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Tinker with chestnuts – ideas and instructions for beautiful autumn decorations

Chestnuts make ideas and instructions

In this article we will show you how you can tinker with chestnuts yourself, and we offer you some wonderful decoration ideas for the coming autumn. Follow our instructions and impress your family and guests with imaginative decorations! We wish you a lot of fun and success!

Tinker with chestnuts – inspiring ideas to imitate

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tinker with chestnuts autumn decoration

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Chestnuts make impressive autumn decorations

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Autumn is a wonderful season that provides us with numerous natural handicraft materials – colorful leaves, pine cones, pumpkins, autumn flowers and of course chestnuts. They can be found everywhere from the beginning of autumn – on the streets, in the park or in the forest, and making things with them is really fun! With the chestnuts you have collected, you can make fascinating autumn table decorations yourself, or pierce them with an awl and make a wreath, a chain or funny figures – the possibilities are enormous. Your children can take part too – it’s actually a great way to hang out and have fun together. And at the beginning of winter, you could put the handcrafted decorations in your wardrobe – the chestnuts actually protect you from moths! Below are three simple guides and a lot more original craft ideas to draw inspiration from. Let yourself be inspired and have fun doing handicrafts!

Tinker with chestnuts: how to do it?

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The first idea that we offer you is for a great garland of chestnuts that you can hang on your front door or in your wardrobe as protection against moths. You need a piece of wire, pliers, a colored bow of your choice, glue, a sturdy thread, and of course chestnuts. First, you should use the pliers to bend the wire like a hook. When you’re done, wrap the hook with a loop and hold it in place with some glue. The next step is to pierce all the chestnuts with an awl. Take a needle and a sturdy thread and make a chain out of it. Finally, you should tie the hook with the chestnut garland tightly. Decorate with a ribbon or a bow as desired. And done! You can also tie the chestnuts in a circle, like a wreath – this idea is just perfect for the front door! Take a look at the photos above – they would give you a better idea.

Make chestnut men yourself – instructions

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With chestnuts you can easily make ideal funny human or animal figures, and here you can find out how. It would be very good if your children also help with this task, but do not leave the little ones unsupervised – there is a risk of injury. To make a chestnut man yourself, all you need is a small round chestnut for the head, a larger one for the body and two with a flat side for the feet. In addition, you will also need matches or toothpicks, awl and a couple of googly eyes. First you should use the awl to make holes in the largest chestnut for the neck, arms and legs. Cut two toothpicks in half and pin the halves as the neck and arms. Use two whole toothpicks for the legs. Now all you have to do is attach the head and legs. To make the chestnut man look more beautiful and fun, fix the googly eyes on the head with a little glue. You could also make a hat and even clothes out of construction paper. We hope you enjoy it!

Tinker with chestnuts – funny snake

Handicrafts with children autumn snake chestnuts

Animals make snake out of chestnuts

Christmas crafts with children snake out of chestnuts

Handicrafts with children autumn chestnuts

As mentioned above, chestnuts can also be used to make funny animals, jewelry and many other impressive decorations for the apartment that would bring a nice autumn mood to your home. The last craft idea that we offer you is to make a chestnut snake yourself, which could be a wonderful toy for your children. In addition to chestnuts, you will also need an awl, sturdy thread, two googly eyes, red construction paper and glue. You should pierce the chestnuts with the awl and make a chain out of them – just like in the first instruction. Then cut a tongue out of the red construction paper and stick it, together with the googly eyes, on the head of the snake. Already done!