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Pregnancy tea: which varieties are allowed?

Raspberry leaf tea easier birth

Drinking tea during the scavenger hunt is good for the soul and has a general relaxing effect. However, this only applies to certain varieties. There are also some that you can absolutely avoid – especially in the last few weeks of pregnancy. In this post you will learn everything about pregnancy tea, the effects and benefits of the drink for your health. We hope the information below is of help to you. Have fun while reading!

Pregnancy tea: which varieties are allowed and which are prohibited?

Pregnancy tea permitted and prohibited varieties

Types of tea allow pregnancy

Tea benefits health pregnancy

Tea pregnancy relaxing effects

Pregnancy drinking tea tips

Raspberry leaf tea easier birth

Tea helps with colds, digestive problems, sleep disorders, stress. The drink has the same effect during pregnancy. 1-2 cups of tea a day can increase your well-being and help you feel relaxed and alert. But, as mentioned above, this does not apply to all types of tea. Some teas should be avoided during pregnancy and especially in the last three months. But let’s start with the beneficial varieties, which are a wonderful source of vitamins and can meet the high fluid requirements during pregnancy. A cup of tea can warm you up in winter, and in summer you can opt for chilled tea as a refreshing drink.

If you are a fan of the herbal teas, which contain many different ingredients, it is imperative to seek advice from your doctor before consuming the drink! Because the different herbs in combination can sometimes lead to undesirable side effects. And just like with food during pregnancy, you need variety when it comes to tea.

Soothing pregnancy tea – chamomile tea

Make chamomile tea yourself

Pregnancy tea soothing varieties

Pregnancy Tea Chamomile Tea DIY

Pregnancy tea chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is especially useful for pregnant women. It has a relaxing effect and can be particularly useful for sleep disorders. It also has a beneficial effect on gastrointestinal complaints and heartburn.

Mint tea

Mint tea calming

Mint tea with ginger and lemon

Pregnancy tea beneficial varieties

If you feel sick a lot during pregnancy, drink mint tea! The peppermint contains essential oils that soothe the stomach and intestines. You should not drink more than two or three cups a day, because in large quantities the peppermint tea can trigger contractions!

Sage tea

Pregnancy tea sage tea

Sage tea beneficial pregnancy

The sage tea can also relieve the digestive discomfort that often accompanies pregnancy. A cup of sage tea has an antispasmodic effect and calms the gastrointestinal tract. As with the mint tea, you do not need to drink the sage tea in large quantities and over a long period of time. Otherwise there may be undesirable side effects such as heat and dizziness.

Green and black tea

black tea drink properties

Drinking green tea benefits

Although the green and black teas contain caffeine, you can opt for them during pregnancy. The green tea contains a number of minerals and bitter substances that aid digestion. And the black tea supports the immune system. However, it is not recommended to consume it in large quantities because it interferes with the absorption of iron from food and can lead to constipation. Also, because of the caffeine content, it is not advisable to drink more than 2-3 cups of black or green tea a day.

Raspberry leaf tea makes childbirth easier

Raspberry leaf tea beneficial pregnancy

Make raspberry leaf tea yourself

Pregnancy tea raspberry leaf tea

Drink raspberry leaf tea

The raspberry leaf tea is recommended even by doctors and midwives. It can make labor easier by strengthening the uterus and loosening the muscles in this area. Most midwives advise drinking a cup of raspberry leaf tea every day from 37 weeks of pregnancy. And from the 39th week onwards, you can increase your consumption to up to 4 cups a day. In order to avoid an overdose, you have to discuss everything with your doctor.

Pregnancy tea: varieties that you would rather go without

Pregnancy tea nettle tea

Pregnancy tea blackberry leaf tea

Fennel tea properties

Prepare women's mantle tea

Cumin tea properties

Pregnancy tea wormwood

Prepare lemongrass tea

There are also other types of teas that stimulate pain that you should be careful with – especially in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Consuming them in large quantities can even cause premature birth. This includes:

– Cumin tea

– Vermouth tea

– Blackberry leaf tea

– Women’s mantle tea

– Yarrow tea

Lemongrass, aniseed and fennel teas are also not recommended during pregnancy – especially in large quantities. The same goes for the draining teas. These include, for example:

– Birch leaf tea

– Corn beard tea

– Parsley or celery tea

– Nettle tea

– Lovage tea

You can find more useful information about the types of tea permitted and prohibited during pregnancy here Find!

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Pineapple healthy – an exotic fruit for our health!

Find out now why pineapple is healthy

The pineapple is not only a very tasty, but also a very healthy tropical fruit. Its beneficial properties are one of the reasons it is a part of so many national cuisines.

Would you like to know more precisely why pineapple is so healthy? Here are some key reasons why you should eat them more often.

There is a lot of vitamin C in pineapples. It is healthy for the skin and works against hair loss. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals.

With the regular consumption of pineapple you counteract various inflammations, including on the scalp.

Pineapple for strong and healthy hair

pineapple healthy beautiful hair

Bromelain is an anti-inflammatory enzyme that enhances the function of vitamin C. You will strengthen your nails and avoid hair loss.

You can make a lotion yourself with pineapple. The necessary ingredients are a spoonful of pineapple juice, egg yolk, an SL lemon juice and two drops of lemon oil.

Mix all the ingredients together and apply the mixture to your nails and cuticles. This lotion can be used almost every day because it does not contain harmful substances like other cosmetic products.

Pineapple consumption also helps the body to synthesize collagen more effectively. This makes skin and hair more elastic. As a result, wounds and other skin injuries will heal faster.

For this reason, the pineapple face masks are also very healthy. Apply freshly made pineapple juice to your face and let the mask work for about 10 minutes. Then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Pineapple healthy – beautiful feet

pineapple calories pineapple vitamins pineapple healthy

Pineapple can also help soften the skin on your feet and joints. You can use it to easily remove the dry skin.

Loads of healthy ingredients

pineapple nutritional values ​​healthy pineapple

100 grams of pineapple contain 44% of the necessary dose of manganese, 58% of this vitamin C. There is also a lot of potassium, copper, calcium, magnesium, beta-carotene, B6, folate, as well as soluble and insoluble fiber.

Pineapple Healthy – Weaken Arthritis Symptoms

pineapple healthy pineapple vitamins

By weakening the inflammatory processes in the joints and muscles, pineapple also alleviates the symptoms of arthritis. Bromelain also plays a very important role here because the enzyme has the ability to break down the complex proteins. In addition, there is the anti-inflammatory effect.

Reduce the symptoms of cough, cold and sinusitis

pineapple vitamins pineapple nutritional values ​​pineapple healthy

Thanks to the abundant vitamin C it contains, you can effectively counteract various diseases when you consume pineapple. You will thereby successfully reduce the nasal mucus that forms in the sinuses and in the respiratory area. So eat more pineapple for colds and coughs.

With pineapple you will cope with digestive problems

pineapple healthy pineapple vitamins

Like most fruits, pineapples are high in fiber. Quite simply, this means that you can protect yourself from digestive problems by consuming a larger amount. They can also overcome severe conditions, such as: constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, arteriosclerosis, blood clotting disorders, fluctuations in blood pressure.

Pineapple healthy – oral hygiene and good health

 pineapple calories pineapple healthy pineapple vitamins

The antioxidant ingredients also have a beneficial effect on the gums. Pineapples are therefore recommended for prophylaxis against tooth loss due to gum problems.

Improved eyesight

pineapple healthy nutrition facts pineapple

The pineapple contains a lot of beta-carotene, which protects us from loss of vision.

Pineapple Healthy – Enjoy the pineapple with imagination

pineapple calories pineapple healthy

There are so many great pineapple recipes: pizza, salads, juices are just a few of the many possible examples. Let your imagination run wild and treat yourself to these healthy, culinary products!

Wounds and other skin injuries will heal faster from consuming pineapple

       pineapple vitamins pineapple healthy

A healthy and tasty breakfast idea

pineapple vitamins pineapple calories pineapple healthy

The pineapple works against hair loss

pineapple vitamins nutritional values ​​pineapple healthy

Pineapple Healthy – An exotic fruit that cannot only be consumed in summer

nutritional values ​​pineapple vitamins healthy pineapple

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Turmeric juice – how can you make it and what is it healthy for?

Long-time fans of alternative medicine have certainly already come to the following conclusion: Super simple natural remedies could be life-changing in a positive way. Often times, prescriptions with these prove to be the better medicine compared to the overpriced conventional drugs. One such example is turmeric juice! This is pretty easy to make and can improve your health significantly in a relatively short amount of time. Below, learn how to complete it and what benefits it could bring you to your health!

You can make great juices and smoothies with turmeric!

Healthy eating turmeric juice

Turmeric – the queen of Asian spices

Turmeric originates from Southeast Asia and is best known around the world for its Indian cuisine. In addition, it has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years both as a spice and as a medicinal plant. No wonder, because it contains more than 300 antioxidants!

The strongest of these was isolated in 1815 and given the name curcumin. It is to this that we owe the specific yellow-orange color of the spice. Curcumin is used as a healthy flavor enhancer and color. Turmeric also contains vitamins E, C and K, as well as a number of vitamins from the B group. It also supplies our body with potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese and a lot of fiber. After all, turmeric contains many polyphenols that help a lot with losing weight.

You could also serve turmeric juice to your guests!

Diet rich in vitamins turmeric juice

How to prepare turmeric juice yourself at home!

You can easily prepare the turmeric juice yourself at home. Below is our simple recipe for it. Here are the ingredients you need:

  • 1 tbsp turmeric powder,
  • 1 piece of ginger (about 5cm long),
  • 2 carrots,
  • 2 medium-sized lemons,
  • 1 cucumber,
  • Honey (optional).

Peel the vegetables and fruits and cut them into small pieces. Put everything in a blender to mix and then add the remaining ingredients. If desired, you can dilute the finished turmeric juice with ice cubes or water. Some like to sweeten the juice with honey.

Turmeric juice can be consumed at any time during the day

Turmeric Juice Healthy Diet

The turmeric juice as a remedy

You could use the turmeric juice for the general boost of your business immune system use. It can also be used to positively influence the symptoms of a number of diseases. We would like to draw your attention to this in the next few lines!

Joint inflammation, arthritis

All types of inflammation, including those in the joints, can be relieved by consuming turmeric juice. In some cases, you can prevent or reduce swelling.

The delicious Kuruma juice can strengthen your immune system

Turmeric Juice Ideas For Health

They reduce cancer risk

The development of cancer is largely associated with the free radicals in our body. Of course, because turmeric juice is a powerful antioxidant, it will greatly reduce the risk of such diseases.

Healthy heart

By consuming turmeric juice regularly, you can significantly reduce the amount of triglycerides in your body. It could also help you get your bad cholesterol under control. Again, these are the two most important factors in the development of chronic heart problems.

You can dilute the juice with water or ice cubes

Turmeric juice ideas for juices


In order for you to have a healthy liver, the functions of bilirubin and the biliary gland, among other things, must be in balance. The ingredients of turmeric strengthen these organs and the processes associated with them.

A remedy against aging

The free radicals are also responsible for the aging process. If you drink turmeric juice regularly, you will successfully slow it down.

The turmeric juice boosts the metabolism

Turmeric Juice Delicious recipe ideas

Regulation of blood sugar

The juice from turmeric also boosts the metabolism of blood sugar. This can prevent diabetes or improve the health of people who are already sick.

Choose only the best ingredients!

The good foods are essential for health. Of course, you should therefore only choose the best quality products for your turmeric juice. In this way you also achieve the best possible healing effect. In addition, one must strive for a nutrition plan that is generally as balanced and healthy as possible.

Stay in top shape!

Stay healthy in winter and all year round with turmeric juice!

Table setting - great turmeric juice

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7 rules that will help you live comfortably and happily alone

It is becoming more and more common for modern people to have or want to live alone. Often you make a conscious decision and enjoy the freedom of this lifestyle. However, in order to feel comfortable in such a situation, you have to have the right psychological attitude. First of all, you should be clear about the advantages and disadvantages of independent living. That is also the aim of the first part of our article. Then you have to internalize certain mental attitudes so that you can make the most of living as a single person. Our seven tips aim to simplify this process for you as much as possible!

Living alone is a great challenge and an opportunity at the same time!

Live alone - large apartment

You can enjoy these advantages if you live alone!

Freedom and independence

You can plan your everyday life according to your own preferences if you live alone. This applies to both getting up and eating and all sorts of aspects of your life. You can always visit your friends if you wish.

All of this gives you a sense of freedom and independence.

Living alone is above all part of the lifestyle of the big city dwellers

modern prospects - living alone

You learn to rely on yourself

Everything that comes your way in everyday life is also your responsibility. This is especially true for invoices and budget planning in general. Even the smallest repairs and purchase decisions for furniture or appliances pose a major challenge in this case. You just learn to organize your own life, including all the details that go with it.

Older people in particular need to be careful about their finances when they are single

live alone - an older lady

You get a realistic idea of ​​your circle of friends

When you have to master even the smallest of tasks on your own, you also learn to correctly assess the people around you. Little things like this, whether someone repairs something for you, helps you with it or brings something with you when you visit, are becoming increasingly important. In a single life, something like that is often a great help. After a few months of independent living, you will have a very realistic idea of ​​your friends and their small but important talents.

Isolation is not allowed when living as a single person!

live alone enjoy work


High costs

In most cases it is more expensive to live alone than with other people. You have to take responsibility for all bills yourself. These are not much higher for two people, for example, but in this case only have to be covered by you alone. The same goes for transportation. When the budget is tight, you have to find a solution on your own.

A healthy diet is particularly crucial for a good quality of life for people living alone

Living alone - modern living room ideas

Danger of depression and melancholy

No matter how stable and wise you are, having to live alone can be difficult from a psychological point of view. Communication and human exchange are not just healthy, but essential for our existence. Single people need to strive to be more active in communicating with others. Otherwise, especially during lockdown or in the colder months of the year, there is a risk of depression or at least unwanted melancholy.

Sitting in a comfortable chair and enjoying the view through the window is something you should treat yourself to!

live alone - enjoy the time yourself

7 tips for everyone who wants to live comfortably and happily alone

Choosing the right interior design

The furniture and the complete interior design are crucial for making the most of the single life. The price-performance ratio has to be perfect so that you have as few expenses as possible in everyday life. Energy-saving devices reduce power consumption. Multifunctional facilities save you space at home, as well as the expense of additional small furniture and storage units. If these are good quality, you won’t have to spend as much on repairs either.

Yes, you often live happier alone than with other people!

live alone great single apartment

Think about your financial security!

This is actually a task that you have to master yourself anyway! But when you’re single and you can’t rely on anyone, it’s even more urgent than anyone else. Long-term financial planning with savings plans and clever insurances are right now older people an additional security. So you can live independently in the long run and afford the best possible quality of life.

In old age you can just as easily get along on your own if you plan everything well

living alone in old age

Contacts and tasks that motivate you to go out

Spending your time fully alone at home and not feeling lonely is a great achievement. However, this can also be addicting and you can quickly lose social skills. On weekends and when you work from home, it is essential to plan activities outside and, preferably, with other people. Appointments with friends are always the very best, of course. But different courses or sports are other good opportunities to leave your own four walls!

The optimal interior design must perfectly match your personal lifestyle!

partying in the kitchen living alone

Small habits that you really enjoy are mandatory

The little rituals of everyday life could make this magically beautiful. Take your time without feeling guilty! It is a great achievement to live alone and do everything well. Reward yourself for it with lots of little joys. Well, you can drink your coffee a little longer in front of the TV, sit by the window, meditate or read a nice book for hours. In no case should the annoying tasks such as tidying up or cleaning dominate in everyday life. Allocate this special time and best combine it with listening to great music!

A dog may not be a bad idea if you live alone

comfort fun living alone

Eating healthy is a must

When you live alone, there is no one who can stop you from the crowds of unhealthy food in front of the TV. Learn to shop and cook healthily. All kinds of sweets and popular hearty dishes are now also available in healthy versions. There are so many different types of sugar and salt substitutes, dairy and dairy products, healthy fats, and so on. By accessing these, you could fill yourself up without consuming too many calories. Even chips can now be prepared healthily! Buy fewer but high quality products. As a single you can afford it more than if you have to look after a large family. So you have no excuse for not doing this!

Read on the floor to get away from the routine!

modern apartment living alone

Work on your self development!

Probably the greatest discovery made by modern man is that you can achieve incredible things by working on yourself. You have time to read, meditate, exercise, and practice yoga. And for much, much more. Take this opportunity and develop your personality together with all of your incredible and unique talents! This increases the likelihood that you will live happily and completely alone!

Develop habits that motivate you to leave your four walls

living alone in a modern ambience

Extra tip: If you have good friends and acquaintances whom you like to have with you again and again, invite them to visit us on various occasions, including festive occasions! Especially during Corona times, not so many people are allowed to sit together. There is also enough space for a small gathering in a single apartment. So you don’t feel alone during the festive season, develop social skills and fill your home with variety and joy!

If you have such a great window sill and view you would have to make the most of it!

beautiful city view - live alone

Plan the costs and interior design very carefully! You have to be able to afford it all after all!

tips for everyday living alone

Good planning is especially important when you have to rely on yourself for everything

great ideas work living alone

Living alone is a dream come true for many people!

great chair - great ideas - live alone

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7 tips against sore muscles, thanks to which sport is always fun

Sore muscles are not a problem if they are kept within a healthy range. However, sometimes it can put a strain on our body for a long time. Then what should you do? The following 7 tips will help you get the most out of your workout. It is important to do enough exercise, but also to stay fit over the long term. If you have overdone it due to lack of experience or other incidents and your muscles are sore, we will give you concrete ideas on how to get back in shape quickly.

Muscle soreness is a good sign if it isn’t putting any strain on the body

Tips against sore muscles sporting ideas

7 tips against sore muscles

We bet that you have already neglected our 7 tips against sore muscles several times. That’s the main problem! In our quest to get the results we want as quickly as possible, we are doing ourselves a bad favor. We inflict muscle soreness and trauma as a result of excessive strain, which then prevents us from exercising for a longer period of time.

So make a note of the following: By being careful with your body, you may get into shape a little more slowly, but it is more likely that you will stay in shape permanently!

Be sure to listen to your body

Tips against sore muscles healthy living

Listen to your own body

Sport and a healthy life are not forced on us by anyone. We have to find the motivation to do this in ourselves. Could you really be long-term into something you don’t enjoy? That’s going to be bad. That’s why you should listen to your body. It gives you clear indications which exercises are good for you and which are not. When you choose the right sports, hormones separate, which make you feel alive and bliss. You have only trained well if you feel good mentally after a workout. Try different sports without trying too hard. Pick the right ones for you! You are guaranteed to feel the boundary between the healthy and the sickening stress more easily with these. In this way, you are also very likely to avoid possible trauma.

So our first and main tip against sore muscles is: Trust your body feeling!

Lasting results come as a result of healthier exercise

effective body exercise tips against sore muscles

Warm up and stretch

Really good and professional trainers start with the tips against sore muscles before they start exercising. You will learn from them, for example, that a well-warmed-up body can withstand any kind of stress more easily. For example, certain sports are not allowed to be done immediately after getting up in the morning. Intensive group workouts or those in the gym should be a long walk or 20-30 minutes on the treadmill in advance. A slight warm-up before a major sporting activity is also an absolute must. Stretching afterwards is mandatory!

Every body is different! Adapt the training to your individual needs!

Tips against sore muscles Jogging leisure time

Individual adaptation of the training

Remember the following rule: Every training session is personal! If you can’t do an exercise as shown, look for alternatives for the less experienced. If a trainer has no ideas for easier variations, then he probably has a lack of professional knowledge … You’d better find someone else. The same applies to situations when you put together a training plan yourself. Search the internet or ask someone what to change or adjust if you are having difficulty with any aspect of the training. In this way you also avoid unpleasant trauma and sore muscles!

Professional athletes are also experts in avoiding sore muscles

Sports and health tips Tips against sore muscles

Yoga and stretching exercises

Don’t underestimate the yoga and stretching flows! This is the next of our tips against sore muscles. There is a misleading prejudice in society that all good results can only be achieved with extreme effort. Because of this, it is wrongly believed that yoga, Pilates and stretching flows would be pointless without combining them with cardio and intense training. However, if you consistently included such workouts in your daily schedule, you would discover just the opposite! Such practices strain our muscle structure in depth. After three months at the latest (with 2-3 practices per week) your muscles will reach their optimal shape. This then remains visible for a longer period of time, even if you consequently take a longer break from it. At the same time, you have less sore muscles after such training because of the gentle exercise. If this should still exist, it remains within the contractual framework.

Yoga and stretching deeply and permanently strengthen the muscle structure 

Yoga and stretching ideas tips for sore muscles

Ointments and relaxants

Even very experienced athletes can overestimate themselves. Even if you follow all the tips against sore muscles, trauma and pain can still occur. In this case, the following information is intended for ointments, home remedies and clever tips. They can alleviate the pain and allow you to resume your next normal workout sooner. For example, swimming in a warm pool could help against sore muscles. A stay in the sauna or steam bath could also relax your muscles. Massages with special sports ointments are another good remedy for sore muscles.

The massage can relieve the muscle aches that are too severe

Tips against sore muscles Massage and other ideas

If you prefer natural products, you could also use peppermint or cherry juice for sore muscles. You should simply massage this into the affected areas. You should be particularly careful when using pain relievers! They could give you the wrong feeling of relaxation. You no longer feel the pain and therefore put additional strain on the injured part of the body. This could lead to permanent trauma such that you will not be able to exercise at all for a very long time.

Balance and variety help against boredom and sore muscles

Relaxation and stretching tips for sore muscles

Strive for variety and balance

Do you actually know what a counter exercise is? We describe it as follows: If you put your abdominal muscles, for example with the plank exercise, then you should next do something that leaves this muscle group alone. In this way you ensure that no part of the body is stressed too much during a workout. You always stick to this rule in yoga, pilates and stretching flows. Because of this, extreme muscle soreness problems are less common. Basically, you should strive for balance and variety in sports. If you had a hard workout in the gym, the next day you should rather just do stretching exercises or just relax and swim in the pool. You might even take a real break and just go to the sauna. You could also do something else for your health. Treat yourself to a massage or visit a salt grotto

All of these are tried and tested tips against sore muscles. Finally, we also have the following good news: Proper relaxation is essential to building muscle and maintaining training results.

We wish you a lot of fun with sport and little sore muscles!

Find and practice this sport that will improve your body awareness 

Tips against sore muscles perfect relaxation ideas

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6 new food trends in 2021: find your individual eating style!

The food trends from the past few years remain pretty consistent in some ways. One likes to cross different boundaries – those of the taste combinations, regional differences, the type of application and the processing of the rough food. In addition, the various recipes can be easily transformed to suit your own preferences. Furthermore, the trends give us important clues as to what a healthy diet actually represents. All of this results in an impressive diversity and a personal, very healthy lifestyle. The six trends outlined below are therefore not really new, but rather updated. That doesn’t make it any less exciting! Stick with it!

The new food trends make shopping more varied

Shopping tips food trends

Replacement of traditional products

Have you already run out of bread red lentils eaten? It is one of the most popular among the new types of flour. It has an excellent taste that most people enjoy wonderfully. This bread does not contain gluten, but instead contains a number of vitamins and other healthy ingredients.

There is a wide variety of types of healthy alternatives to traditional flour. You can always find good substitutes, including for other very popular foods. For example, you could replace the usual milk with milk made from coconut or other nuts. The pasta could consist of whole grain or rice flour or other products. The unhealthy white sugar is hardly used anymore because you can use other natural sweet foods instead.

Well-known and exotic foods are harmoniously combined with one another

Meat fruits and vegetables food trends

Diverse variations of well-known foods

The food trends for 2021 will be confusing to a certain extent. Because there are new variations of well-known foods that could make you dizzy at times. For example, if you want to choose the right type of lens, you can hardly make a decision. It looks similar with beans. We have already spoken of the incredible number of types of flour and pasta. Have you tried making the popular potato skewers with sweet potatoes? Somehow it’s always healthier!

Original, yet simple recipes are modern!

Food trends - great recipe ideas

Vegetarian and vegan cuisine

Vegans and vegetarians seem to have found an inspiring way to reconcile our world with their ideal for an animal-friendly lifestyle. You influence public opinion more and more with the incredible variety of new recipe ideas. Some of them are so tasty, original and varied that they are preferred to meat dishes. If you have tried vegan sweets above all, you hardly ever go for the usual ones. They are mostly made from healthy and light products. You can eat yourself full without gaining weight and also consume healthy ingredients.

It is trendy to adapt delicious recipe ideas to your own taste 

Food trends - different servings - great ideas

Sensible combinations of regional and exotic products

Modern man is becoming more conscious of his life in every way. All products play an increasingly important role in this context. For one, this type of consumption is much better from a climate change perspective. Furthermore, the quality of such foods could be controlled much more easily than before. However, there are certain exotic products that you have already got used to. Avocado, bananas or citrus fruits, as well as some other popular foods, are simply part of international cuisine. If you follow the latest food trends, you should add them to regional foods in small quantities. That’s the way it’s trendy!

There are many innovations in the processing of the products

Food trends glasses with different products

Understandable and adaptable recipe ideas

One of the good things about the pandemic is that we have time for neglected activities. In such a situation you have more time to cook. If you make the most of it, you will certainly live a lot healthier. Busy people who have often bought half-finished products or ordered ready-made meals need to be encouraged. That’s why easy and healthy recipe ideas for beginners have become hits on the Internet. The visualizations are of great importance: Sometimes you can see almost completely from the illustration alone how you could prepare them. They are also happy to suggest tips on how to adapt the respective dishes to individual tastes through supplements or alternative foods.

Common products such as lentils, potatoes or pasta can now be found in a wide variety of varieties

Food trends cake ideas

Consider human and animal-friendly values ​​when shopping

People and animals are increasingly being considered when shopping. In doing so, one has become much more careful than before. The labels “organic” and “fair trade” are no longer sufficient guarantees to convince the conscious consumer. Because unfortunately it has been found that there is also frequent abuse in this area. Companies and manufacturers have to prove a flawless image in practice and not just on paper! Most of the time, one would rather buy vegetables, fruit, milk or eggs from regional farmers than from an organic brand. With these one could just look over personally and check how one takes care of the animals or the plant-based food.

The main trend remains: healthy eating remains a leading priority 

Food trends Delicious dishes

In short, the Food Trends 2021 aim to ensure that our diet awakens feelings of happiness in us. You have a clear conscience, you can ensure variety thanks to simple meals that remain exciting and interesting thanks to unusual ingredients. The new food trends show our need to discover joy and happiness in the little moments in life.

There are all sorts of flour reds from which you can bake delicious bread 

Cooked Vegetables Trends Food Trends

Fruit salads should be based on simple and conscious combinations

Vegetables and fruits tips food trends

Take advantage of the long stays at home to cook more alone and to eat more consciously 

Green vegetables ood trends

The delicious desserts and pancakes can be made from healthy products 

Healthy pancake food trends

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What is fiber and where is it most contained?

Anyone who values ​​a healthy diet should know about fiber. Because these are an important part of a healthy diet. Not only is a slim line easily achievable thanks to the high fiber foods, but also a healthy lifestyle. Dietary fiber stimulates digestion and also protects against some diseases. These are always reasons why you need to keep your body high in fiber. If you would like to find out more about the topic, just read on!

Dietary fiber is an important digestive aid

Eat enough fiber to stay healthy

What is fiber? What effect do they have on the human organism??

At first it was believed that the fiber was useless. They were even seen as ballast for the organism. It was later proven how healthy these actually are. These are linked sugar molecules that the intestine cannot digest or only insufficiently.

The healthy nutritional components actually do not provide the body with any nourishment. These structural and supporting substances do not supply the body with any energy. Nevertheless, the dietary fiber is very important for the human organism. They have other beneficial effects on him: these aid digestion and have a preventive effect. This will help you avoid constipation and prevent colon cancer.

The high fiber diet has several advantages:

  • The healthy nutritional components slow down certain fat-splitting enzymes in their work and so they help the organism to absorb fat in small quantities. As a result, it stores less fat and you can enjoy a slim figure.
  • Dietary fiber lowers the cholesterol level.
  • They also let the blood sugar level rise slowly and thus prevent food cravings. This is particularly beneficial for people with diabetes.

According to experts, it is important that the fiber content requests at least 30 grams per day. However, the daily consumption of Germans is below this recommendation. It is advisable to drink enough water – about 1.5 liters of water per day. Only in this way can the plant fibers swell up in the intestine. This is how you benefit from the health properties of these substances.

The high proportion of fiber in the organism ensures a healthy intestinal flora

dietary fiber green vegetables eat healthy

Foods high in fiber

The fiber is found in fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes. So in plant foods, especially in foods rich in fiber. The animal foods do not contain fiber. Basically, a distinction is made between soluble and insoluble fiber. The first are found in cereals and legumes. They are broken down by bacteria in the large intestine and ensure a lasting feeling of satiety. Such are pectin, inulin and beta-glucans. The second are contained in fruits and vegetables. They can bind water and swell up in the intestines. The insoluble fiber has a positive effect on digestion. Such are cellulose, home cellulose and lignin.

High fiber foods contain almost no fat. The more fiber-rich food you eat, the lower the percentage of fats in your body. So eat more brown rice, whole grain bread, beans, flax seeds, and nuts. This is how you ensure a high fiber intake in your body.

Whole grain bread has a positive effect on insulin and hormone levels

eating fiber whole wheat bread health benefits

However, if you have paid less attention to the high-fiber diet and want to start from now on, watch out: you have to slowly increase the fiber content in the body. The organism needs a certain amount of time to get used to the high-fiber diet. Not everyone has a good tolerance to all fibers in fruit and vegetables. The intestines can be sensitive when you eat certain legumes and cabbage. Flatulence, bloating, and intestinal noises are among the possible reactions of the intestine. So listen to your own body and eat what you can tolerate! Ultimately, all fruits and vegetables contain enough fiber. Soups are also a great alternative to getting enough fiber.

In the end we want to summarize: Eat lots of fruits and vegetables so that you get enough fiber. Whole grain breads and cereal flakes should also be included in your menu. Eat a varied diet and enjoy good health!

Those who like to eat whole grain products have less body fat

fiber whole grains healthy food

Eat enough foods that provide fiber

fiber beans healthy eating healthy tips

Enjoy eating vegetable soups? 

fiber green soup delicious healthy healthy food

Staying fit and healthy through a healthy diet

fiber healthy eating healthy body be happy

Like all fruits, apples contain a lot of fiber

dietary fiber fruits apples eat healthy living

Eat fruits and vegetables every day

Dietary fiber contains fruits vegetables healthy

A vegetable salad is a good idea for a healthy dinner 

fiber preparing salad eat healthy

Fruits, nuts and grains are important sources of fiber

dietary fiber eat healthy live healthy

Which are your favorite nuts?

fiber healthy eating healthy living tips

It is recommended to eat whole grain bread

fiber healthy eating whole grains

Healthy ideas for a little hunger

dietary fiber nuts eating healthy nutrition tips

Prepare a delicious salad yourself

dietary fiber eat healthy healthy body

It just doesn’t work without fruit and vegetables!

dietary fiber fruits and vegetables eat healthy food

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Pickled Vegetables Time and Why The Fermented Foods Are Healthy!

Is there something in common between sauerkraut, pickles, soy sauce and yogurt? Yes, the fermentation process – a method of preserving food that also has many benefits for our health. Products have been preserved, refined or even made edible in this way for centuries. Pickled vegetables are easy to make, super tasty and long-lasting. Fermentation keeps the food fresh and preserves its beneficial properties. During this process, microorganisms are created that kill the harmful bacteria and toxins. Today we want to talk about the benefits of pickled vegetables and give you some tips on how to prepare them.

Now is the time to pickle vegetables

pickled vegetables fermented food healthy

Pickled vegetables full of vitamins and minerals

Pickled vegetables are a great source of vitamins B, C and K, the content of which is usually ten times more than in the raw state. The fermentation process keeps the food “fresh” and even increases its nutritional values.

During the fermentation process for cheese z.

B. the naturally contained sugar turns into lactic acid. This increases the number of lactobacilli, which is good news for our intestinal flora.

A remedy for gastrointestinal problems

fermented food pickled vegetables

Natural probiotics

The natural enrichment of the intestinal flora through the consumption of fermented foods leads to the restoration of the balance. This avoids problems like abdominal swelling, colic and gas. So you can do without probiotic tablets. The bacteria that emerge during fermentation make enzymes that turn the large molecules in the food into small ones. This makes it easier for our body to use them. Fresh milk, for example, is much more difficult to digest than yogurt and cheese because some of the lactose is already processed.

Make pickled vegetables yourself

pickled vegetables healthy fermented vegetables

Homemade pickled vegetables

Did you know that wholesale pickled vegetables aren’t as healthy as homemade ones? The reason for this is that the mass production is not exposed to prior lactofermentation. Therefore, it is better to prepare these delicious vegetables yourself. It is very easy! All you need is clean mason jars, lids, fresh small cucumbers, coarse sea salt, and water.

Soak mini cucumbers in salted water

Pickles pickled vegetables

The recipe for pickled cucumbers in 500 ml mason jar:

  • 1 liter of water
  • 30 g coarse sea salt
  • 10 mini cucumbers

First, dissolve the salt in the water. Wash the cucumbers, cut them in half if necessary and fill the mason jar with them. Add the salted water and make sure that it completely covers the cucumbers and is not all the way to the edge of the glass. Close the lid.

A grayish soil deposit will form over the next few days. The cucumbers are ready to eat after approx. 15 days, but you can keep them closed all year round.

You can also use this recipe for canning green beans, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, celery, etc.

Fight viruses through fermented vegetables

winter salads pickled vegetables fermented food

A remedy for viruses

The lactic acid strengthens immunity by being able to stop viruses from developing in the body. The high content of vitamin C in the canned vegetables also combats viruses, especially gastrointestinal infections.

Tips for homemade fermentation

  • Rinse the mason jars thoroughly and always use new lids.
  • Rotten and broken vegetable spots should be removed. The preserving jars should not be opened earlier than two weeks.
  • The smell of rotten egg is an indication that the fermentation has failed.
  • Pickled vegetables in house conditions are not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as for children under 3 years of age.

Prepare pickled vegetables yourself and benefit not only in terms of taste, but also in terms of health.

Make sure that the preservation is successful!

pickled vegetables pickle carrots

Sauerkraut is very healthy and tasty

Make pickled vegetables healthy sauerkraut yourself

Pickle cherry tomatoes with garlic

pickled vegetables pickle tomatoes

The perfect winter salad

soaked vegetables pickling fermented vegetables

Put in your favorite vegetables

pickled green beans pickled vegetables

pickled beetroot pickled vegetables

Keep yourself in top shape with a sauerkraut diet

Make sauerkraut yourself pickled vegetables

Use mason jars with good closures

Pickling zucchini pickled vegetables

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