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Strengthen weak and brittle nails again and prevent them in the future

We use our hands every day and want them to be a constant reflection of us – strong and healthy. However, brittle nails can be an important indicator of the state of our health. The good news is that you can change your lifestyle and habits at any time to strengthen brittle nails again and prevent them in the future. Here are some possible causes of your brittle nails and tips you can use to strengthen your weak nails.

With these tips you will definitely get rid of brittle nails quickly

Strengthen weak and brittle nails again hand with beautiful red manicure

Weak and brittle nails and the most common causes for them

Too much moisture: Yes, too much moisture can very well be the reason for weak and brittle nails. When our skin and nails are exposed to water, they swell and later shrink again as they dry. Over time, this makes the natural water retention of the nails difficult and they begin to become brittle.

Of course, contact with water cannot be avoided entirely. Our tip: Always use rubber gloves when washing dishes. These also protect you from the harmful substances in most cleaning agents. Always apply lotions with vitamin E, alpha-hydroxy acids, or lanolin after you shower.

Use rubber gloves when doing housework and protect your skin and nails

Strengthen weak and brittle nails only wash dishes with gloves

Too little moisture: The other extreme can be just as harmful to your nails. Products such as hand disinfectants or nail polish remover contain alcohol, which disinfects but also dries out extremely and leads to brittle nails and cracked skin. Instead, use acetone-free products with oils that re-hydrate the nails and wash your hands with water and natural soap.

Remove nail polish gently and using appropriate means

Strengthen weak and brittle nails again. Nail polish only with acetone-free nail polish remover

In addition to alcohol, many hand disinfectants contain triclosan, which makes bacteria resistant to antibiotics and thus weakens your immunity

Reinforce weak and brittle nails. Hand sanitizers are not as effective as you think

Nail trauma: Using your nails incorrectly as a tool can lead to brittle nails very quickly. Frequent typing, opening of beverage cans, playing plucked instruments or peeling off stickers can be the cause. Instead, avoid the habit of chewing (you can read more about it here), use your fingertips while typing, and use special tools for other tasks.

Tap with your fingertips, not your nails

Strengthen weak and brittle nails with manicure typing and writing

Most string instruments require short nails to be played properly

Strengthen weak and brittle nails again. Play a harp plucking instrument without a manicure

Brittle nails as evidence of poor diet

The condition of your skin and nails can tell a great deal about what could be wrong with your body. For example, brittle nails can be linked to a thyroid disease. A yellowish hue, on the other hand, is likely due to a fungal infection. If you have such a suspicion, a visit to the specialist would be a good idea.

You are paying too little attention to your diet: Iron and biotin rich foods such as beef liver, peanuts, eggs, wheat bran, etc. are particularly beneficial for the health of your nails. Rather, do not use vitamin tablets, because that way you leave the additional necessary vitamins, trace elements and secondary substances out of the diet.

Eat more foods that are high in iron and biotin

Weak and brittle nails re-strengthen biotin rich foods

Weak and brittle nails re-strengthen iron in various foods

Drinking enough water every day is of course absolutely essential for your entire body to function. After all, our bodies consist of an average of 50-80 percent water. Experts therefore recommend drinking between 30 and 40 ml per kilo of body weight per day in order to always stay well hydrated.

drink a lot of water

Strengthen weak and brittle nails again, drink enough water and have beautiful nails

How a bad manicure can cause brittle nails

File the nails incorrectly: Incorrect filing can also cause severe nail trauma and ruin your entire manicure. Never file your nails back and forth like you would with a saw. Also, go easy on the sides of the nails, which are usually weaker. Some manicure types also leave deliberate sharp corners (e.g. angular, ballerina, stiletto, etc.) that can easily get stuck on clothing and break. Instead, only file in one direction and choose nail shapes like squoval, round, oval or almond.

File your nails gently and in the right direction

Strengthen weak and brittle nails again. File the nails in the right direction

Choose nail shapes without sharp corners

 Weak and brittle nails strengthen the different nail shapes

Remove nail polish too late: All gel, acrylic nails and nail polishes (base coat and top coat incl.) Contain drying ingredients that suck moisture out of the nail plate and weaken it. Experts recommend removing nail polish after about a week and then leaving the nails free of polish for a week. This gives the nail plate a chance to recover from the toxins before undergoing the next mani.

Acrylic nails may hide imperfections, but they can harm your natural nails

Reinforce weak and brittle nails. Acrylic nails only have a few days on

Learn to love your natural nails

Weak and brittle nails strengthen woman's hand beautiful nails naturally

Cut cuticles: The cuticle, an area of ​​skin at the base and around the nail, is an essential shield that protects your nails. If you cut these off, you will leave defenseless nails and a small sore that can become infected. So instead of cutting off the cuticle, use a cuticle pusher to clean it and keep it undamaged. Also, always apply a few drops of cuticle oil before bed.

Leave your cuticles alone

Strengthen weak and brittle nails. Do not cut cuticles

Use oils for natural nail protection

Strengthen weak and brittle nails again and prevent future use of cuticle oil daily before going to bed

This is how easy it is to avoid those little everyday mistakes that otherwise cause weak and brittle nails. With a proper manicure, consumption of nutrient-rich foods and the use of toxin-free products, you are on the right path to regaining healthy, strong nails.

Weak and brittle nails strengthen elegant hands with natural healthy nails