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Wrapping gifts for Christmas: ideas and instructions

Presents wrapping ideas for Christmas

Christmas is coming in less than a month, and for the big festival, you should choose gifts for your loved ones too. The beautiful gift packaging also plays an important role – it gives the gift an attractive look and makes your surprise even better. For this reason, in this article we will show you how you can wrap gifts yourself – below you will find conventional as well as very original and unusual ideas that you can use not only for Christmas, but also for any occasion. Have fun packing and a Merry Christmas!

Wrapping gifts – choose wrapping paper and bows

Gifts wrap original ideas for Christmas

Gifts wrap ideas and inspiration for Christmas

Gifts wrap interesting wrapping paper for Christmas

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Wrapping gifts Select Christmas wrapping paper

Presents wrapped in a wonderful Christmas look

Packing Christmas presents is fun – both for the recipient and for the person who packs them. And here we try to give you a few useful tips for this pleasant and particularly creative activity. Let’s start with the choice of wrapping paper – the possibilities are enormous and the decision depends on your own taste as well as on the taste of the recipient. Whether brightly colored paper in the typical Christmas red, green, silver and golden colors, or more restrained nuances with delicate patterns – in the end, the most important thing is that the gift looks as great as possible. You could also put the accent on the bow by wrapping the gift box in plain-colored paper and embellishing it with a colorful gift ribbon. Actually anything you like is allowed, the only important thing is that the colors are coordinated with each other. With contrasting colors, if they are skillfully combined, you could also achieve a great optical effect. If you are not entirely sure what the result would be, the best thing to do is to put the colors next to each other to see if you like the combination. And if you want to make the gift very original and personal, you can also paint on the paper yourself. It is better to use colored masking tape for packaging instead of scotch tape – this is how the result looks a lot more interesting!

Wrapping gifts for Christmas – practical tips

Gift wrapping Christmas inspirational ideas DIY

Presents wrap Christmas red ribbon

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Wrap gifts and decorate clothes pegs

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If you want to wrap the Christmas presents with colored paper and bows, you should first center the present box on the paper with the back side up. Then cut the paper accordingly (help yourself with a ruler), making sure there is enough space left and right so that the paper extends to the edges of the box. Then you should simply fold the paper and fix it with adhesive tape – first on the long upper side, then on the two short sides. Finally, you should cut a long piece of ribbon and use it to decorate the present. Complete! This was actually the traditional way of packaging, but there are many more unusual ideas you could try – read on!

Design Christmas gifts in a very original way

Wrapping gifts for Christmas DIY

Wrapping gifts Christmas gift box made from toilet paper rolls

Wrapping gifts, making flowers and pompoms

DIY Christmas decorations to wrap gifts

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Presents wrap Christmas pine cones berries

Wrapping gifts with fabric DIY ideas

For example, if you want the gifts to look original and unusual, you could use unexpected types of paper – newsprint, card stock, even comics. The package can also be wrapped in aluminum foil, shopping bags, cellophane or fabric. As already mentioned, you can draw on the paper yourself, but you can also write a message on it – for example, congratulations or an inspiring quote. In this way, the packaging will turn into a kind of greeting card!

Gift wrapping with a difference – use unusual materials

Christmas felt wrapping gifts

Wrap gifts for Christmas and set great accents

Dried orange cones are wrapped for gifts

Christmas presents original ideas to imitate

Christmas presents original decoration ideas

Unusual items associated with Christmas can also be used in packaging – fir branches, acorns, berries, pine cones, Christmas tree balls. They can be attached to the packaging with glue, scotch tape or a thread. You could even make little pompoms and use them to decorate the gift. Other materials that can be of help are: garlands, wire, old stamps, leather strips, shoelaces, etc. The surprise will be much greater if you also choose an unusual gift box – for example, a watch or a necklace in a sock wrap or wrap a book in a cereal box. Just let your imagination run wild and the result will definitely be unique!