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5 reasons why you should take a cold shower from today

The daily hot shower has already become an everyday norm in our society. However, the exact bathing temperature has been the subject of heated debates since ancient times. Even when the ancient Greeks developed heating systems for their public baths, cold showers were preferred long afterwards for their health benefits. A number of modern studies now support this extraordinary habit – cold showers are much healthier for the skin and body functions than warm ones. Here are 5 surprising health benefits that are sure to convince you of the change you need to make in your everyday life.

Cold showers are nothing new

cold shower story

Don’t worry, a polar bear won’t attract you to your bathroom

cold shower polar bear bathtub

It won’t snow in the bathroom either, but it can almost feel like it

cold shower snowy bathroom

Set goals for yourself, because in the end you won’t mind the cold anymore

cold shower waterfall in winter

This is what a healthy person hardened against the cold looks like

cold shower glacier

cold shower stand under waterfall

Take a cold shower immediately and enjoy health benefits

A cold shower in the morning replaces coffee: You already know how relaxing but also tiring warm water can be. The cold shower does exactly the opposite of that. As a result of the cold shock, you begin to breathe more deeply and accelerate your pulse, thereby increasing your blood flow. This gives you a natural dose of energy for the day, increases work productivity, sports and study skills.

After a cool shower, you will feel ready for the day, even without coffee

cold shower morning coffee

Cold showers can support the immune system: Cold water improves blood circulation and the production of white blood cells (responsible for the immune system), which not only helps us get going in the morning, but also helps fight and prevent some health problems. It can, among other things, lower blood pressure and clear blocked arteries.

It doesn’t have to be that extreme

cold shower swimming in ice

Shrink pores and strengthen hair with cold showers: While hot water dries out skin and hair quickly, cold water shrinks pores and wrinkles and stores the skin’s natural oils. It acts on the hair in the same way – regular cold showers add shine to the hair as they strengthen the hair follicle and prevent it from splitting.

Achieve healthy skin and hair through cold showers

cold shower healthy hair and skin

A cold shower can help reduce sore muscles after a strenuous workout: This is especially useful for professional athletes or if you exercise several times a day. A cold shower after a workout can go a long way in maximizing exercise results and reducing the time it takes to recover. After all, sore muscles are small inflammations in the muscles and the cold affects them like an ice cube bag.

For many athletes this is typical everyday life after every training session

cold showers everyday for athletes

Get slim by taking a cold shower: In order for the body to return to its normal temperature in a cold shower, it has to burn a significant amount of calories. An Australian study found that about 10 minutes in cold water is equivalent to about an hour of cycling. So cold showering is a great companion to your healthy diet.

Taking a cold shower makes you slim and fit, but only with the appropriate diet and exercise

cold shower ice bucket

Integrate ice-cold showers into your everyday life, but correctly and carefully

An immediate ice-cold shower is too big a shock to the body and can lead to health problems rather than benefits. So it is important to take a step-by-step approach. It is best to start showering with lukewarm water and make it a little colder every day, but do not stand under the cold water for more than a minute at the beginning. Also try to breathe calmly and deeply to avoid hyperventilation. Only after a few weeks will you be able to increase the time to 10-15 minutes or more, but do not rush. Then you will never mind the cold again.

Every beginning is difficult, so take it slowly

cold shower bath ice cold

So don’t jump into the ice-cold bathtub right away

cold shower shock to the body

However, with a little willpower, you will be successful

cold shower party mood success

cold shower iced