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Flamingo decoration ideas for parties and other occasions

When we describe the new trends in interior design, we like to point out the individualization and the original approach. We encourage you to be as creative as possible. We are aware, however, that all of this sometimes sounds far too abstract. For this reason, we have made some very specific decoration ideas! The flamingo decoration belongs to this series. This is a very universal motif that you can use both at parties and in everyday life.

Flamingo-themed glasses are a pretty universal idea


Flamingo decoration – a very universal motif

It is no accident that our first example flamingo-Representing figures on glasses. With this we want to immediately illustrate how universal this type of decoration is. It can, for example, turn simple crockery into something special or spice it up for a special event.

At the same time, the color of the flamingo decoration is so universal and also modern that it can permanently inspire different decoration ideas in the interior. She would enroll in different styles pretty easily. In this regard, what nuances you use and the degree to which the shapes you choose are stylized are of crucial importance.

Decoration with flamingos for the garden would make this area fun and exciting


Liven up the garden

We are in the middle of summer and all eyes are on the garden design. With some examples from our article you can see how the flamingo decoration can be used to make this area more attractive and fresher. E.g. the figure from the picture above forms a fabulous contrast to the green background. It’s a bright, very appealing accent. However, when it comes to garden design, more attention is required in the selection of materials. These should preferably be water-resistant and well suited for the other weather conditions.

Decorative paper with flamingos? In which room would you use this?


Suitable for walls and furniture in different rooms

We could say that the flamingo pattern can be used in practically any room. For example, a mural like the one shown above would be ideal for the accent wall in a bright living room. It would be particularly popular for the nursery anyway. With such decorative paper you can also renew and refresh some furniture wonderfully. Finally, we would like to draw your attention to the use of the flamingo motifs in bathrooms or other sanitary rooms. There is nothing against it, or?

Lights and other accessories can pick up on the flamingo decoration motif 

Flamingo decoration in front of a blue wall

Vases and various other accessories

Bright pink, but also other pink nuances, are very topical in 2018. In minimalist and neutral interiors, this makes it easy to use invigorating contrasts. Or they can be wonderfully paired with a modern color palette of pastel colors. In the picture above we have an example with a lamp that shows a fabulous design with flamingo decoration. Other accessories could also look wonderful with this motif.

Some flamingo decoration ideas are really artistic!

Stones paint faces flamingo

Flamingo decoration for your party

After all, the flamingo decoration is wonderful for various parties. This motif and color would be ideal for both children and adults. Here’s a pretty simple strategy: strategically place some larger flamingo figures around them. Continue to use standard or disposable plates and other paper decorations in the same shade. You can also prepare many drinks, pies and cakes in the same color. For the children, you can come up with different games based on the theme of flamingos.

Do you like the theme of flamingo for your decoration? We hope you can draw a lot of inspiration from our examples!

Are you looking for great children’s party decoration ideas?

great table decoration flamingo decoration

This children’s party decoration is suitable for girls and boys

plate with flamingos Flamingo decoration

This is what an effective wall decoration with flamingo motifs would look like!

cupboard with paper decoration Flamingo decoration

You can also just use the flamingo theme color

small ideas flamingo decoration

Here is an example of particularly stylish flamingo decoration

striped table flamingo decoration

Flamingo decoration wall decoration made of paper

Flamingo decoration cake with small figures

Mobile made of flamingo figures. A great idea!

Flamingo decoration great figures in pink

Flamingo decoration great figures for the table

Flamingo decoration great flower pots

Flamingo party decoration for an event in the garden! Great right?

Flamingo decoration beautiful plate

Flamingo decoration beautiful paper decoration

Flamingo decoration melons ice cream

Flamingo decorative cacti in the garden

Here we have great wall decorations for a teenage room!

Flamingo decoration luminous figure wall

Flamingo decoration delicious cake

Flamingo deco green decoration

Flamingo decoration glasses with decoration

Finally, a great carpet with flamingos for the interior

exotic carpet flamingo decoration