Christmas decoration

Living room interior ideas – decorate the house for Christmas

With our living room furnishing ideas, we show you that you do not need a large investment to make the Christmas decoration and room design. It’s very easy, you just have to emphasize certain interior design ideas that particularly emphasize the character of Christmas.

It can be as simple as emphasizing an element or adding a certain color to it.

Silver is reminiscent of snow on a bright winter night. This color and the Christmas tree are enough to immerse your living room in the mystique of the Holy Night. Enhance the effect with mirror surfaces and shiny materials.

Classic in red and gold

christmas living room decoration furnishing ideas

Living room furnishing ideas – simplicity in silver

christmas decoration living room furnishing ideas

Hang red Christmas stockings on the mantelpiece as usual and let the red color dominate the Christmas tree decorations. You can also use plenty of red in table design and even in pastries. Why not choose this color for the gift packaging? Provide shine and balance with accents in gold.

Nostalgic Scandinavian style

christmas ideas living room decoration

There is something nostalgic and modest about the reserved Scandinavian style. If this is your mood for the upcoming holidays, then give your interior a Scandinavian look!

White and wood as furnishing ideas for the living room

christmas decorating ideas for living room

White, wood and green conifer branches – this is the winter forest that we associate with Christmas. You have the freedom here whether you want the neutral or the lively, green character of the decoration in the interior to come into its own.

For a natural look, you should avoid colored ornaments.

Living room furnishing ideas – glass and shades of gray

furnishing ideas living room christmas design

Do you already dread when you hear about this type of decoration? But the combination of gray tones with many decorative items made of glass ensures incomparable transparency and sets unexpected, changing mirror effects in scene. They unfold the natural beauty of the wintry atmosphere. It is almost mandatory that you use as many candles as possible in your Christmas decoration of this type.

Living room interior ideas – stones, green branches and glass

christmas living room furnishing ideas stone decoration

Here is another neutral, but very successful combination of winter elements that successfully evokes the association with Christmas. Everything shines a lot better when it is combined with beautiful candles in mason jars.

 Luminous city landscape

living room furnishing ideas decoration living room design

The cityscape at Christmas shapes our idea of ​​the festival. Keep these in mind all the time by spreading glowing houses on a metal tray.

Furnishing ideas living room – the burning fireplace as a Christmas decoration

decorating the living room

Draw even more attention to the burning fireplace by decorating it in a festive way. The flame will appear even warmer and more comfortable under a decoration of green conifer branches.

Living room furnishing ideas – white and old gold

living room design christmas decorating ideas living ideas

In modern, simple Christmas decoration ideas, white is usually used in combination with ivory and silver. Pair it with old gold and it will make everything a little more traditional and cozy. A touch of green and brown go well with this, two colors supplied from real nature.

Make the most of your interior design

decorating ideas living room christmas design ornament

At the end we won’t give you a specific idea, but a good tip. Take a close look at your apartment and rediscover the Christmas accents it naturally contains in the interior. Do you have a brown floor made of natural wood? With a Christmas tree, artificial snow and white textiles you have already achieved the right mood. Do you have shiny accents in the room – especially in gold or silver? Add some green to it for a Christmassy look. Another good place to start is the red paint on textiles and walls, the presence of a fireplace or the view of the outdoors and wintry landscape, and even a town lit up for Christmas.

Let yourself be enchanted by the illuminated city!

Christmas ideas to furnish an apartment

Have you looked around your home? Which interior furnishing element can you use as the basis for your Christmas design??

And now it’s just that Santa Claus book… We wish you a lot of fun and a wonderful Christmas!

The silver Christmas decorations are associated with winter time and snow

living room furnishing ideas design decoration

Play it safe – intertwine red and gold 

furnishing ideas living room design christmas

Include wooden elements to create a real Christmas atmosphere!

christmas ideas living room decorating christmas decorations

Living room furnishing ideas – you will never make a mistake with the glass nuances

living room christmas tree ornament glass balls

Luminous houses fit anywhere in the house

furnishing ideas christmas apartment ideas decoration design

Enjoy the best time of the year with the whole family around the fireplace

home ideas living room furnishing christmas decoration

Decorate the Christmas table in white and gold

living room furnishing ideas design decoration christmas table

Cozy and cozy – the right Christmas atmosphere

design living room furnishing ideas