Indirect bathroom lighting makes the bathroom a cozy and functional place

The lighting in the bathroom is just as important an aspect in the design of this room as the selection of the bathroom furniture itself. This in turn has to do with the feeling of well-being in the most private place in the entire home. At the same time, the aim is to create a modern bathroom where functionality is a top priority. The key here is in the indirect light sources! The indirect lighting bathroom creates a modern atmosphere with soft lighting effects. This is exactly what the following lines explain: How to integrate indirect lighting into the bathroom.

Indirect lighting in the bathroom influences the feel-good factor in the modern bathroom

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Indirect bathroom lighting is only part of the bathroom lighting concept

Indeed, there are numerous ways of designing bathroom lighting. But there are a few things that you should definitely consider if you want a comfortable bathroom. A beautifully lit bathroom is the result of combining direct and indirect lighting.

Direct bathroom lighting, still known as basic lighting, usually creates shadows.

This is not the case with indirect light. This means that in addition to basic lighting, a modern bathroom also needs indirect lighting, also known as background lighting. And that happens primarily through ceiling spots, recessed spotlights, LED strips and integrated LED lighting. The indirect light is less intense than the direct. That is the reason why this is mainly used as an effect light. But not only. Because sometimes the mirror lighting can act as basic lighting in the bathroom.

You feel relaxed and refreshed in a suitably lit bathroom

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Although indirect lighting is not suitable for basic lighting, it is of considerable importance to the whole lighting plan. First and foremost, it is actually important to take your own needs into account and to adapt the lighting in the bathroom accordingly. It is therefore advisable to think about where light sources are actually needed in the bathroom. Next you have to answer the question why you need it: Do you want to create a relaxed atmosphere? Do you need the right light for putting on make-up and shaving, for example? Or maybe you want to bring certain areas to the fore and thus set accents?

Indirect lighting is a perfect solution for modern bathroom design. It is soft and there are almost no annoying reflections on shower walls, fittings and bathroom mirrors. This creates cozy islands of light. And so the basic lighting in the bathroom is perfectly complemented. The result is a nicely lit room.

Modern lighting is what defines the bathroom of today – Using indirect lighting in the bathroom correctly

Today, spa areas and wellness oases serve as examples for the design of your own bathroom. They also provide enough inspiration for bathroom lighting. Indirect lighting is a hot trend.

Modern and functional bathroom lighting only comes into its own through the correct use of indirect lighting. LED light strips directly under the ceiling, for example, are a fancy idea. Light sources used to the side of mirrors, fittings and wash basins, on the other hand, are able to provide more light in the bathroom. This is especially true for bathrooms, where there are no windows. Correct use of indirect lighting creates more brightness in the room. In addition, the bathroom looks wider and more inviting. If you indirectly illuminate individual niches in the bathroom, these come to the fore. And that in turn makes the bathroom look more lively.

Indirect lighting can be used in many ways in the bathroom. This is particularly successful with dark wall design. And in monochrome bathrooms, the right background lighting ensures more dynamism. Such LED lights are excellent in minimalist bathrooms.

Functional LED lights and a modern look 

indirect lighting bathroom led illuminated wall mirror

 LED lighting is built into many bathroom mirrors

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An important detail in bathroom lighting is the brightening of the bathroom mirror. A backlit mirror is a great alternative to avoid unpleasant cast shadows. Different colors, shapes and light intensities satisfy the individual needs of all home owners. Mirror cabinets with integrated lighting are also very much in vogue. The optimal mirror lighting offers the perfect light for applying make-up.

Depending on what kind of mood you want to create in the bathroom, you can also choose different light temperatures. The ability to choose between different light temperature levels is a great advantage of the LED lights. As a rule, you choose warmer LED light for the bathroom. And warmer means low Kelvin values ​​for LEDs. This makes the bathroom feel more comfortable. But when it comes to the bathroom mirror, cooler light is more suitable here. With modern LED lights, however, there is the option of a color change. Are these not functional lights?!

Give the bathroom walls more depth through indirect lighting

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Modern lamps are part of the overall picture of the bathroom. The light sources themselves are decisive for the mood in the bathroom. But it is important that the lighting in the bathroom is efficient and functional. In terms of power consumption, durability and flexibility, LEDs are particularly beneficial in bathroom lighting.

Brighten up the shower area in an attractive way

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LED lamps fit wonderfully in a simply designed room

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Simplicity and functionality are crucial for a comfortable bathroom design

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