Bathroom, furniture

Bathroom furniture – Feel comfortable in your wellness lounge

Bathroom furniture - creative idea

Bathroom furniture shape the overall appearance of a bathroom. For the bathroom, you usually choose uniform pieces of furniture that correspond to a modern style and make the room appear bright and refreshing. The accessories are also not to be underestimated, for example rubbish bins, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, toilet brushes and other small details. A few matching decorations and you already have a great bathroom to feel good about. Base units, tall units and shelves in a wood or high-gloss finish or in a country house style, you have the freedom of design.

Bathroom furniture for a bathroom to feel good

Patterned tiles refine the ceramic-furniture combination

Bathroom furniture always looks stylish and harmonious when it is well coordinated. They give calm and so the bathroom is inviting to relax. The design freedom is given, whether with a modern glass front, high-gloss look or wood in a pleasant country house style, every taste is satisfied. Depending on the size of the bathroom, different variants are also possible. Bathrooms are always available for both small and large bathrooms, so that they can be stylishly furnished. When furnishing the bathroom, it is of course important whether you are designing a completely new, modern bathroom or renovating the old bathroom and some of it will remain. In the second case, you should be more concerned about how the new things will match the old ones.

A play of light for extra comfort

Different colors create optical separations in the room and light plays a special role in the bathroom. Beams that are directed in a targeted manner and ceiling lights as general lighting create a very pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom. Having a little more light to the mirror is not a bad idea, because more brightness is required to shave or apply make-up. Blue light with a cool effect is very pleasant to get up, because getting the glaring light into your eyes immediately is by no means pleasant. Soft light that can be dimmed is very relaxing, especially if there is still a bathtub.

Symmetry creates clear lines

Let yourself be inspired and design your bathroom according to your taste and the latest trends. Strong contrasts create interesting accents in the room. For example different colors. Fresh colors naturally ensure a good mood in the morning after getting up. Unusual designs often create a great combination of functional, stylish and robust in bathroom furniture.

Bathing chic with a city view

Bathing chic with Citiblick

A new trend in the bathroom is the concrete look. The industrial chic and minimalist design in combination with natural simple colors offer a very special bathroom ambience to feel good. The bathroom furniture with a high-gloss look enhances the stylish look of the bathing area. Proper furniture is extremely important for a large, luxurious bathroom. Simple shapes and designs in warm earth tones look very stylish. Freestanding bathtubs look particularly elegant, and fluffy bath mats or green plants provide more cosiness in the large bathroom.

Generous and open – gives freedom

Pastel tones and steel elements - a great combination

Open shelves create a revealing atmosphere in the bathroom. Cosmetics can be placed there, for example, or towels that are color-coordinated and come into their own. Baskets and various decorations are highly recommended because they give the bathroom an extra pep

Bathroom furniture – fresh color gives a fresh mood

A colored accent gives a completely different mood

With matching colors and materials, the bathroom furniture can transform the bathroom into an oasis of wellbeing. Color-coordinated shelves and cupboards create order and storage space and at the same time create harmony in the bathroom. Cupboards in strong colors can also create an interesting contrast in the otherwise sterile white bathroom.

Earth tones – noble effect and comfort

The perfect combination of colors and textures

A large mirror visually enlarges the small bathroom. The mirror and bathroom cabinets offer extra organization and storage space. The earth tones look very cozy and are very pleasant for the perception. Color-coordinated laundry baskets or other accessories are always in the right place in a bathroom and set great accents in the room in which we spend time with ourselves.

Bathroom furniture set with attention to detail

With attention to detail

Grays are very inn

Robust wood is always and everywhere chic

White wood for soft light

Bathroom furniture set to match the bathroom colors

A bathroom in the African style - washbasin with vanity unit

Gold elements for a noble effect

Fresh colors bring a fresh mood

A detail can create a great contrast

Mediterranean bathrooms are very trendy

Dark wood makes it cozy

Fresh colors for a fresh mood

Wood with white - a great combination

Large wooden cabinets create plenty of storage space in the bathroom

Wood with stone-perfect combination

Pastel tones create an atmosphere of well-being

Let yourself be pampered in your own bathroom

A bathroom with an eye for detail

Create a vintage atmosphere in the bathroom with the right details

Ikea bathroom in Scandinavian style

Accessories can change a lot

Bathroom furniture made of wood - country style

Bathroom furniture - a play of shapes and patterns

Fresh color gives a fresh mood

Shades of gray with a city view

Bathroom - small, bright and cozy

A bathroom cabinet for more storage space

Bathroom furniture base cabinet