60 Modern strategies for the chic transformation of the balcony design

When is balcony design actually modern? The basic criterion is this: it must feel like an extension of the living space. Since this is often minimalist and extremely modern in the big city, this is also carried over to the furnishing of the outdoor area.

In addition, professional designers are of the opinion that the potential of small terraces and balconies has not yet been fully developed. Striving for it makes the appearance of these rooms modern. That is why you should also strive for a chic balcony design.

Join us in this area of ​​interior design! Together we will inquire about the main rules of modern balcony design. Then we illustrate possible individual variants with a series of great pictures.

Balcony design that looks like part of the bedroom

extension of the living room bedroom

Extension of the living space through the balcony design

The extension of living space is often misunderstood. It’s not necessarily about furnishing the balcony in exactly the same style as the interior. This can also act as an exotic corner or accent in the entire home furnishings. It is sufficient if some shapes or colors appear, both inside and outside.

The whole living area appears uniform and harmonious.

The boundary between inside and outside disappears through the common furnishing style

adoption of the style to the outside world

Corresponding elements

Uniformity is usually ensured by using similar colors or patterns. In other cases you can achieve the balance by using the same or similar materials. Subordinating the entire design to one and the same theme would be another option. For example, the maritime style is equally suitable for the balcony and many indoor areas.

Experiment with colors, patterns and DIY ideas on the balcony

natural colors industrial materials and ideas

Space for experiments

The balcony design must therefore look like a natural extension of the interior. At the same time, its special status makes it suitable as a place for experiments. DIY projects, exotic elements, multifunctional and convertible constructions are at the right place here. Especially if you have little space. In this case, you can use your creativity to choose space-saving facilities.

Even if there is little space, you can divide the room into zones

full but cozy

Different zones

No matter how small the balcony is, you can bring a certain structure into it. This makes him feel more like a home. Here is a specific layout plan: You can allocate one corner for snacks and coffee. For this you need a small table and chairs (for small terraces – best foldable). Then you still have space for a small flower garden and more storage space on the wall.

The wooden floor ensures comfort and is non-slip

subtly nautical

The right floor

When designing a balcony, do not underestimate the importance of the flooring. Natural materials or carpets make this area more homely. Think about safety too. The terrace gets wet quickly when it rains. It is best to think about measures to prevent any possible risk of slipping!

Lush plants are a possible privacy strategy

lush green naturalistic

Protect your privacy

Movable room dividers or lush plants could interlock the view into your private space. They can also protect you from the bright sun at certain times of the day. The first option is a little more practical because it can be moved quickly. Then you have an open view if you wish.

Balcony design in bright colors is modern

blue green natural nuances disappear into the landscape

Radiant balcony design

Finally, we would like to give you a tip: Always consider eye-catching and fun-loving modern elements. Most of us miss the mood they create in everyday life. Bright colors and eye-catching patterns would create a great contrast to the gray cityscape. This is exactly what our senses need for good rest and relaxation. In the evening, you can create a romantic atmosphere with atmospheric details such as candles or artistic lights. You ensure perfection with magnificent flowers and fragrances.

You can find out more about the topic in the following video:

You can achieve a more homely character by using luxury furniture

the luxury add-on on the balcony

bring out the prospect

just like in the interior

extension living room living room window wall

very simple, super elegant

greenery to neutral ideal 2017

minimalist with green ideal for downtown

Balcony design with little furniture and perfect positioning

green and gray ideal balcony in the city

make good use of every corner

small table in exactly the right place

nature furniture luxury

black green perfect style

sparingly, perfectly chosen and positioned

radiant accents floating terrace

experience as an accent on the neutral terrace

Restrained design that brings out the surroundings

bring out the prospect

invite nature with brown

gray white washed out vintage restrained

natural material and comfort

nature furniture luxury

Bright yellow on gray

bright colors but very bright

shine green gray discreetly

Like in the garden

Balcony design with balance plants furniture

small balcony with vertical garden

simply a small garden ideal

simply original and with taste

elements pattern

vegetables modern on the terrace and in the garden

bright colors simple planters and furniture ideal

green garden but terrace

gravel and many colors, cheerful in the city

small planters ideally distributed

organic look also good in the garden

space for planters good soil

terrace in front of the terrace

We found that interesting too …

small terrace disappears in the terrace design

space for planters good soil

rustic simple contrast city

black white elegance

simple design colored accents

simple furniture cozy pillows

black and white well zoned

like in the rainforest

dainty wrought iron furniture, romantically suitable for the city

teal and brown unbeatable nautical combination

blue with bright accents

brown light purple natural and modern elegant

gravel and planters

wicker furniture restrained view creative-ideas-for-the-small-balcony-design

natural color with roda flair

natural look with eye-catching modern accents

original gray blue