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6 new food trends in 2021: find your individual eating style!

The food trends from the past few years remain pretty consistent in some ways. One likes to cross different boundaries – those of the taste combinations, regional differences, the type of application and the processing of the rough food. In addition, the various recipes can be easily transformed to suit your own preferences. Furthermore, the trends give us important clues as to what a healthy diet actually represents. All of this results in an impressive diversity and a personal, very healthy lifestyle. The six trends outlined below are therefore not really new, but rather updated. That doesn’t make it any less exciting! Stick with it!

The new food trends make shopping more varied

Shopping tips food trends

Replacement of traditional products

Have you already run out of bread red lentils eaten? It is one of the most popular among the new types of flour. It has an excellent taste that most people enjoy wonderfully. This bread does not contain gluten, but instead contains a number of vitamins and other healthy ingredients.

There is a wide variety of types of healthy alternatives to traditional flour. You can always find good substitutes, including for other very popular foods. For example, you could replace the usual milk with milk made from coconut or other nuts. The pasta could consist of whole grain or rice flour or other products. The unhealthy white sugar is hardly used anymore because you can use other natural sweet foods instead.

Well-known and exotic foods are harmoniously combined with one another

Meat fruits and vegetables food trends

Diverse variations of well-known foods

The food trends for 2021 will be confusing to a certain extent. Because there are new variations of well-known foods that could make you dizzy at times. For example, if you want to choose the right type of lens, you can hardly make a decision. It looks similar with beans. We have already spoken of the incredible number of types of flour and pasta. Have you tried making the popular potato skewers with sweet potatoes? Somehow it’s always healthier!

Original, yet simple recipes are modern!

Food trends - great recipe ideas

Vegetarian and vegan cuisine

Vegans and vegetarians seem to have found an inspiring way to reconcile our world with their ideal for an animal-friendly lifestyle. You influence public opinion more and more with the incredible variety of new recipe ideas. Some of them are so tasty, original and varied that they are preferred to meat dishes. If you have tried vegan sweets above all, you hardly ever go for the usual ones. They are mostly made from healthy and light products. You can eat yourself full without gaining weight and also consume healthy ingredients.

It is trendy to adapt delicious recipe ideas to your own taste 

Food trends - different servings - great ideas

Sensible combinations of regional and exotic products

Modern man is becoming more conscious of his life in every way. All products play an increasingly important role in this context. For one, this type of consumption is much better from a climate change perspective. Furthermore, the quality of such foods could be controlled much more easily than before. However, there are certain exotic products that you have already got used to. Avocado, bananas or citrus fruits, as well as some other popular foods, are simply part of international cuisine. If you follow the latest food trends, you should add them to regional foods in small quantities. That’s the way it’s trendy!

There are many innovations in the processing of the products

Food trends glasses with different products

Understandable and adaptable recipe ideas

One of the good things about the pandemic is that we have time for neglected activities. In such a situation you have more time to cook. If you make the most of it, you will certainly live a lot healthier. Busy people who have often bought half-finished products or ordered ready-made meals need to be encouraged. That’s why easy and healthy recipe ideas for beginners have become hits on the Internet. The visualizations are of great importance: Sometimes you can see almost completely from the illustration alone how you could prepare them. They are also happy to suggest tips on how to adapt the respective dishes to individual tastes through supplements or alternative foods.

Common products such as lentils, potatoes or pasta can now be found in a wide variety of varieties

Food trends cake ideas

Consider human and animal-friendly values ​​when shopping

People and animals are increasingly being considered when shopping. In doing so, one has become much more careful than before. The labels “organic” and “fair trade” are no longer sufficient guarantees to convince the conscious consumer. Because unfortunately it has been found that there is also frequent abuse in this area. Companies and manufacturers have to prove a flawless image in practice and not just on paper! Most of the time, one would rather buy vegetables, fruit, milk or eggs from regional farmers than from an organic brand. With these one could just look over personally and check how one takes care of the animals or the plant-based food.

The main trend remains: healthy eating remains a leading priority 

Food trends Delicious dishes

In short, the Food Trends 2021 aim to ensure that our diet awakens feelings of happiness in us. You have a clear conscience, you can ensure variety thanks to simple meals that remain exciting and interesting thanks to unusual ingredients. The new food trends show our need to discover joy and happiness in the little moments in life.

There are all sorts of flour reds from which you can bake delicious bread 

Cooked Vegetables Trends Food Trends

Fruit salads should be based on simple and conscious combinations

Vegetables and fruits tips food trends

Take advantage of the long stays at home to cook more alone and to eat more consciously 

Green vegetables ood trends

The delicious desserts and pancakes can be made from healthy products 

Healthy pancake food trends