Tips and tricks on how to clean your carpet with home remedies!

The carpets are essential for the interior design because they give it a lot of comfort and a cozy character. On the other hand, a carpet can collect a lot of dust and other types of dirt. That, in turn, could be quite detrimental to our health. How exactly you clean your carpet is very important. The chemical agents could affect its quality and they are also harmful to our body. Did you know that you can clean carpets efficiently using household remedies? Here are our tips and tricks for that.

The clean carpet is important for our health

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Take into account the material of the carpets

There are many home remedy methods that can be used to efficiently clean the carpet. They are each suitable for different materials. So, before you start, it’s a good idea to find the right tools for your cleansing. Colored textiles in particular run the risk of pale stains from vinegar or citric acid, for example.

In this case, the methods offered below are inappropriate. The gentler the textiles, the more aggressive the agents could be. Even with the robust variants, however, you should be careful. First, treat a small corner of the carpet using the method you have chosen. Only then should you apply them to the rest of the carpet surface.

Always have a clean carpet, especially if you have children at home

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This is how you can dry clean a carpet

Especially in winter, but also throughout the year, it is quite time-consuming to completely clean a carpet. But dry cleaning is also an option and you can use it more often. You need simple products such as baking soda or corn starch. Such methods are also helpful when cleaning a carpet that is not allowed in the washing machine.

The recommended means for cleaning carpets are also suitable for the children

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Dry carpet cleaning step by step

The carpet you plan to clean should be laid out in a place that will not be walked on for the next half day. Alternatively, you could just skip some space for a day. Mix half of a standard baking soda pack with roughly the same amount of cornstarch. Really take your time to achieve a very consistent mix. Then sprinkle the powder over the entire surface of the carpet. You might be able to use a brush with matching soft bristles. Let this mixture work for about 12 hours. Now you should clean very carefully with a good vacuum cleaner.

You can do both dry and wet cleaning with home remedies!

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Deep damp cleaning with home remedies

For this you need vinegar, neutral detergent and fabric softener. All of these products have a both disinfecting as well as a deep cleansing effect. For the best effect, follow these steps:

  • Spread the rug in a room that is allowed to get wet.
  • With the help of a hose or a bucket, you should get it really wet.
  • Make a bucket half full with water and fill it with plenty of neutral detergent.
  • With the help of a suitable brush with bristles that are not too robust or a larger sponge, you can distribute the water with the detergent over the entire surface of the carpet.
  • Then go through the surface a few times with the brush or sponge.
  • Finally, you should rinse again with the help of a bucket or hose.
  • After the detergent has been completely rinsed away, you should mix water with vinegar in a bucket. Again distribute copiously on the carpet.
  • Leave on for a few minutes and rinse again with plenty of water.
  • You should then repeat the process with the fabric softener.
  • Let the carpet dry in a suitable place.

Avoid cleaning with chemical substances in the household!

Clean the carpet with a sponge

Freshen up carpets regularly

Basic cleaning is always time-consuming and cannot replace regular maintenance. However, you could use the following method to regularly freshen up and disinfect all textiles in your home. In a spray bottle mix 5-6 drops of tea tree oil, approx. 250 ml. Vinegar and half a pack of baking soda. You could add some fabric softener if desired. Shake the bottle properly before using it.

You can use it to spray mattresses, carpets and sofas at least once a week. This will keep them fresh and disinfected. You should do this during the day and ventilate the room very well afterwards.

So that you can make homemade cleaning products, it is best to have plenty of spray bottles on hand

Clean the carpet and use household remedies

Baking soda and vinegar are pretty universal household cleaning products 

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You can freshen up and disinfect any room with home remedies

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We wish you great moments at home with your perfectly cleaned carpets 

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