Furnishing a bedroom in a shabby chic style – tips and some objections

It is certainly fascinating to design your bedroom in shabby chic. But you have probably heard that several times. And you should be convinced of it somehow, if you are already reading this article. However, setting up in this style is a very demanding affair. Because everything in the bedroom not only has to look great, it also has to provide relaxation. So how do you design this in shabby chic so that everything looks nice and comfortable? Below we share some ideas with you and show you dozens of great examples in pictures. But we also have a few caveats that you should be aware of!

A fabulous bedroom in shabby chic is only possible in white!

Everything completely in white shabby chic style

The right color palette

Most of the color palettes that go with shabby chic are pretty relaxing. Decide on an appealing shade and let it predominate in the room. The effect is calming and upscale. We can only recommend the following decisive criteria: The balance in the bedroom look with the rest of the home furnishings on the one hand and your personal taste on the other!

In our post you will find great role models with predominant white, blue, pink colors. All of these are of course rather subdued. Practically all pastel colors are also possible. In the garish shades one could add a few accents, but not too many!

Many colors were combined here, but they are all light and muted

Canopy Shabby Chic style beautiful decor

It is better to have too little eclecticism than too much!

Shabby chic can be combined with other styles. However, this is not at all easy because of the specific character that this style carries with it. Nevertheless, we also have great pictures that show modern and shabby chic elements in wonderful combinations. However, if you don’t have a clear concept in mind, then you’d better stay on the safe side. If you still insist on eclectic furnishings, then we recommend the following strategy: Create a base with a few, well-chosen furniture and decorations in the shabby chic style. Then carefully begin to complement the design with elements in other designs.

You can also have a very luxurious bedroom in this style!

Beige and other great shades of shabby chic furniture

Furniture, accessories or materials. Or how exactly do you want to achieve the shabby chic effect?

There is furniture and accessories in shabby chic. These are also associated with certain colors, but above all with weathered or older-looking materials. Typical are, for example, rotted-looking boards or textiles with a nostalgic flair. You don’t have to introduce all of these aspects at the same time. You might just like some of them. So, for example, you can take universal modern furniture and decorate the bedroom with textiles shabby chic. We have such examples and others that show exactly the mutual alternative. In a modern bedroom interior with a neutral character, you could use shabby chic for accentuating.

The textiles are the dominant element in this bedroom interior

Bed with an interesting shape Shabby Chic style

How many details can you take?

There are many different ornaments and details in this furnishing style. You could go very far, but it could be a problem in the bedroom! It is difficult for some people to really relax in a room overflowing with accessories and jewelry. So before you finalize your stylistic concept, you should consider how many details you could actually use.

There are many different accessories in this bedroom. Not everyone likes it though!

blue pink pillow bedroom shabby chic

Spread the shabby chic style through the whole apartment!

The romantic and nostalgic character of Shabby Chic style makes it ideal for a bedroom. But maybe you don’t want this for all of your home furnishings. Even if you design the other rooms in a different style, you should still have some small pieces of furniture or accessories in the same style. This makes the entire home furnishings look more harmonious.

You can easily move such charming shabby chic details from one room to the other!

Flowers shabby chic furniture decoration

 Furniture with an outdated look also makes great accents!

Blue wall shabby chic style brown floor

The light blue shade is an ideal choice!

Blue wall shabby chic style

People like to use muted colors, but they can also be used to achieve great contrasts!

Blue bed shabby chic style pink accents

Shabby chic furniture and luxury were successfully combined in this room

Boards on the ceiling shabby chic furniture

DIY shabby chic accessories can be very stylish

Window frame shabby chic furniture light blue

gray walls bedroom shabby chic

Bright bedroom shabby chic pink bedding

bright white bedroom shabby chic blue

Heart on the wall shabby chic furniture

A very light yellow color has been chosen for the accents

interesting decor shabby chic style

shabby chic bedroom Elegant planning a shabby chic bedroom

Lamps shabby chic style mirror

luxury shabby chic furniture red

Bedroom shabby chic all pink

Bedroom shabby chic canopy

And this is how combining minimalism and shabby chic can work!

Bedroom shabby chic brown bed frame

Bedroom shabby chic yellow accents

Bedroom shabby chic large bed

Bedroom shabby chic interesting patterns on the ceiling

Bedroom shabby chic dresser

Shabby chic bedroom with a touch of art

The nostalgic bedroom doesn’t necessarily need a lot of details

Bedroom shabby chic simple furnishings

Bedroom shabby chic simple bed

Bedroom shabby chic wall design

Beautiful bed linen Shabby Chic style

Beautiful interior design Shabby Chic style

You can get very creative with storage space

Slanted roof Shabby Chic style

Shabby chic furniture accents in the room

Shabby chic furniture beige wall white ceilings

Shabby chic furniture blue background

Shabby chic furniture brown and white

The nicely decorated side table makes a big difference!

Shabby chic furniture brown carpet

Shabby Chic Furniture charming ideas for a detail

Shabby chic furniture decoration idea

Shabby chic furniture decoration ideas

Shabby chic furniture feminine details

Shabby chic furniture feminine pink

The metal is a suitable material for nostalgic bedroom furnishings

Shabby chic furniture in an eclectic concept

Shabby chic furniture interesting decoration with flowers

Shabby chic furniture lampshade elegant

Shabby chic furniture, rural flair

shabby chic bedroom ideas Fresh shabby chic decormy chic adventure my chic adventure

What do you think of an accent wall with shabby chic elements?

Shabby chic furniture ornamented wallpaper

Shabby chic furniture matching cushions

Shabby chic furniture splendor in blue

Shabby chic furniture pink brown feminine

Shabby chic furniture dressing table

Shabby chic furniture with nice storage space

The natural decoration ideas also find a place here!

Shabby chic furniture beautiful details

Shabby chic furniture drawers shelf wall decoration

Shabby chic furniture sofa comfortable

Shabby chic furniture mirror on the wall

Shabby chic furniture great furniture furnishings

Most of the time, such a furnishing style is feminine!

Shabby chic furniture vase next to the bed

Shabby chic furniture lots of space

Shabby chic furniture vintage lamp

Shabby Chic furniture wall lamp idea

shabby chic bedroom ideas Luxury 25 delicate shabby chic bedroom decor ideas shelterness

Shabby chic furniture with two beds

A pattern could be used multiple times

Shabby chic style accent wall with patterns

Shabby chic style bed in the attic

Shabby chic style bed linen gray and pattern

Shabby Chic style blue wall decoration

Shabby chic style blue walls

Shabby chic style boards on the wall

The large-sized accessories are also very popular and original!

Shabby Chic style decoration for the wall

shabby chic bedroom Awesome home decoration for shabby chic bedroom ideas a vintage romantic

Shabby chic style flanking elements

Shabby Chic style bright shades with a flower

Shabby Chic style light shades great mirror

Works of art like this are a bold, but often successful solution!

Shabby Chic style light shades

Shabby chic style bright room

Shabby chic style light up pink wall

Shabby Chic style with window frame decoration

Shabby chic style with great storage space

Shabby chic style pink wall design

Shabby chic could also be suitable for furnishing children’s rooms!

Shabby chic style sheer curtains

Shabby chic style beautiful bed linen

Shabby chic style great bed design

Shabby chic style great interior

Shabby Chic style great chandelier

Shabby Chic style different pieces of furniture and ideas

Shabby chic style wall design pattern

Some Shabby Shic furniture are real works of art!

Chair shabby chic furniture great

Great window decoration Shabby Chic style

Great chair shabby chic furniture cushion

white bedroom shabby chic beige

White and yellow bedroom shabby chic great vintage furniture

delicate blossoms bedroom shabby chic

Branches rural decoration Shabby Chic style