Pantone’s colors of the year 2021 – here are the new trends!

One of the best moments for all design lovers is the announcement of the incoming trends. The selection of colors for 2021 is a very special highlight. They represent the mood that will dominate in the next few months. It is always a great pleasure to find your own favorite color among this chic selection. You are almost guaranteed to discover your personal favorite there. It is also really unbelievable how many different variants and nuances one and the same color could have.

Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow from Pantone

Colors of the year - great modern ideas

How are the colors of the year actually chosen??

There are special institutes and companies that specialize in color analysis in the field of interior decoration and design. The best known of these are the Pantone Color Institute and the company WSGN. We present below the selection of these two and also the colors of the year from Sherwin-Williams and Dulux.

For the evaluation, one takes into account the development in various areas such as fashion and architecture, design and art. Usually it dominates everywhere in public areas.

Urban bronze is Sherwin-Willians’ color of the year

bedroom ideas urban bronze

The colors of the year 2021 from Pantone

Ultimate Gray

Ultimate Gray has already been named color of the year and now it is being declared one for the second time. This happens extremely rarely in the history of Pantone! Ultimate Gray is a light solid version of the classic gray. It stands for the wisdom and the need to build a new world. This favorite among the colors of 2021 also symbolizes the “gray”, but also contemplative mood that has prevailed since the beginning of the current pandemic.

Al auqa – The color of the year from WGSN

al auqa great for wall design

Illuminating Yellow

The bright yellow is Pantone’s other color of the year. It builds on the wisdom of horror with a lot of optimism, joie de vivre, enthusiasm for positive actions. Illuminating Yellow also stands for the summer sun.

Both colors are very practical and solid and can therefore be combined, even if they appear quite different at first glance. They show us that if you can see through the surface appearance, the incompatible can be paired very well.

We will see many items in the colors of the year from Pantone

Colors of the year - various great accessories

The colors of the year from WGSN

To a certain extent, gray is also present in the color of the year WGSN. It was called Al Aqua and it is a shade of blue with a light gray shade. The selection is based on the increasing need for positive interaction with the virtual world. The creative and modern use of it should contribute to our further development, freedom and the real expansion of our skills.

Al Aqua stands for the balanced interaction of the real and the digital world

Shades of blue colors of the year

The color of the year from Dulux

Brave ground is the name of the Dulux color of the year. This is the most popular and mostly upscale neutral color for next year. It turns the beige into the new black. Brave ground is a perfect character background. It can be combined with almost anything. The effect is nevertheless quite optimistic and bright. It seems to bring a certain sheen into the ambience through silver-gray undertones.

Brave ground from Dulux is sure to find a wide range of uses in interior design

Colors of the year beige blue background

Sherwin-Willians’ color of the year for 2021

Urban bronze is the name of the Sherwin-Willians’ color of the year. It symbolizes balance and peace within the framework of one’s own home. The pandemic and lockdowns in particular have shown us that these cannot be taken for granted. Rather, the key to personal well-being lies in the balanced mood at home. This in turn is essential for building a better world.

Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow make a surprisingly great combination!

Wall ideas very modern colors of the year

The relationship with gray, which plays an essential role in Pantone and WGSN, cannot be overlooked here either. Urban bronze looks upscale and is perfect for this kind of urban style that keeps the thread to nature.

How should you use the colors of the year in everyday life? Let’s discuss this together in the coming year when we present various trends!

Brave ground for bedroom furnishings Colors of the year bed ideas

Al Aqua will certainly be used a lot for interior decoration in 2021 

Colors of the year interior decorating ideas

With the Pantone colors one likes to set accents at wedding celebrations

Pantone - modern colors of the year

More design inspiration from Pantone

Great furniture ideas colors of the year

Do you also believe that these colors will set the mood of 2021?

Great wall design colors of the year