50 examples of proven sun protection strategies in courtyards and gardens

What do we really need for summer enjoyment on the terrace or in the garden? What counts as an extra and what is a must-have? Everyone can arrange their own priorities. For most of you, however, we believe that comfortable seating and sun protection are the top priorities. Are we right These two facilities already bring enough comfort and options to better enjoy the summer out there. In the following article, we will focus on that Sun protection theme.

We provide an overview of the current options. We then illustrate several design ideas using numerous pictures.

The trees are a popular strategy for sun protection in the courtyard

swimming pool and trees

Natural sun protection for a zen mood

Natural sun protection can be understood in many ways. In a garden, it is the tall trees that cast shadows through their crowns and provide incredible relaxation. This dual use is what makes it so popular with many home and garden owners. You can also achieve a similar sun protection on a terrace or veranda.

You can plant bonsai or other taller plants in plant beds or flower pots.

We understand something else by natural sun protection: It’s about making maximum use of the special features of the environment. Where does the shadow fall from the surrounding buildings and at what time? Take a closer look at these factors and position your seats accordingly. In many cases, the shadow falls just right and you can save yourself additional measures.

This awning also serves as a great accent

accent on the facade

Awnings for a beach atmosphere

Would you like a maritime design in your front yard, back yard or on the terrace? The awnings offer you exactly that and they also look very classy, ​​elegant and modern. However, there are some special design features that must be observed. The character of the wall and the floor must be such that loosening and wrestling are impossible. The qualitative reconstruction is also quite expensive. If you choose to do this, you need to be sure of your choice.

The modern parasol is flexible and ensures a lot of comfort

fireplace and modern parasol

Parasol and sun seals – the flexible solution

The parasols are the most flexible and one of the cheapest solutions. Of course there are different price ranges and qualities on the market. Depending on your choice, you can achieve a noble and modern appearance on the terrace or in the garden with such a sun protection. Parasols are not only suitable if you are short of money. They can also help you if you still want to experiment with garden design.

The situation is similar with the sun sails. They’re a little more complicated to install, but just as cheap. With awnings you can achieve an original, exotic atmosphere. This allows you to overshadow a wider area cheaply.

The fabric is of crucial importance for both the parasols and the sun sails. Choose fabrics that will not fade in color over time and that will provide you with good UV protection. This is the only way to protect your health during a longer stay in the garden.

The pergolas are still popular as a sun protection option

pergolla as sun protection

The pergola as a sun protection option

The most complex variant for sun protection in the garden is of course the pergola. If it is realized as a DIY project, the bottom line is that it could get along pretty cheap. Before you invest the effort and money, however, you should find the best possible space for your pergola outside from a design point of view. Both these and the other types of sun protection usually have several functions. They work well as privacy screens and structure the room. With natural sun protection and also with the pergolas, wrong decisions in this area are difficult to make up for. So invest time in careful planning and seek advice from a good designer.

The different colors make a big difference in the garden

the color is crucial

Summary: which sun protection is modern?

The solutions that we have listed are rather traditional, but they can also be found in the current design. Modern sun protection does not come from the means, but from innovative use and multifunctional use. Innovations in technology, fabrics and design make installation easier, offer more safety and protect our health more effectively.

Modern sun protection is also very flexible and multifunctional. We can adapt this to the changes in our environment right away. In addition, from the designer’s point of view, it can take on several functions in the garden. If you stick to this rule, you will have modern sun protection and excellent summer enjoyment.

 ancient architecture canopy

trees partially shaded from the sun

movable sun protection

blue white sun protection ideas

colorful shade wood natural material

the realities of the architecture as sun protection

diy ideas for shielding the sun

refine the facade with a play of shadows

elegant sun protection geometric accent

elegant and modern fabrics

event sun protection

exoticism and lightness

exotic flair with sun protection

color that corresponds to the wood but is modern

solid sun protection

fireplace and modern parasol

flexibility is a plus

garden sun protection through trees

bright green modern effect

green in the garden ideal

house roofing sun protection

wooden beams sun protection

wooden terrace roofing

wooden roofing

minimalist color strong construction

modern roller blinds sun protection

modern sun protection

modern sun protection

modern sun protection glass and iron

modern roofing

neutral bright summery

orange and wood wonderful

oriental style in the garden

pergolla as sun protection

rattan and glass

swing with sun protection

umbrellas sun protection

protect the playground

swimming pool and trees

outside seating

wooden sun protection

flexible sun protection roofing

sun protection greenery

house style sun protection

sun protection with an exotic character

sun protection over the swimming pool

sunbathing and private protection

Roofing integrated into the garden design

above the seats

white painted wood canopy