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Make key chains yourself: practical and creative DIY ideas

Key rings themselves create ideas and inspiration

Do you never want to lose your keys? Then you need a key fob for your key ring! In this post we will show you how you can make practical key rings yourself that look fantastic and are much more individual than the pre-purchased ones. Self-made pendants are also a great gift to surprise your friends and family with. We hope that you will like our suggestions and we hope you enjoy your handicrafts!

Make key chains yourself with wooden beads

How to make key chains out of wooden beads Instructions

Keychains make wooden beads yourself

Key rings themselves make wooden beads original

Keychains make names from wood beads yourself

Making key chains yourself is incredibly easy – our first idea with wooden beads is proof of this. This actually makes it super easy to implement various great DIY projects, such as making original pieces of jewelry. To make a stylish key ring, you need about 5-6 color-coordinated wooden beads (you can also dye these yourself – it’s very easy), a leather cord and a key ring. You should tie the leather cord to the key ring, thread the beads and then simply knot the cord. complete!

Make key tags yourself from empty Nespresso capsules

Make your own Nespresso capsule keychains in an original way

Make key rings yourself from Nespresso capsules

Make key chains yourself Nespresso capsules

Impressive key rings can also be made from empty Nespresso capsules. To do this, you should clean the used capsules and knock them flat. Make holes in this and attach the key ring using a thin metal ring. The capsules can also be decorated with craft wire, beads, stones and buttons (as shown in the photo above). This is how your practical, self-made pendant will also look like a fashion accessory!

Tinker key rings from iron beads

Keychains make iron-on beads yourself father

Keychains make iron-on beads yourself, fruit slices

Keychains make iron-on beads yourself

Key rings themselves make great ideas with iron-on beads

Would you like to make a brightly colored, cheerful key ring for your children or yourself? Then work with iron beads! It’s really easy and as a result you get colorful figures that look particularly attractive. To make your work easier, you can paint the desired motif on squared paper in advance – so you also have a template!

Chic DIY key chains made of leather

Keychain make tassel leather yourself

Make key chains out of leather picture instructions

The leather key rings look really chic, are supple, durable, relatively strong and can be made by yourself without spending a lot of time! Our first suggestion is for fashionable leather pendants in the shape of a tassel. All you need is a square piece of leather in the desired color, leather glue and a small metal ring. First, use your scissors to cut a thin strip along the top of the piece. Then cut fringes in the desired width so that they end about 1 cm from the upper edge of the piece of leather. Now coat this edge with the glue and roll up “the tassel” up to the middle. Pull the narrow ribbon that you left through the metal ring, glue this to the leather and continue rolling. Hold “the tassel” in place with your fingers for a few minutes to keep it in the shape you want. complete!

Leather key ring as an original gift for women and men

Keychain make heart leather yourself

Key rings make loops yourself

Keychain make yourself mustache leather

Keychain make heart fabric leather

You can create a cute pendant loop by threading a wide leather cord into the metal ring, balancing the ends and sticking them together on the back. Glue a thin leather cord in the middle and the cute bow is already done! Making an original keychain for men is also super easy – we suggest you choose the mustache motif. Draw this twice on the back of the leather, then cut out the two parts and secure with thread and needle.

Make key chains yourself for the whole family

Keychains make wine cork letters yourself

How to make key rings out of wine corks yourself

Key rings make wine corks yourself

Do you want to make key rings for the whole family? Use wine corks! All you should do is turn an eyebolt in the middle of the cork – as far as it will go, and then pull the key ring through the hole. When you’re done, you can decorate the wine corks with the initials of your family members – so everyone will have their own personal keychain.

Make key rings out of plastic

Keychains make plastic yourself

Fascinating key chains can also be made from plastic – you only need colorful, empty plastic bottles from which you can cut out small figures of your choice, as well as craft beads, threads and a key ring. Take inspiration from the photo above!

Keychains make your own sports motif

Keychains make fabric yourself

Keychains make Lego figures yourself

Keychains make cardboard yourself

Make key chains yourself bike chain

Make your own felt key chain

Make key chains yourself polymer clay

Keychains make wooden blocks yourself