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Knitting a poncho: detailed instructions to do it yourself

Poncho knit women winter fashion

Are you a fan of the great craft ideas? In this article we have something for you – we will show you how you can knit poncho yourself in just a few steps! Cuddly soft, warm and super elegant, the poncho is a must for every wardrobe in the cold autumn and winter months. And why not save a lot of money and knit it yourself? We hope you enjoy reading it and we hope you enjoy our guide!

Knit poncho: great gift idea for your favorite people

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Wearing a poncho is also really modern at the moment – the garment is one of the typical boho styles that are experiencing a real rebirth today. At the same time casual and stylish, poncho is suitable for both women and men. And you can make it either for yourself or for one of your favorite people – this is definitely a wonderful gift idea for the winter! And knitting ponchos is actually not as difficult as it might seem at first glance – below we offer you detailed instructions that are simply ideal for those who have no experience with knitting up to now. The photos in this post could also serve as a source of inspiration to look for more knitting instructions online. We wish you a lot of fun and success with knitting!

Knit poncho: what do you need?

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Here we show you how you can knit a chic poncho yourself from mixed cotton yarn. But since it is rather unsuitable for the coolest winter days, you could also make the poncho out of super-soft merino yarn. You will need the following materials:

  • 500g cotton-polyacrylic mixed yarn / merino yarn
  • Knitting needles (size 5)
  • Darning needle
  • Crochet hook
  • Measuring tape

Actually, the easiest way to knit is with a circular knitting needle. Before you start, however, you should take exact body measurements – your own or the person for whom the poncho is for, so that in the end it does not become too big or too small. To do this, measure the length from your shoulder to your wrist, and then measure the distance between one shoulder and the center of your hand on the opposite side. If you are about 165 cm tall, the poncho should be about 85 cm long and 60 cm wide. To be sure the dimensions are correct, you could also create a template the size of your poncho from an old sheet.

Knit poncho yourself – instructions

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A very important step not to be missed is knitting a gauge. Our poncho will consist of two parts and for this we cast on 112 stitches. You should do the knitting test to check whether your knitting technique corresponds to this calculation. Take the wool from which you want to knit your poncho, cast on more stitches than indicated and knit more than 10cm in height. Then measure 10cm in width and in height from the middle of the gauge and count the stitches in a row. Finally, multiply that number by the width in centimeters and divide it by 10. Now you can start knitting!

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Cast on the calculated number of stitches on a circular needle and knit the first row. The poncho is knitted in stockinette stitch – this means that you should knit every right row and purl the back row. The edge stitches are also knitted to the right so that the edge does not curl. Turn the embroidery by lifting the first stitch and placing it on the right needle. The last stitch on the wrong side is not knitted, but slipped off to the left. After turning, you should knit this as a right stitch by inserting the needle in the back. Knit the two 85 cm long rectangles like this. Then start to bind off the stitches: knit two knit stitches and slide the first under the second until you get to the last stitch; just pull the thread through and you’re done!

Knit your poncho yourself – helpful tips

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Before you sew the two pieces of knit together, you should knot all the threads together. Place the two rectangles on the floor or on the table in an L-shape and sew the connection together first, then the shorter one to the longer side to get a round poncho with a neckline. And done!