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African decoration: 30+ cool & exotic ideas for your home

African decoration

Integrate the exotic atmosphere of Africa into your home. Whether you’ve traveled to Africa and been seduced by its beauty or just admiring the African decoration, the options are endless. African style is exciting and fits anywhere, whether your tastes are modern, traditional, minimalist, or eclectic. There are so many colors and textures in African fabrics, carvings and works of art that they can be easily incorporated into your current design. The decor is inspired by nature, wild animals, colorful fabrics and wood carvings.

African decoration: what are the characteristic colors?

African decoration beautiful

Use earthy colors in your room design. Deep red, green, orange, gold, brown and black are associated with African decoration. Remember to use colors that you see in breathtaking sunsets or in the wide range of greens and browns of the deep jungle. Splashes of gold on your walls create a warm and inviting look.

Exotic decorative fabrics and materials

african deco living room wooden furniture

The decorative fabrics add depth to any furnishing style. Textiles, animal prints, baskets and natural fibers can help create an exotic atmosphere in the room. Hand-painted cotton or fabrics with traditional geometric patterns, symbols and bold colors can be used for pillows or tablecloths. Faux fur as a rug or as a blanket on a sofa or chair would also be a good idea. Natural materials such as rattan and bamboo are used for baskets, floors and accents.

African decoration: art and home accessories

African furnishing style

African decoration and art become the focus of a room furnished in African style. Statues of tribal leaders with many ornaments, animal figures or warriors can be placed on shelves or tabletops as well as dramatic paintings or photographs on the walls, surrounded by tribal masks and weapons. Colorful candles in wrought iron holders and trays made of colored wood and copper beads can be placed on the coffee table in the living room. Keep the decorations simple and clear to make the best impression.

Wonderful decoration ideas for your home

great wallpaper african motifs

Designing your living space with safari themes is a fun and unique way to make the rooms look livable and great. African decor can be dynamic, creative, and quite inspiring. Colors can be reminiscent of sun-scorched earth, deep green rainforests, gentle, wistful savannah plains, magnificent African sunsets and pink-violet sunrises, insanely overloaded and pulsating marketplaces. You can also integrate graphic concepts in black and white.

Color is very important to create the feeling of an African safari. So it is best to decorate with earthy tones. Accent colors such as rusty red, “burnt” orange and olive green, on the other hand, complete the look and make the room appear natural and inviting.

Opt for natural materials, especially wood. Choose a wall with no door or window at the center of the room. For the finishing touch, don’t forget by adding tribal art as an accent. Take a look at our photos and be inspired!

Moroccan and Egyptian accents

African decorative accent wall great masks

The ethnic African style is divided into two classes: Moroccan and Egyptian.

Moroccan style is characterized by the features of Arabic culture. The Egyptian trend is more individual in this regard, as the interiors are unique.

The African style in the broadest sense is characterized by the following: warm atmosphere through the use of yellow, brown, red colors; slightly plastered walls (possibly with irregularities). In addition, the use of only natural decor is very typical. Furthermore, hand-made textiles, angular wooden furniture, the surface of which requires rough processing, are also among the characteristic features of the African style. The abundance of natural materials in the decoration is typical. As a rule, wood predominates. The animal patterns look really great: giraffe, zebra, leopard, lion, etc..

Many thematic ornaments are used in the African style. They can be found in textiles, decorations and decorations. The trendy African decoration is also characterized by an abundance of symbolism, as religion and traditional cults occupy a special place in African culture.

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