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Pregnancy tea: which varieties are allowed?

Raspberry leaf tea easier birth

Drinking tea during the scavenger hunt is good for the soul and has a general relaxing effect. However, this only applies to certain varieties. There are also some that you can absolutely avoid – especially in the last few weeks of pregnancy. In this post you will learn everything about pregnancy tea, the effects and benefits of the drink for your health. We hope the information below is of help to you. Have fun while reading!

Pregnancy tea: which varieties are allowed and which are prohibited?

Pregnancy tea permitted and prohibited varieties

Types of tea allow pregnancy

Tea benefits health pregnancy

Tea pregnancy relaxing effects

Pregnancy drinking tea tips

Raspberry leaf tea easier birth

Tea helps with colds, digestive problems, sleep disorders, stress. The drink has the same effect during pregnancy. 1-2 cups of tea a day can increase your well-being and help you feel relaxed and alert. But, as mentioned above, this does not apply to all types of tea. Some teas should be avoided during pregnancy and especially in the last three months. But let’s start with the beneficial varieties, which are a wonderful source of vitamins and can meet the high fluid requirements during pregnancy. A cup of tea can warm you up in winter, and in summer you can opt for chilled tea as a refreshing drink.

If you are a fan of the herbal teas, which contain many different ingredients, it is imperative to seek advice from your doctor before consuming the drink! Because the different herbs in combination can sometimes lead to undesirable side effects. And just like with food during pregnancy, you need variety when it comes to tea.

Soothing pregnancy tea – chamomile tea

Make chamomile tea yourself

Pregnancy tea soothing varieties

Pregnancy Tea Chamomile Tea DIY

Pregnancy tea chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is especially useful for pregnant women. It has a relaxing effect and can be particularly useful for sleep disorders. It also has a beneficial effect on gastrointestinal complaints and heartburn.

Mint tea

Mint tea calming

Mint tea with ginger and lemon

Pregnancy tea beneficial varieties

If you feel sick a lot during pregnancy, drink mint tea! The peppermint contains essential oils that soothe the stomach and intestines. You should not drink more than two or three cups a day, because in large quantities the peppermint tea can trigger contractions!

Sage tea

Pregnancy tea sage tea

Sage tea beneficial pregnancy

The sage tea can also relieve the digestive discomfort that often accompanies pregnancy. A cup of sage tea has an antispasmodic effect and calms the gastrointestinal tract. As with the mint tea, you do not need to drink the sage tea in large quantities and over a long period of time. Otherwise there may be undesirable side effects such as heat and dizziness.

Green and black tea

black tea drink properties

Drinking green tea benefits

Although the green and black teas contain caffeine, you can opt for them during pregnancy. The green tea contains a number of minerals and bitter substances that aid digestion. And the black tea supports the immune system. However, it is not recommended to consume it in large quantities because it interferes with the absorption of iron from food and can lead to constipation. Also, because of the caffeine content, it is not advisable to drink more than 2-3 cups of black or green tea a day.

Raspberry leaf tea makes childbirth easier

Raspberry leaf tea beneficial pregnancy

Make raspberry leaf tea yourself

Pregnancy tea raspberry leaf tea

Drink raspberry leaf tea

The raspberry leaf tea is recommended even by doctors and midwives. It can make labor easier by strengthening the uterus and loosening the muscles in this area. Most midwives advise drinking a cup of raspberry leaf tea every day from 37 weeks of pregnancy. And from the 39th week onwards, you can increase your consumption to up to 4 cups a day. In order to avoid an overdose, you have to discuss everything with your doctor.

Pregnancy tea: varieties that you would rather go without

Pregnancy tea nettle tea

Pregnancy tea blackberry leaf tea

Fennel tea properties

Prepare women's mantle tea

Cumin tea properties

Pregnancy tea wormwood

Prepare lemongrass tea

There are also other types of teas that stimulate pain that you should be careful with – especially in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Consuming them in large quantities can even cause premature birth. This includes:

– Cumin tea

– Vermouth tea

– Blackberry leaf tea

– Women’s mantle tea

– Yarrow tea

Lemongrass, aniseed and fennel teas are also not recommended during pregnancy – especially in large quantities. The same goes for the draining teas. These include, for example:

– Birch leaf tea

– Corn beard tea

– Parsley or celery tea

– Nettle tea

– Lovage tea

You can find more useful information about the types of tea permitted and prohibited during pregnancy here Find!