accent wall.

Orange couch makes for an interesting look when located near a fireplace

from Last Detail Interior Design

Couch orange fireplace sofa wood table cushion

Unique pendant light in orange steals the show in this living room

pendant lamp orange living room white couch sofa table wood

Towels and accessories are an easy way to add accent color to a neutral bathroom

by Jaque Bethke for Pure Design Environments

bathroom modern sink

Sometimes nature can bring soft oranges that are perfect for the kitchen

wood orange kitchen white furniture table modern

More than one accent color can often lead to a visual overload in the room

white sofa cushion living room modern table