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Tinker Christmas tree – environmentally friendly DIY ideas

Tinker Christmas tree environmentally friendly ideas and inspiration

The traditional Christmas tree is pretty, but to protect nature, more and more people are choosing different alternatives. In this post we will give you some creative and environmentally friendly ideas in this regard, and show you how you can make a Christmas tree. We hope that you will try out some of our suggestions for yourself. Have fun reading and Merry Christmas!

Make an environmentally friendly Christmas tree and decorate it with children

Christmas tree make environmentally friendly paper

Make a Christmas tree and decorate it with photos

Tinker and decorate Christmas tree with children

Tinker Christmas tree decoration family photos

Tinker Christmas tree make decoration yourself

Christmas tree tinker felt paper picture instructions

Make a Christmas tree and stick it on the wall

Tinker and decorate Christmas tree with toddler

Tinker Christmas tree out of paper environmentally friendly

Christmas tree tinker coloring page

Tinker Christmas tree out of felt great look

Christmas tree make simple ideas

Christmas tree handicrafts are actually very easy and many different materials can be used for this purpose – just let your imagination run wild! Here are some great DIY ideas that you can also do together with your children – so the fun will undoubtedly be twice as big! The easiest way to make a Christmas tree out of colored paper, cardboard, cardboard or felt. Cut out a tree of the desired size and attach it to the wall with some tape so that you have a stable background. And now the best thing – you can use the child to decorate the “Christmas tree” in an imaginative way. To do this, make Christmas tree balls, a large star for the tree top and other decorations out of paper and felt and fix them with some adhesive tape. Another great idea is to decorate the Christmas tree you have made with beautiful family photos – this will make the result look really unique!

Tinker Christmas tree out of toilet paper rolls: inspiring upcycling idea

Tinker Christmas tree toilet paper roll

How to make a Christmas tree out of toilet paper rolls

Tinker Christmas tree toilet paper rolls wonderful look

Tinker Christmas tree and decorate toilet paper roll

You can also make a wonderful upcycling Christmas tree yourself from toilet paper rolls. Collect the toilet paper rolls instead of throwing them away – you can make wonderful Christmas decorations out of them! A great idea is to cut the rolls into rings and arrange them to create a Christmas tree – as you can see from our photos, the result looks really impressive! It is also very easy to create original mini Christmas trees from individual toilet rolls, which you can spice up with color and decorate with glitter, rhinestones, paper stars and other decorations. You can use it to decorate your coffee table or the mantelpiece and create a cozy Christmas atmosphere!

Make an artificial Christmas tree out of Christmas balls – Instructions

Tinker Christmas tree artificially stylish

Tinker Christmas tree out of balls Instructions

Tinker Christmas tree decoration mantelpiece

You can also easily make an artificial tree from Christmas balls yourself – the result looks really stylish! For this you need about 20 Christmas balls in different sizes (to get a spiral effect), a 14 cm long knitting needle, a ribbon spool and possibly a star for the tip. Thread the knitting needle through the bottom of the bobbin and insert small pieces of styrofoam into the hole if it is too big – it is important that the needle is upright. For the base of the tree you need four large Christmas balls. Line these up on the needle by sliding the metal loops of the balls over the point. Repeat this process with another four balls, which are a little smaller – each ball will fit between two of the larger ones. Line up the ball according to your size – the smallest should be at the top of the tree. Depending on your wishes, the Christmas tree can consist of sixteen, twenty or more balls – but in this case the knitting needle should also be a little larger. At the top you can attach the poinsettia or other ornaments according to your taste. And done! If you wish, you could also decorate the floor with green branches or colorful bows, so that your self-made, artificial Christmas tree looks even more festive.

Tinker Christmas tree – more creative ideas and handicraft suggestions

Christmas tree tinker environmentally friendly driftwood

Tinker Christmas tree out of wire

Make a Christmas tree out of small-format pine cones

Tinker Christmas tree on the wall great idea

Make a Christmas tree out of white cardboard

Christmas tree tinker green branches wall

Christmas tree tinker environmentally friendly ideas

Small and very impressive Christmas trees can be made from pine cones, which you can decorate with pompoms and other ornaments. Or you can wrap some wire around a foam cone to create a beautiful fir shape. An environmentally friendly Christmas tree can also be tinkered with old newspaper or driftwood, you can also fold napkins like a fir tree to decorate the festive table – the possibilities are really enormous! For more inspiring craft ideas, see our photos. We wish you a lot of fun and success with your handicrafts!

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Christmas tree tinker cardboard black stylish

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Make a Christmas tree from colorful ribbons

Christmas tree tinker branches

Christmas tree make branches creatively

Christmas tree tinker books

Christmas tree tinker paper cardboard