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Laundry marks reveal many secrets about clothes care

sign pictogram meaning label laundry dry

 A good housewife recognizes the meaning of the laundry sign!

When we buy goods, the small hang tags usually serve to make things as easy as possible for us. But then in many cases the information conveyed turns out to be incomprehensible and coded.

The laundry symbol – alphabet

sign pictogram meaning label symbols

A quick look at the laundry label could sometimes save you from very nasty surprises

laundry symbol pictogram meaning label laundry white laundry

Good housewives, however, have to learn this strange language so that they can take good care of their household and feel satisfied with the results. If you agree with this opinion, then we would be happy to offer you help in fulfilling this resolution. If you know the language of the Laundry sign understand, you have a lot more beautiful clothes and a lot less spoiled textiles at home.

You have probably seen these signs before

Laundry sign pictogram meaning

In order to wash properly, one should know the meaning of the laundry symbols

Laundry sign pictogram meaning

Laundry sign for the washing machine

  1. These clothes can be machine washed
  2. You have to select the program for delicate laundry
  3. The number inside shows the maximum temperature at which this garment can be washed. In some cases there are only points instead. The more these are, the higher the permissible temperature.
  4. Three points stand for 30 and four – for 60 degrees. With this symbol, the textiles must not be washed in the washing machine. In many cases it is also accompanied by the dry cleaning sign as well.
  5. The textiles are suitable for hand washing.

The laundry symbols should be taken into account, especially when treating wool

laundry symbol pictogram meaning textile

Laundry symbols in the cleaning process

Laundry sign pictogram meaning label laundry cleaning

 Importance for dry cleaning

  1. The clothes must not be washed in the washing machine, but must be dry-cleaned.
  2. Dry cleaning can include all chemical substances it contains.
  3. The textiles can be washed with tetrachlorethylene R11 and R113.
  4. The textiles can be cleaned with the solvent R113.
  5. The textiles with this symbol are unsuitable for dry cleaning.

Correct cleaning requires knowing the laundry symbol alphabet

Laundry sign pictogram meaning stich pain

Knowing or not knowing the laundry symbols can lead to effective results

Laundry sign-pictogram-meaning-label-laundry-bleach

Laundry sign for bleaching clothes

laundry symbol pictogram meaning chemical bleaching

Laundry sign meaning for bleach

  1. You can use bleach.
  2. You can use bleach containing chlorine.
  3. Take bleach without chlorine.
  4. Bleaching needs to be avoided.

   The laundry signs can protect your laundry     

laundry symbol pictogram meaning label laundry white clothespins

You should also be able to interpret the symbols in order to iron properly

pictogram meaning ironing- oto

The laundry symbols also tell us how to iron properly

Laundry sign pictogram meaning iron

Laundry sign meaning for ironing

  1. You can iron the clothes dry or on steam.
  2. This texture can be ironed at a temperature of up to 110 degrees.
  3. The ironing temperature can be up to 150 degrees.
  4. Steam ironing can damage the garment
  5. . You shouldn’t iron these clothes.

This is what the laundry could look like if you follow the laundry signs

  Laundry sign pictogram meaning label laundry dry iron

Laundry signs recommend the appropriate water temperature for each material

Laundry sign pictogram meaning label laundry

 How do we interpret the laundry symbols when drying?

laundry sign pictogram meaning dryer

Laundry sign meaning for drying

  1. The textiles can be exposed to the sun.
  2. Place the textiles on a straight, horizontal surface so that they dry off.
  3. Hang the clothes on the dryer without draining them first.
  4. The textiles can be hung up inside or outside to dry off.
  5. You can put the clothes in a dryer.
  6. If you put the clothes in the dryer, the temperature must be low.
  7. If you put the clothes in a dryer, the temperature can also be high.
  8. You must not put the garment in a dryer.

The good look of the clothes very often depends on how well you can read the laundry signs

sign pictogram meaning label laundry wardrobe

      You can also find these laundry marks in their shoes

laundry sign pictogram meaning shoes

Laundry sign meaning for shoes

  1. leather
  2. Impregnated leather
  3. Natural and synthetic textiles
  4. Other materials (artificial leather, cork, wood)

Laundry sign pictogram meaning shoes

Main ingredients

  1. Front of the shoes
  2. Shoe insole and wadding
  3. Shoe sole