Privacy windows: 3 solutions to protect privacy

Close your eyes and imagine your dream apartment or house. Is it the penthouse apartment with a panoramic view of the city? Or should it be a cozy little house in the countryside with a winter garden? Perhaps it is also the modern construction made of glass and concrete that makes the heart beat faster?

Whatever your dream home looks like. Generous windows are a must for most. They make the rooms light, open and somehow give us the feeling of freedom. But like everything in life there are always two sides: Large windows automatically mean large unprotected glass surfaces that allow outsiders to gain more insight into your private life than you would probably like. It hardly matters whether it is the ceiling window in the bedroom, the extensive patio door in the living room or the winter garden. Fortunately, there are many ways to design and equip these sensitive areas – be it in the dream house or not – both functionally and visually pleasant.

Privacy window with a blind

window blinds as privacy screen windows

Rollo – an evergreen on the window

How about the classic on the window? The roller blind has proven itself for years as a reliable privacy screen on the window. Among the different degrees of transparency – which range from transparent to complete darkening – it is best to choose an opaque fabric with which you never have to fear strangers in your bedroom and still enjoy the full benefit of daylight. If dim light is enough for you, you can also look around under the dim out fabrics. Whatever your choice, great colors and inviting patterns are always included. And finally, hardly anything offers a better design surface than a roller blind.

What else speaks for the roller blind? It’s easy to use. Operation and assembly make it easy for you to install the roller blind anywhere in your home in such a way that it is no longer possible to see through. However, a small smear must be made. While the roller blind can easily be adapted to rectangular windows and skylights, special shapes pose a problem. But don’t worry: the next privacy screen that we are going to introduce to you can help here.

window pleats as a privacy screen

Pleated blinds – hide behind folds

Pleated blinds are true adapters. Their folds allow them to integrate perfectly with any window shape you can imagine. Do you have triangular windows in the living room, a trapezoidal window in the bedroom and a round window is also included? No problem: With a custom-made pleated blind from your local specialist dealer, your privacy is perfectly protected. Custom-made products are also possible online. The configurator from helps you to choose a nice opaque fabric and put together your perfect pleated blind.

The folds are a special highlight. Colors and patterns have a completely different effect than would be the case on a smooth surface. In addition to great designs and diverse fabric structures, Sensuna GmbH also guarantees environmentally friendly production. This is how you get your privacy screen with trendy folds and without burdening nature.

Privacy window with limes

Vertical slats – privacy in the blink of an eye

The thought of offices and study surely did not occur to you when you imagined your dream home. So you are probably wondering why lamellas are mentioned here? Vertical slats in particular are ideally suited for large window areas and this does not only apply to your workplace. Not only can the incidence of light be regulated with one turn, but also – and that’s what matters to us – also the privacy protection. In combination with the right color and the corresponding material properties, the degree of transparency can be determined individually. The same applies here as before with roller blinds and pleated blinds: opaque fabrics are wonderfully suitable for good privacy protection, especially if you don’t want to switch on the interior lighting every time just because the slats are closed.

Can’t make up your mind? Then browse a little more at and let yourself be inspired. Oh, and a little tip at the end: The free sample delivery from applies to pleated blinds, roller blinds and vertical slats and can help you choose the right fabric.

  window blind with floral pattern

ideas for privacy protection windows

slats as privacy screens

Privacy window with roller blind