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Make draping makeup yourself: makeup tips & great ideas

Make draping makeup yourself

Have you heard of draping makeup before? This fresh beauty trend is particularly current in 2021 and is super easy to do yourself! Are you curious? If so, read our make-up tips below and let yourself be inspired!

Draping make-up: a trend from the 80s that has become topical again

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Draping make-up is a variant of contouring that was particularly popular in the 80s. Today the trend is experiencing a huge comeback and we can look forward to it this spring and summer. With draping make-up, blush is used and you conjure up contours in two different shades. The result is attractive, unusual and cannot go unnoticed! This look was particularly popular with 80s stars like Madonna, Cher and Cyndi Lauper. If you want to make your face shine with the help of this technique, take inspiration from our photos!

Combine two shades of blush

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In 2020 we spent at home without make-up, so the make-up trends for 2021 are more colorful and varied than ever! In order to counteract the gloomy mood associated with the pandemic, the designers have come up with many great highlights – especially during the spring / summer 2021 fashion weeks. These include classic smokey eyes and bright red lips, as well as colorful pink eyeliner and contouring. This also brings the draping make-up and the great hairstyles from the 80s back to life. Great, isn’t it? Even if you’re not a big fan of the retro looks, you could use the draping blush to create a really modern and chic makeup!

Helpful make-up tips

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When it comes to draping makeup, the most important thing is to distribute blush. The two different tones can hide flaws and give the face a fresh and attractive look. The blush should follow the natural shape of the cheekbones. It is not difficult to imitate at all and the result can be described as statement make-up. You can use shades of blush according to your choice. Whether a soft look in pastel pink or beautiful golden tones – everything is possible! So let your imagination run wild and start applying makeup!

Draping makeup for an unforgettable statement look

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Many stars are also in love with the draping makeup. For example, do you remember Rihanna’s great look for Met Gala 2017? And about 2 years ago, Marc Jacobs had the product “Air Blush Soft Glow Duos“Specially designed for the draping make-up technique. As already mentioned, the magic is to combine the two shades of blush in such a way that they already frame your face and make the complexion glow.

Make-up explained step by step

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And how does the make-up work itself? First, you should do your make-up routine as usual – apply lotion, then apply foundation and concealer. When you have found the ideal blush colors for yourself, proceed as with classic contouring. Apply the lighter shade to the cheekbones and the darker shade underneath. If desired, the lighter shade can also be applied along the temples, up to the highest point of the brow. This way you give the face a great V shape and ensure an even look.

The most important thing when applying make-up is to blend the transitions between the two shades well. This way, there are no sharp edges or colored fringes. You don’t actually need a special brush for this – you can also use the usual blush brush. It would make sense to choose a blush palette that contains several coordinated nuances. Experiment until you find the best color combination for you!

Welcome spring with cool makeup!

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Draping makeup is a great way to welcome spring and sunny weather while also freshening up your beauty routine. The combination between a darker and a lighter shade of blush looks very attractive and ensures a glowing complexion. But to make the result look stylish, we recommend keeping the rest of the makeup natural.

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