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The brick wall in a modern interior design – tips and ideas on how to put a brick wall in the limelight

If you are looking for inspiration for the design of your own four walls, you can find great ideas in abundance on the Internet. But one type of wall design is particularly valued today: it’s about the brick wall. Even if brick was previously used for the facade of a house, brick walls now also make a beautiful presence in the interior design. And not only in urban lofts, but also in many other living spaces and styles. Just as some old houses in industrial design fascinate with cool brick walls, a modern interior design can only benefit from an attractive brick wall. Let yourself be convinced by looking at our exciting picture gallery!

The brick wall is a hallmark of the industrial style

brick wall dining area industrial living style black and white

If there is no brick wall, then you can build it yourself

At first we would like to briefly explain that the terms brick and brick are usually used as synonyms. And clinkers are bricks that are burned at particularly high temperatures. They are therefore very durable and moisture-resistant.

This makes them particularly popular when designing house facades. But not only! They also make a nice look in the interior design.

You can bring a fresh flair into all rooms through a brick wall. A brick wall gives the living room, dining room and bedroom as well as the kitchen, hall and bathroom a completely new look.

But how can you design a brick wall if there is no original brick wall? On the one hand, you can expose the brick wall. So you expose a wall clad with plasterboard or a plastered brick wall, depending on the situation. However, this is a job that is associated with a lot of dust and dirt. You have to be careful about that. On the other hand, you can build the brick wall later. Because the decorative brick walls are all the rage today!

Bricks can be used to create a modern loft look

brick wall unusual wall design modern living area light floor covering

How to bring out the brick wall?

A brick wall goes particularly well with an industrial design or shabby chic. Dark red bricks are typical for a loft apartment and the white brick wall for the country house style of living. Incidentally, brick walls can also be wonderfully combined with traditional interior furnishings. A brick wall inscribes itself perfectly in a traditional kitchen.

Brick is a valuable decorative design element. Bricks on the wall can be used to create effective eye-catchers in any room. We think it’s great that you can easily pair a brick wall with other modern materials. Bricks and wood, for example, make a great combination. But brick walls also come into their own with luxurious white glossy furniture designs.

Combine brick and wood, let the room appear very harmonious

brick wall cool wall design modern fresh

Bricks offer a particularly wide range of design options because they come in a wide variety of colors. The variety of bricks makes it possible to put your own creative ideas into practice when designing the interior. So you can create a variety of styles and moods. In general, however, brick creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in the room. Some materials exude a strange cosiness, brick is one of them. At the same time, bricks bring a helping of freshness, so that every room gets that certain something. Here are two nice ideas for the brick wall:

  • An unworked brick wall has a special effect on the ambience. Such an accent wall is a great idea in a minimalist living area.
  • The bricks can also be used as a back wall. For example, in the kitchen or bathroom, this is an excellent wall design, because this material is perfect for damp rooms. Often you create a rustic feeling in this way.

Which brick look fits into your living room?

brick wall living room rustic flair

Certain decorative elements bring the brick wall to the fore. A modern hanging lamp or fresh wall decoration with plants make the accent wall appear very strong. Actually, it is important to pay attention to good lighting when designing more than one wall with bricks. Otherwise the room could look a bit dark. In addition, the beautiful lighting effects make the bricks look more attractive.

Bricks combine tradition and modernity

brick wall small dining area spice up bright curtains cool hanging lamp

So have you gathered enough ideas for an attractive wall design? If not, take some inspiration from the examples below. But let’s summarize the advantages of brick in modern interior design: Decorating the room with brick is a very modern trend today. It is not only aesthetically beautiful, but also gives the room a certain amount of cosiness. And best of all: Bricks can be used wonderfully in almost any room!

Classic reddish bricks give the sleeping area its own charm

brick wall fresh walls shape bedroom

Brick wall design can also be particularly attractive

brick wall fresh bedroom bright colors attractive wall design

Extravagant decoration ideas make the brick wall a great eye-catcher

brick wall unusual wall design white modern sleeping area

You could also build the brick wall yourself

brick wall fresh wall design simple interior design bedroom

green room with a sofa

Brick wall small living room stylish furnishing ideas

brick wall creative wall design living room

brick wall kitchen wall design black kitchen cabinets

Brick wall modern bedroom set up a small bedroom

brick wall modern interior cozy fresh

brick wall sleeping area beautiful light accents fairy lights

Brick wall bedroom furnishing fresh ideas

brick wall bedroom creative wall design accent wall

brick wall modern bedroom design hanging lights

brick wall great accent wall open plan

brick wall great wall design attractive wall decoration

brick wall trendy wall design living room plants murals

brick wall partition wall living room cozy modern

brick wall urban bedroom design small bedroom ideas

brick wall walls decorate ideas stylishly fresh

Brick wall white brick wall set up dining area

Brick wall white brick wall living room furnishing green sofa

brick wall living room accent wall fireplace chandelier cozy

brick wall beautiful bedroom design ideas bright bedding

brick wall white kitchen furniture modern interior design

brick wall modern bedroom attractive wall design