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Espresso Tonic – one of the trendiest soft drinks anyone can make!

The simplest things are often the most difficult to imitate. This is a truth that has been tried and tested several times, including in the catering trade. Espresso Tonic is probably one of last summer’s biggest hits that continues to grow in fame this year. The reason for this is probably obvious. Espresso and tonic are two very popular drinks in themselves. They provide excellent refreshment in the summer season. The combination of the two is absolutely spectacular. However simple the recipe may sound, it is really difficult to copy. There are some special tips and tricks that you just have to know. We will be happy to reveal these to you in good time before the hottest days of this year.

The espresso tonic is an excellent idea for summer refreshment

Espresso Tonic - a glass full of espresso

Espresso Tonic – a very healthy trend

Espresso Tonic is not just a new discovery for the real coffee connoisseur. It’s healthy news that brings significant benefits especially for the summer season. For the Esspresso Tonic, we just mix the coffee with tonic water! It tastes good and thus counteracts dehydration.

The taste of the tonic is slightly bitter and that promotes the development of the aromas and the taste properties of your favorite types of coffee. Let’s not forget the ice cubes, which are a particularly important part of the recipe. With mint, lime, lemon, or citrus fruits, you could still customize the taste to suit your preferences. Our tip is to boldly experiment with the new drink.

The taste is related to the quality of the ingredients

Espresso Tonic - excellent soft drink

Discover new varieties of tonic water and coffee

The secret of the really good variants of the espresso tonic drinks consists almost exclusively in the good ingredients. The commercial versions of tonic water are usually loaded with sugar. We would if you were a craft variant take with the highest quality. It is the same with the types of coffee. The experts recommend using the milder ones. The end result is therefore slightly sweet and, precisely because of this, extremely pleasant for the broad masses of people. The combination of tonic with quite exotic types of coffee, for example from India or Ethiopia, was particularly popular last summer. Some of them are super sweet and almost reminiscent of liqueur. In other words, an espresso tonic can be prepared at such a high level that it is almost gourmet quality. You can add lime, lemon, mint and a healthy substitute for traditional sugar for more special flavors.

The milder types of coffee are a better idea

Espresso tonic - excellent drink

Preparation of espresso tonic

Take one or more glasses of 200 ml, depending on how many drinks you want to make. Next, you’ll need ice cubes so that you can completely fill the glass with them. Then pour in around 100-150 ml of tonic water. Make yourself a delicious double espresso. You could pour all or part of it in. It depends on which taste you want to dominate – this one from the tonic or this one from the coffee. As a rule, you need around 40 milliliters of double espresso per 100 to 150 milliliters of tonic water. There is another variation of the same drink and that is the cold brew tonic. With these, around 100 milliliters of normal coffee are poured into the tonic water.

You could achieve a spectacular result with exotic, particularly sweet coffee varieties!

Espresso Tonic - very nice ideas - great drinks

Ideas for special guests in summer!

If you prepare the espresso tonic carefully, it not only tastes wonderful, but also looks spectacular. You can use it to impress special guests in your home. It would still be a simple but tasteful highlight for special events. The best way to enjoy the Esspresso Tonic is of course on the balcony or in the garden. Enjoy it in the morning for breakfast or in the afternoon with a light summer cake!

We recommend that you prepare your espresso tonic drinks with Craft Tonic Water

Espresso Tonic - great ideas for the day

The drink not only tastes good, it also looks attractive! 

Espresso Tonic - wonderful idea

Espresso tonic drinks are ideal for special guests and parties in summer

Espresso Tonic - two glasses - great ideas

This drink would be ideal for an afternoon cake, among other things

Espresso tonic coffee ideas drinks

Perhaps you want to enjoy the espresso tonic in the morning? 

Glass with a great drink - espresso tonic

You can add more flavor notes, for example, with citrus fruits

Several soft drinks - espresso and tonic

If you pour the coffee in very carefully, you could achieve this great structure

several layers - good ideas - espresso tonic

Many decorate the drink with either lemon or lime wedges

Very nice design - espresso tonic

The shape of the glass contributes to the attractive appearance of the drink 

Great glass - great ideas - espresso tonic

If you prepare espresso tonics, we guarantee a fresh and tasty summer!

Espresso Tonic - great ideas - refreshment