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Wedding napkins: Napkins fold easily and effectively Instructions

Fold napkins for wedding decorations

Details, details, details! As you plan the most important day of your life and organize the wedding reception, you will become familiar with all the details. Every detail is important when it comes to the wedding day and every little thing from the decoration adds to the fairytale atmosphere. This also includes how the napkins are folded on the wedding tables. A uniquely folded napkin that adorns any place setting can be a topic of conversation for your guests, not to mention adding a stunning overall look to your wedding decor. Napkin folding could be a little intimidating, but don’t worry, we have included a guide that will make napkin folding easy and effective. It’s no more than a few paces away. The first step is to choose the type of folding and then follow our step-by-step guide. Immerse yourself in our breathtaking world of decoration and design your fairytale wedding table!

Fold napkins easily and effectively: Which are the easiest and most beautiful napkin technique ideas??

Fold napkins easily and effectively: What are the easiest and most beautiful napkin technology ideas?

With a few accessories and some folding techniques, you can transform a simple scarf into that certain something of the wedding decoration. In the first place, the fabric and the pattern of the napkins play the most important role. Only after you have made this decision can you choose other decorative accessories and types of folds. From elegantly knotted napkins to perfectly draped textiles, here are 10 napkin ideas we love:

1. Fold napkins – knot

Fold napkins - knot

Getting married in English translates as “tying the knot”. Soft linen napkins give your wedding table a romantic, relaxed feeling. Tie them in an elegant knot and place each napkin on the guests’ salad plates, along with color-coordinated cutlery to complete the fairytale flair. The knot is a symbol of marriage and this folding technique will give special meaning to the wedding decoration!

2. Fold napkins – roll folding instructions

For a casual, simple look, flatten white fabric napkin in rolls. With this folding technique, you have the option of using an elegant napkin ring or binding ribbon. Make sure to combine the colors of the rings or the ribbon with the napkin color so that they complement, but not necessarily match, the decorative hue. It looks even simpler and more elegant if you place the napkins without a ring on each plate together with the menu card, as shown in the photo:

Fold napkins for wedding - napkins rose

The most popular motif for the wedding table – the heart

The most popular motif for the wedding table - heart napkin

The typical sign of love is the heart. Complete the casual and elegant table decoration with more romance if, instead of folding classic napkins into a narrow rectangle, you collect them loosely together in the shape of a heart. A selection of different techniques is available to you. Our recommendation for beginners when folding napkins: standing napkins in the shape of a heart. For this folding technique you need a cloth napkin, which you fold from side to side and then in half again. This creates a square that you place on the plate so that the napkin looks like a V. Then place both outer edges loosely on the inner crease and the napkin will take on the shape of a heart. Our tip: add a beautifully calligraphic place card in the heart and tie it together with matching ribbon.

Fold napkins for a wedding – the rose napkin

Fold napkins for a wedding - the rose napkin

Another symbol of love is known to us and that is the rose. Roses are perfect as artistic and eye-catching wedding decorations and not only in the form of flowers, but also on the wedding table as napkins when you fold them in the shape of a rose. Red or pink napkins are the ideal basis. You should not necessarily stick to the exact structure of the rose blossom, here you can see a noble and beautiful variant for elegant and simple table decorations:

If you need more inspiration, you can find creative ideas in our picture gallery! 

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