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Build your own photo box: Instructions + many helpful tips

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Photo boxes are a big hit at parties, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, so in this post we explain how you can build one yourself! This allows you to take a number of cool party photos without necessarily having to use the services of a photographer. Below you will find detailed instructions as well as many tips on how to build your own photo box yourself. Let yourself be inspired and get to work! We wish you a lot of fun and success!

Build your own photo box step by step

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Photobooth building guide tips

Wooden photobooth with reflective umbrella DIY

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Print photos photobooth

Make photo booths for cool party photos

Build your own photo box and take wedding photos

How to build a photobooth

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Fotobooth is, as the name suggests, a wooden box that can be used to take photos automatically – without the presence of a photographer. Usually it contains a camera and a tablet, equipped with special photo box software. The photos are saved digitally or printed out directly using a photo printer. A photo box can also be rented for parties, but at a high price. For this reason we suggest you – if you have your own camera and tablet, build the photo box yourself! It’s a lot easier than you might imagine. Just follow our guide below!

Build your own photo box – necessary materials

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Photobooth assembly instructions plywood panels

Build photo boxes yourself materials

Let’s start with the construction of the box itself. Our suggestion is to make it out of wood, because that’s the easiest way to do it and you don’t need any special tools. Obtain from the hardware store:

– plywood panels

– screws

– Afford

– hinges

– white lacquer with a brush roller

– a castle

– a hole saw for the bean machine (the circumference must be as close as possible to the lens)

Before purchasing the materials, the most important thing is to do an accurate calculation of all dimensions. Also, draw a scheme so that you can better visualize everything. You have to determine the dimensions yourself, because you are very dependent on the size of your camera and tablet. We recommend that you place the camera above the tablet display so that you have enough space inside.

Cut out holes for the camera and the display of the tablet

Build a photo box yourself, draw a scheme

Build your own photo box. Cut out a hole in the lens of the camera

Build your own photo box, cut out a hole, display tablet

Photobooth door two holes

After you have obtained everything you need and cut the plywood sheets exactly, you should drill the hole for the camera. Be careful not to injure yourself with the hole saw. It is recommended not to hold the drill with your hands, but to place it in a drill stand. Such a tripod for the drill can be bought from the hardware store.

The next step is to cut out a hole for the tablet’s display. Using the jigsaw also requires a bit of practice, so you can first try it out with another piece of wood.

Assemble the camera and tablet

Build photobooth mount camera

Build your own photo box Attach a camera Smart idea

Build the photo box yourself and attach the tablet

Build a photobooth wooden box

Before you assemble the box, it is advisable to equip it with the necessary technology. The camera can be mounted with a block of wood and a simple perforated plate from the hardware store, as shown in the photos above. The tablet can be stabilized with two angled strips, while the lower one is held by another wooden strip. It is very important that the tablet sits tightly – so it cannot be moved from the outside. You can glue two more strips of felt into the angle strips so that the display does not get scratched. Finally, you should mount another wooden strip, which will ensure that the tablet is always seated in the same way. A good idea is to add an extra compartment where cables and other accessories can be stored.

Assemble and paint the box

Build your own photo box with helpful tips

Photobooth door with lock DIY

Finally, you should mount a door and paint the box white. And done!

Photo box – technical accessories

Build the photo box yourself necessary technology

Photobooth build the necessary technology

Build your own photo box interior

Equip photo box tablet camera

Photo booth decorate cardboard

Build your own photo box and take cool party photos

Take photos with Photobooth

Photobooth funny photos weddingWe have already mentioned above that you need a camera and a tablet for the photo box, but here we provide you with the full list of technical accessories:

– a single lens reflex camera or system camera with a good lens

– a memory card with Wi-Fi functionality

– tripod

– Power strip

– a tablet to view the pictures

– special photo box software (we recommend the ShutterSnitch app)

– Lightning

– Radio trigger for flash and camera

here see another guide for building a photo box that you can use too.