Sleep tips: advice against insomnia

In theory, we all know that good sleep has a positive influence on our day-to-day work! You are lively and in a good mood and you can concentrate on your day-to-day obligations. Nowadays, however, many people have trouble falling asleep and suffer from insomnia. The reasons for this are often worries and everyday stress. Everyone has tried the famous sleeping tips like counting sheep and drinking warm milk before bed, but these are a short-term remedy. But what really helps? We’ll give you some tips that you can try and find the most helpful way to fall asleep.

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Sleeping tips for a restful night

First and foremost, in our opinion, the sleeping environment and the comfortable sleeping bed ensure a good night’s sleep. The colors in the bedroom should have a calming effect. Such are white, beige, light green and other pastel shades. It would be good if you only stick to one color. In the Choice of beds you should choose those that offer good sleeping comfort. One of the most common reasons for poor sleep is an unsuitable or old mattress. How hard this should be is a matter of personal preference. A mattress change is advisable every 5 to 10 years.

Another cause of sleep disorders can be the light of the computer, the screen or the power strip. Alternatively, a sleep mask can help, but it would be best to turn off all devices completely before going to bed. The room temperature and the silence in the room also play a role in making it easier to fall asleep. The perfect temperature should be around 17 to 19 degrees. A ticking clock or a slight hum could help you fall asleep, but this is also very individual. With the help of earplugs, you will switch off all noise.

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Reading instead of watching TV

The blue light emitted by the television, as well as your computer and / or smartphone, prevents melatonin production. So it is much better to read a book in the evening. However, it is advisable not to do this directly in bed. In addition, you should opt for something that is not too exciting to read.

Take a warm shower

Those who like to shower before going to bed should know that the cold shower tends to drive away tiredness, as it stimulates the circulation. Therefore, anyone who wants to put themselves more easily in the land of dreams should take a warm shower or bath. These relax the muscles and warm up the body.

Avoid beverages containing alcohol

The after-work drink relaxes and actually ensures you fall asleep quickly, but it leads to a less deep sleep. In order to ensure that you can sleep through the night, you should adhere to the following rule: Do not consume alcohol at least 3 hours before going to bed. Just before going to bed, it is better to have an herbal tea such as B. to drink with lavender, chamomile or mint. Warm cocoa can also come in handy.

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Be careful with dinner

Everyone has done it before – ate too much in the evening and then went to bed with a really full stomach. Of course, your eyes will fall shut, but this does not guarantee a better sleep, on the contrary. The body processes the food ingested and this leads to sleep disorders. Therefore, prefer to eat lighter food in the evening. Salmon and tuna are perfect for this. The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon promote melatonin formation, relax and make you tired. The high protein content in tuna prevents muscle cramps, which are often a cause of not being able to sleep well. Eggs are a good remedy for insomnia. Similar to tuna, these contain the amino acid tryptophan, which leads to better sleep. Cherries and bananas also promise a good night!

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Do not exercise before bed

Sport makes you healthy, that’s right! After a strenuous workout, you get tired and sleep better. However, our body needs a certain amount of time to rest afterwards. Here, too, as with an after-work drink, the following rule applies: two to three hours before going to bed, so that our body can relax.

Another tip: Avoid coffee and caffeinated drinks, such as cola, green, and black tea, late in the afternoon.

Just try our sleep tips, because they can really help you get a better night’s sleep. But if you suffer from permanent sleep problems, you should consult your family doctor. We wish you to stay in good health and enjoy a good night’s sleep!

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