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Pickled Vegetables Time and Why The Fermented Foods Are Healthy!

Is there something in common between sauerkraut, pickles, soy sauce and yogurt? Yes, the fermentation process – a method of preserving food that also has many benefits for our health. Products have been preserved, refined or even made edible in this way for centuries. Pickled vegetables are easy to make, super tasty and long-lasting. Fermentation keeps the food fresh and preserves its beneficial properties. During this process, microorganisms are created that kill the harmful bacteria and toxins. Today we want to talk about the benefits of pickled vegetables and give you some tips on how to prepare them.

Now is the time to pickle vegetables

pickled vegetables fermented food healthy

Pickled vegetables full of vitamins and minerals

Pickled vegetables are a great source of vitamins B, C and K, the content of which is usually ten times more than in the raw state. The fermentation process keeps the food “fresh” and even increases its nutritional values.

During the fermentation process for cheese z.

B. the naturally contained sugar turns into lactic acid. This increases the number of lactobacilli, which is good news for our intestinal flora.

A remedy for gastrointestinal problems

fermented food pickled vegetables

Natural probiotics

The natural enrichment of the intestinal flora through the consumption of fermented foods leads to the restoration of the balance. This avoids problems like abdominal swelling, colic and gas. So you can do without probiotic tablets. The bacteria that emerge during fermentation make enzymes that turn the large molecules in the food into small ones. This makes it easier for our body to use them. Fresh milk, for example, is much more difficult to digest than yogurt and cheese because some of the lactose is already processed.

Make pickled vegetables yourself

pickled vegetables healthy fermented vegetables

Homemade pickled vegetables

Did you know that wholesale pickled vegetables aren’t as healthy as homemade ones? The reason for this is that the mass production is not exposed to prior lactofermentation. Therefore, it is better to prepare these delicious vegetables yourself. It is very easy! All you need is clean mason jars, lids, fresh small cucumbers, coarse sea salt, and water.

Soak mini cucumbers in salted water

Pickles pickled vegetables

The recipe for pickled cucumbers in 500 ml mason jar:

  • 1 liter of water
  • 30 g coarse sea salt
  • 10 mini cucumbers

First, dissolve the salt in the water. Wash the cucumbers, cut them in half if necessary and fill the mason jar with them. Add the salted water and make sure that it completely covers the cucumbers and is not all the way to the edge of the glass. Close the lid.

A grayish soil deposit will form over the next few days. The cucumbers are ready to eat after approx. 15 days, but you can keep them closed all year round.

You can also use this recipe for canning green beans, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, celery, etc.

Fight viruses through fermented vegetables

winter salads pickled vegetables fermented food

A remedy for viruses

The lactic acid strengthens immunity by being able to stop viruses from developing in the body. The high content of vitamin C in the canned vegetables also combats viruses, especially gastrointestinal infections.

Tips for homemade fermentation

  • Rinse the mason jars thoroughly and always use new lids.
  • Rotten and broken vegetable spots should be removed. The preserving jars should not be opened earlier than two weeks.
  • The smell of rotten egg is an indication that the fermentation has failed.
  • Pickled vegetables in house conditions are not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as for children under 3 years of age.

Prepare pickled vegetables yourself and benefit not only in terms of taste, but also in terms of health.

Make sure that the preservation is successful!

pickled vegetables pickle carrots

Sauerkraut is very healthy and tasty

Make pickled vegetables healthy sauerkraut yourself

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pickled vegetables pickle tomatoes

The perfect winter salad

soaked vegetables pickling fermented vegetables

Put in your favorite vegetables

pickled green beans pickled vegetables

pickled beetroot pickled vegetables

Keep yourself in top shape with a sauerkraut diet

Make sauerkraut yourself pickled vegetables

Use mason jars with good closures

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