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7 rules that will help you live comfortably and happily alone

It is becoming more and more common for modern people to have or want to live alone. Often you make a conscious decision and enjoy the freedom of this lifestyle. However, in order to feel comfortable in such a situation, you have to have the right psychological attitude. First of all, you should be clear about the advantages and disadvantages of independent living. That is also the aim of the first part of our article. Then you have to internalize certain mental attitudes so that you can make the most of living as a single person. Our seven tips aim to simplify this process for you as much as possible!

Living alone is a great challenge and an opportunity at the same time!

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You can enjoy these advantages if you live alone!

Freedom and independence

You can plan your everyday life according to your own preferences if you live alone. This applies to both getting up and eating and all sorts of aspects of your life. You can always visit your friends if you wish.

All of this gives you a sense of freedom and independence.

Living alone is above all part of the lifestyle of the big city dwellers

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You learn to rely on yourself

Everything that comes your way in everyday life is also your responsibility. This is especially true for invoices and budget planning in general. Even the smallest repairs and purchase decisions for furniture or appliances pose a major challenge in this case. You just learn to organize your own life, including all the details that go with it.

Older people in particular need to be careful about their finances when they are single

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You get a realistic idea of ​​your circle of friends

When you have to master even the smallest of tasks on your own, you also learn to correctly assess the people around you. Little things like this, whether someone repairs something for you, helps you with it or brings something with you when you visit, are becoming increasingly important. In a single life, something like that is often a great help. After a few months of independent living, you will have a very realistic idea of ​​your friends and their small but important talents.

Isolation is not allowed when living as a single person!

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High costs

In most cases it is more expensive to live alone than with other people. You have to take responsibility for all bills yourself. These are not much higher for two people, for example, but in this case only have to be covered by you alone. The same goes for transportation. When the budget is tight, you have to find a solution on your own.

A healthy diet is particularly crucial for a good quality of life for people living alone

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Danger of depression and melancholy

No matter how stable and wise you are, having to live alone can be difficult from a psychological point of view. Communication and human exchange are not just healthy, but essential for our existence. Single people need to strive to be more active in communicating with others. Otherwise, especially during lockdown or in the colder months of the year, there is a risk of depression or at least unwanted melancholy.

Sitting in a comfortable chair and enjoying the view through the window is something you should treat yourself to!

live alone - enjoy the time yourself

7 tips for everyone who wants to live comfortably and happily alone

Choosing the right interior design

The furniture and the complete interior design are crucial for making the most of the single life. The price-performance ratio has to be perfect so that you have as few expenses as possible in everyday life. Energy-saving devices reduce power consumption. Multifunctional facilities save you space at home, as well as the expense of additional small furniture and storage units. If these are good quality, you won’t have to spend as much on repairs either.

Yes, you often live happier alone than with other people!

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Think about your financial security!

This is actually a task that you have to master yourself anyway! But when you’re single and you can’t rely on anyone, it’s even more urgent than anyone else. Long-term financial planning with savings plans and clever insurances are right now older people an additional security. So you can live independently in the long run and afford the best possible quality of life.

In old age you can just as easily get along on your own if you plan everything well

living alone in old age

Contacts and tasks that motivate you to go out

Spending your time fully alone at home and not feeling lonely is a great achievement. However, this can also be addicting and you can quickly lose social skills. On weekends and when you work from home, it is essential to plan activities outside and, preferably, with other people. Appointments with friends are always the very best, of course. But different courses or sports are other good opportunities to leave your own four walls!

The optimal interior design must perfectly match your personal lifestyle!

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Small habits that you really enjoy are mandatory

The little rituals of everyday life could make this magically beautiful. Take your time without feeling guilty! It is a great achievement to live alone and do everything well. Reward yourself for it with lots of little joys. Well, you can drink your coffee a little longer in front of the TV, sit by the window, meditate or read a nice book for hours. In no case should the annoying tasks such as tidying up or cleaning dominate in everyday life. Allocate this special time and best combine it with listening to great music!

A dog may not be a bad idea if you live alone

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Eating healthy is a must

When you live alone, there is no one who can stop you from the crowds of unhealthy food in front of the TV. Learn to shop and cook healthily. All kinds of sweets and popular hearty dishes are now also available in healthy versions. There are so many different types of sugar and salt substitutes, dairy and dairy products, healthy fats, and so on. By accessing these, you could fill yourself up without consuming too many calories. Even chips can now be prepared healthily! Buy fewer but high quality products. As a single you can afford it more than if you have to look after a large family. So you have no excuse for not doing this!

Read on the floor to get away from the routine!

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Work on your self development!

Probably the greatest discovery made by modern man is that you can achieve incredible things by working on yourself. You have time to read, meditate, exercise, and practice yoga. And for much, much more. Take this opportunity and develop your personality together with all of your incredible and unique talents! This increases the likelihood that you will live happily and completely alone!

Develop habits that motivate you to leave your four walls

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Extra tip: If you have good friends and acquaintances whom you like to have with you again and again, invite them to visit us on various occasions, including festive occasions! Especially during Corona times, not so many people are allowed to sit together. There is also enough space for a small gathering in a single apartment. So you don’t feel alone during the festive season, develop social skills and fill your home with variety and joy!

If you have such a great window sill and view you would have to make the most of it!

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Plan the costs and interior design very carefully! You have to be able to afford it all after all!

tips for everyday living alone

Good planning is especially important when you have to rely on yourself for everything

great ideas work living alone

Living alone is a dream come true for many people!

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