Make carnival hats for an unforgettable carnival

Carnival hats create cool ideas

Have you found the perfect carnival costume or sewed it yourself and would like to give it the finishing touch? In this post we will show you how you can make carnival hats on your own! Among the photos in our gallery you will also find many creative ideas for costumes and hats for an unforgettable and super fun carnival. Let yourself be inspired!

Making carnival hats: wonderful accessories for your costume

Mardi Gras hats make strawberry

you Carnival costume will look a lot cooler and more authentic with the right accessories. For example, what would the sailor be without a cap or the witch without a witch hat? And making carnival hats is much easier than you might imagine. And if you go to a carnival party without a specific costume, a great party hat can create the festive atmosphere. Of course, the hat isn’t always a necessity – you could opt for other headdresses as well. Flower wreaths or individual blossoms, great headbands and ribbons are a great alternative in this regard.

DIY hat for a fairy costume

Carnival hat flower

Have you decided on a beautiful fairy costume for the upcoming carnival? Then you can easily make an original carnival hat in the shape of a flower out of paper. Cut out a small circle out of green paper. Then cut this in one place up to the middle and overlap the sides a bit to get a flat cone. Fix with glue. Also make a flower stem out of the green paper, fold the end and attach it to the cone with some glue. If desired, you could also cut out a green leaf or two and glue them to the stem.

Finally, make the petals out of colored paper, using the first as a template for the others. Now glue the petals along the inside of the cone. So that the hats can be worn, attach another elastic band. Already finished!

Basten carnival hats: ideas for colorful party hats

Mardi Gras hats make paper cones

The simplest idea to additionally embellish your carnival costume is to make a classic party hat yourself. This can be folded out of paper in a flash! You can decorate the hat as you like to match your costume. With pompons, confetti, paper flowers, glitter glue, rhinestones, ribbons, pearls, sequins etc. you would get a wonderful result. Find patterned paper or paper with beautiful motifs and let your imagination run wild!

Decorate party hat with flowers

Make your own paper cone party hat

The cone-shaped paper hats with flowers on the edge are simply wonderful for girls and women. In addition, these are really easy to do yourself! Take a colored A3 sheet or two A4 sheets glued together. Fold the sheet in the middle and use a pencil to draw a diagonal line from two corners to the fold. Now you should cut out the resulting triangle, round off the edge and then form the cone. Then stick this on a headband so you can wear the hat. Finally, you should make colorful paper flowers and use them to decorate your carnival hat. Already finished!

Make your own cardboard cylinder

Mardi Gras hats DIY the crazy hatter

For fairies and goblins, you can also make large, eye-catching carnival hats out of cardboard – in the shape of a cylinder. All you have to do is cut out the pieces of the cylinder from cardboard, glue them together and let them dry out. Then you can stick colored paper on the finished cylinder and decorate it with a bow or paper flower. An elastic band can ensure that the hat will stand nicely on your head.

Making carnival hats: folding a sailor’s hat out of paper

Origami fold sailor hat

Sailor hat made of colored paper

For the boys one could easily make a sailor’s hat out of paper. Perhaps you’ve even made it yourself out of newsprint. This is a very simple origami, for which you only need an A4 sheet. Below our photos you will find a short picture guide of how the sailor hat can be folded, as well as many other interesting ideas for carnival hats. Let yourself be inspired!

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Carnival hats create cool ideas

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