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Sewing children’s clothes – ideas and tips for beginners

DIY rompers toddlers

Do you enjoy doing interesting DIY projects in your free time? In this post we propose that you do something for your little darling, namely – sew children’s clothes! Below the beginners will find many helpful tips and inspiring ideas to follow suit. Let this inspire you! We hope you enjoy reading!

Sewing children’s clothes is great fun!

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Sewing children’s clothes is not a difficult task even for beginners! Small children’s items can be made much faster than adult clothing, and you don’t have to be a sewing expert to get fantastic results. With a little practice and practice, you will soon be able to make even the most complicated models yourself – just try it out yourself to see for yourself! Doing your own children’s clothing takes neither a lot of time nor a lot of money, just the opposite – you can save money! It is true that the clothes for toddlers and babies are usually cheap. However, from experience you certainly know that the little ones do not grow in days, but in hours. For this reason, it is more practical to reduce clothing costs by making something for your little one yourself – pants, a skirt, a dress, rompers and whatever else you can think of!

Homemade clothes are unique

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Sewing children’s clothes has even recently become a fashion among young parents. Because in comparison to bought clothes, the self-made clothes are unique and individual. So, if you want your child to wear something unique, you should sew it yourself! In addition, the work is great fun and in the end you can decorate the finished piece of clothing as you like. You can even start sewing baby clothes before the birth to gain experience. If you feel unsure as a beginner, ask your grandmother or a friend who loves sewing for help.

Select a sewing template and adjust the size

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Numerous free templates, patterns and video instructions for children’s clothing can be found online (we can provide you with this website recommend). But first of all, it is important to know the correct size of the garment – you will find helpful tables with children’s sizes here. But we also recommend that you measure the bust size or the hips and waist of your little darling and compare it with the information so that everything is correct. Always buy a little more fabric and materials than you need in order to correct possible mistakes, to decorate the garment as you like or to change it up a little.

Sewing children’s clothes: what types of fabric are suitable?

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The next important question is what types of fabrics to choose for children’s clothing. If your template does not contain any information about the type of fabric, opt for natural materials such as cotton fabrics. Wash these ahead of time to be sure they won’t stain. Pay particular attention to low-pollutant textiles that are washable at least 60 degrees. Worn fabrics are also particularly suitable for sewing children’s clothing. Old men’s shirts, dresses and sweaters made of cotton can easily be transformed into cute rompers, bibs, etc. Recycling old clothes in this way is good for your wallet and baby’s skin, but also for the environment.

More helpful tips for beginners

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The fabric pattern is a matter of taste. Depending on the baby’s gender and your personal preferences, adorable textiles can be found in which your little one will look magical. When choosing the sewing template, we recommend that you go for practical cuts that can be pulled in and out with ease. Before you start working, also measure the circumference of your child’s head and compare it with the neck hole. For babies and toddlers who are still wearing diapers, diaper changing should take place without completely undressing. For this reason, the parts with zippers and snaps are simply ideal.