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Bees pharmacy- priceless gifts of nature

Bees pharmacy honey products

 What do you know about honey and honey products?

There are hardly any foods that the qualities of honey and honey products can compete with.

When it comes to health and beauty, honey takes a leading position. Organic cosmetics use more and more honey products because of their good tolerance, especially for allergy sufferers.

A little bee produces one teaspoon of honey in its entire life

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The beekeeping profession is very precise and also very risky

Bees pharmacy beekeeper

How many people can really appreciate the honey and the way the produce is made?

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The honey is a natural product that has an incredibly positive effect on human health. Its effect is antibacterial and also antiseptic. It also strengthens the immune system enormously.

The acacia honey smells divine and has a fascinating taste

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The pure, unrefined honey contains 27 minerals, 22 amino acids and 5000 enzymes. One teaspoon a day is enough to boost your immune system. You feel good, of course.

Although today’s medicine is very advanced, more and more people are preferring alternative medicine methods.

It is an unforgettable and healing experience to chew on the honeycomb

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Nature gives us hers Bees pharmacy. The products are healthy, without side effects and dangers and with a tradition going back a thousand years.

Honey is considered to be the only natural food that cannot go bad.

In order to preserve all the qualities of honey for longer, the sun’s rays must not come directly onto it

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Acacia honey

Acacia honey has a specific, gentle aroma and an exclusive taste. A peculiarity of this variety, which is why it is one of the most preferred, is that it hardens very slowly. This type of honey is also the most expensive on the market because only small quantities are produced.

Just replace the sugar with honey and take advantage of it

Bees pharmacy acacia honey blossom honey

Find a way to get honey and honey products directly from the beekeeper

Bees pharmacy beeswax

Linden blossom honey

Linden blossom honey is very aromatic and rich in many healthy substances. It is often used for lung diseases and for problems with the airways in general. The calming and cleansing properties of lime blossom honey make it an excellent remedy for insomnia.

How many of us have seen a real beehive?

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All types of honey have a positive effect on the general condition of people

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(Poly) blossom honey

Blossom honey is a mixture of various flowers and its effect is very complex. It is recommended as a remedy for various diseases, but can also be used preventively. Helpful for gastrointestinal complaints and some gynecological complications.

The bee pharmacy is pleasant for all the senses

Bees pharmacy polyblueten honey

There is no prescription requirement in the bee pharmacy

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It is important to know the properties of honey

Bees pharmacy Linden blossom honey


It is being talked about more and more and that is no coincidence. Used internally, propolis, also known as bee resin, is good for stomach ulcers. Its external use is less well known and it heals wounds, herpes and periodontal disease. Its antiviral quality also makes propolis unique in that not a single bacteria can develop resistance to it.

The propolis strengthens your immune system without any side effects

Bees pharmacy propolis

Propolis is rich in vitamins, essential oils, micro-elements, minerals and hormones.

Propolis has an antimicrobial, antiviral, antibiotic, disinfectant and analgesic, blood-forming effect and much more.

 With the regular consumption of honey, you will stay healthy

Bees pharmacy propolis GElee Royale honey

Gellee Royale

This is a very complex organic product. Young bees (5-15 days old) secrete this fluid, which the queen mother is fed with.

A laborious, complex and valuable production

Bees Pharmacy Royal Jelly

For a strong immune system all year round and against all infections, a pinch of royal jelly a day is enough. Prophylactically or during treatment, this product is worth gold. If old age occurs or the body is exhausted after a long illness – take royal jelly.

Royal jelly can only be taken in small amounts,

Bees pharmacy propolis GElee Royale mini

The recyclables are highly concentrated

Bees pharmacy honey variety

The product is very expensive and complicated, but the product does not have a good shelf life. It is therefore recommended to mix royal jelly with honey, store in a cool place and consume together.

Honey production has always been perfect for thousands of years. The bees know their job well

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