Waterbed heating – guidelines for a practical and appropriate choice!

Investments that look small at first glance ultimately turn out to be very crucial for our everyday comfort. The water bed heater is a very good example in this regard. There are models in a wide variety of price ranges, but investing in the right one makes a huge difference in the long run. Learn more about the topic and make the right choice for yours Water bed heater.

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Why do you need a heater for the water bed at all??

Can a water bed work without heating? The answer is clearly negative. Without these basic equipment, the water would overcool your body. You could catch a cold and there are other possible negative health consequences as well. So heating is very important and the more you use the bed, the more important its quality is.

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There are different types of waterbed heating

Become aware of the variety of modern waterbed heater models! There are two main types on the market, namely those based on ceramic and carbon heating elements, respectively. The first variant is the classic. The carbon waterbed heater, on the other hand, has innovative technologies to use very thin heating elements. This means that you opt for a more innovative design and save more energy.

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Ceramic water bed heater

The ceramic waterbed heater is a classic choice. But in some respects it is also out of date because it did not incorporate the most modern technologies. After all, this is the more modern alternative compared to the totally outdated heating mats. There are two sub-categories of ceramic waterbed heating. These are Delta K and Sigma K. Below we will list the pros and cons of these two. After that, you can make an informed choice about your waterbed heater.

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Delta K waterbed heater


• A solution that has proven itself in practice, • Inexpensive model. Disadvantages: • Complicated replacement because of the non-detachable thermostat, • The temperature display is not illuminated.

Sigma K waterbed heater

The Sigma K is a luxury solution, but not the best for everyone.


• Use of a durable material – ceramic; • Replacement without emptying the bed thanks to the detachable thermostat; • The temperature display has a lamp.

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Carbon water bed heater

As already said, this is the more modern variant thanks to the classic design and higher energy efficiency. In addition, the materials used are recyclable. All of this makes the carbon waterbed heater the better solution from an ecological point of view.

Carbon classic

• A basic model for carbon water bed heating with proven quality, • Easy handling for all consumers thanks to the analog system.

Carbon digital


• Many modern extras in addition to the basic functions, • Works without electricity, • Lighting on the temperature indicator, • Super precise setting options.


• High price

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Use in everyday life

For many people, a water bed is the better alternative for a healthy sleep. The permanent improvement of the quality of such products makes water beds more and more an integral part of modern interior design. You use it regularly and it is a staple in the bedroom. It is even more popular for guest rooms and it is often part of the equipment of holiday homes.

Make the right choice

When choosing your waterbed heater, mainly assume how much you actually want to use the waterbed. Of course, if you do this often, you need a more energy-efficient, more modern mechanism. It will pay off in the long run. The extras only make sense if you actually use them on a day-to-day basis. Otherwise they are money thrown out the window. Another decisive criterion is the sensitivity of the consumer to different temperatures. The modern carbon solutions, especially the most innovative ones, are much more precise in this regard and offer a high level of comfort.

So don’t strive for the latest, but rather an optimal price-performance ratio for your specific needs. We wish you every success in your search for your waterbed heater!