Make a fancy bottle cooler out of ice yourself

In summer you spend a lot of time outdoors with friends or family. At summer parties and birthdays everyone wants to drink their drink well cooled. But the constant running to the fridge to get cold drinks or ice cubes can get on your nerves. We have a much better idea, which is also a great table decoration and is a real eye-catcher – make your own bottle cooler out of ice. Full of fruits, berries or flowers, this is a real delight for the eye and can be made anew for every occasion. You can even design the bottle cooler to match and use it perfectly for Christmas or New Year’s Eve. With the guide below, you can try it out and experiment as you please.

Make champagne or even a bottle cooler out of ice yourself

make your own bottle cooler

Prepare to do the following:

  • distilled water
  • 7 L plastic bucket or tub
  • 2 L plastic jar or bottle
  • a few stones
  • Strawberries and blueberries
  • large flowers (hydrangeas, roses, gerberas)

Tip: You can also use edible flowers that you can then consume with the fruit.

It’s that easy!

decorations fruits bottle cooler made of ice

Ice bottle cooler: the instructions

Step 1: If you want to eat the fruits and flowers later, you should wash them first. Cut some strawberries into thick slices. Wash some blueberries as well. If you want the fruits and leaves not only in the upper part, but also in the bottom, you should freeze the bottle cooler in a few steps. Now take the large bucket and distribute the decorative parts well on the outer wall so that they can be seen easily later. Add about two inches of distilled water and place the bucket in the freezer. It is best to leave it to freeze well overnight.

Step 2: Take the bucket out again and place the bucket exactly in the middle of the bucket. Now put the stones in the bucket to weigh it down. Distribute flowers and fruits between the bucket and the bucket, but only halfway. Again, you should place these close to the outside wall. Also, fill distilled water only halfway through the bucket and let freeze overnight.

It is better to place the fruit on the outer wall

Make your own bottle cooler out of ice yourself

Step 3: Take the frozen bucket out again and distribute the last fruits and flowers between the crevices. Add water, leaving 1 to 2 cm free from the edge, because freezing will spread the whole thing. The bucket is put back in the freezer for a few hours.

Step 4: Now you can free the bottle cooler from the ice mold. To do this, you should first remove the stones and fill the container in the middle with cold water. After a few minutes, take it out slowly and carefully. Now place the complete bucket in the sink, tilt it slightly to the side and let cold water run over it for a few minutes. Tap lightly with your hand and tip the bucket over. Carefully pull out the icy creation.

Tip: The cold water creates a slight temperature difference that detaches the bucket and the bucket from the ice. Do not use warm or lukewarm water for this.

To serve, take a serving or soup plate and place a towel inside. This will soak up the water from the slow thaw and give the bottle cooler a better hold. Put a wine or champagne bottle inside and enjoy the cool drinks and the evening!

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Make your own champagne cooler out of ice

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Make your own champagne cooler out of ice

Champagne cooler bottle cooler made of ice

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