5 of the best travel apps for the travel enthusiast

When we go on a trip, whether abroad or within our national borders, there are many things to think about. After all, there are little things that can go wrong or cause us serious trouble, especially in remote parts of the world. Even if you are one of those travel enthusiasts who don’t make plans and prefer to make decisions at the last minute, a navigation map, an app for the flights or maybe even a digital baggage list would never be superfluous. The following top 5 travel apps will definitely make your organization easier and more pleasant before and during your trip.

5 of the best travel apps for travel enthusiasts top smartphone apps apple android – offline maps and navigation

Wherever you go, sooner or later you will likely have to use a map to find your way to your destination. Fortunately, you no longer have to rely on large paper maps, compasses, or random passers-by. Nowadays there are a number of practical and modern travel apps with a focus on navigation. Google Maps is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Due to its many functions, however, the popular app requires a lot of battery, fast internet and a relatively new smartphone model. If you are traveling to a country where the internet is expensive or simply not available, it is a good idea to go for something alternative.

This is exactly where comes to your aid. The app offers instant access to maps and all kinds of navigation tools that work anywhere in the world even without an internet connection. With it, you can get precise directions to a specific destination and explore millions of POIs such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, attractions, ATMs, subway stations and more. If, despite everything, you get lost, also offers the option to share your location with a friend. The app is at both Google play as well as in App Store to find.

Although does not use a lot of battery, especially when offline, it is still essential to always have a good trip Power bank to do. Don’t just rely on the fact that you can charge your smartphone wherever you go.

5 of the best travel apps for travel enthusiasts maps me navigation google maps offline

Packpoint – intelligent baggage list

How often have you packed your bags in a hurry and only remembered something important at home in the middle of the flight? With Packpoint you can totally avoid similar breakdowns in the future. This intelligent smartphone app creates a personal list of your necessary luggage after you have entered your travel destination, length of stay, planned activities and possible fellow travelers such as a baby or pet. Packpoint also automatically checks the weather and, if necessary, adds an umbrella and windproof clothing to your list.

5 of the best travel apps for travel enthusiasts packpoint luggage list smartphone

Flightradar24 – Fast flight tracking via smartphone

If you have already booked your flight, we strongly recommend that you now also install the Flightradar24 travel app on your smartphone. This shows the status of your flight and all the necessary information about it, including where the aircraft is, when it takes off, when it lands, how fast it is going, whether there is a delay or cancellation of the flight. The information is updated in real time and in this way you can avoid unpleasant situations at the airport.

5 of the best travel apps for travel enthusiasts Flightradar24 tracker aircraft

TheFork – travel app for table reservations around Europe

When you are out and about, it is practically a sin not to visit a local restaurant or cafe and not to try a local delicacy. But how can you be sure that your choice is the right one or that there are free tables at all? In such cases, we often use TripAdvisor. One of his big wins in recent years has been the purchase of TheFork travel app.

This is a great and popular app for table reservations in the largest cities and the most famous restaurants in Europe. As part of TripAdvisor, TheFork naturally also displays ratings and an average price. One of TheFork’s biggest advantages over other similar travel apps is that many restaurants offer discounts if you book through them. This way you also collect special bonus points called yums. After a certain number of reservations, you will receive an additional discount in some restaurants.

5 of the best travel apps for travel enthusiasts thefork from tripadvisor reservation

Tricount – Easily share common costs

If you’re traveling with friends, you will likely have to share bills frequently, be it for restaurant food, gasoline, or other purchases. When you’re tired of taking out calculators and calculating receipts, just install Tricount. At the start of the trip, all you need to do is enter the names of all fellow travelers. Then type in the amount paid and who is responsible for it. The app takes care of the rest and divides the bill accordingly.

Nowadays, our smartphones have become our most convenient and most used device in everyday life. You are an incomparable helper when we are on the move. Decide for yourself which travel apps are most useful for you, install and test them in advance at home. Good Trip!

5 of the best travel apps for the travel enthusiast tricount bills sharing friends