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Maca capsules: what is it all about?

What is behind the Maca capsules? The Maca plant from Peru has been valued locally for its supposedly healing and potentiating properties for thousands of years. We took a closer look at the maca capsules.

Why are maca capsules so popular?

But if you take a look at the testimonials from customers who have bought the Maca capsules from Gloryfeel, for example, then you can quickly see that they are highly praised.

According to users and many others, the capsules are a helpful energy resource that not only increases performance, but also lifts your general mood.

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Even the Incas used maca

The maca plant can be compared to simple cress. It grows in a natural environment in the Andes of Peru. The tuber root is used to extract the active ingredients of maca. For more than 2000 years, the inhabitants of the region seem to have relied on the use of the tuber. Because even the Inca are said to have appreciated the plant.

Fun fact: Since the plant is said to have a strong potency effect, only married couples are allowed to consume the root in many villages in the Andes.

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What does science say about the maca plant?

Clinical studies have shown that the active ingredient is not able to actively intervene in the production of hormones in the body. At the same time, however, it can be observed that existing functional disorders in men can be positively influenced.

It is unclear whether this is a real effect or whether a kind of placebo effect is effective.

Maca – not a normal plant

The plants from which the extract for the Maca capsule is obtained grows at extreme altitudes of up to 4400 meters. Accordingly, the plants are constantly exposed to high temperature fluctuations. Over the millennia, this has meant that the plant has adapted ideally to the harsh environment. It stores large amounts of vitamins, trace elements and nutrients in the tuber in order to be supplied with sufficient energy throughout the year.

Maca is used as a crop locally in the Andes and in large parts of South America. The tuber is boiled to a pulp and consumed as a dessert. Across the world, maca extract is mainly taken in the form of capsules. But there are also offers for Maca powder.

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What’s in the Maca capsules?

There are more than 60 vital substances in the Maca tuber. The nutrient content of these plants is therefore very high. If the root is dried and processed into a powder, this consists of around 16% protein. Other ingredients are:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Essential amino acids
  • Antioxidants

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Take maca capsules correctly

You can’t expect miracles overnight. Many users of the capsules state that the first changes appear after three to six months. The specific improvements are perceived differently by different people.

So that the ingredients can be absorbed quickly, you should take the Maca capsules daily with a glass of water on an empty stomach.

Depending on the concentration, one to two capsules a day are sufficient. Use more or less if necessary. Here the individual feeling is decisive.

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Dietary supplements are used more and more frequently

Maca capsules are a first-class source of a variety of vital substances. These include iron, zinc and iodine as well as vitamin B2 or vitamin C. Ideally, it is possible to take in the daily requirement for vital substances with food. Adequate exercise is necessary so that the body can process them optimally.

Unfortunately, modern day-to-day life does not always allow us to implement this. For this reason, more and more consumers are choosing to use high-quality dietary supplements such as the Maca capsules.

However, the capsules are not miracle tablets. Because even high-quality active ingredients cannot do much good in the body if the basis is insufficient. Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and a high-fat diet are just a few examples of habits that stand in the way of a healthy body.

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Conclusion – Maca capsules inspire users

The fact is that the Maca capsules can come up with a multitude of important vital substances. The fact that the root has been in use for thousands of years also speaks for itself. A large amount of positive testimonials is a good way to end this. As the capsules are approved as dietary supplements, they are also completely safe to take.

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