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Wooden ladders and ladder shelves provide more storage space and stylish decoration in the bathroom

We recently wrote about the decorative ladder and its great decorative function. Deco ladders are undisputedly a trendy element both indoors and outdoors. We’ll continue with the topic of ladders, but today we’re talking about the wooden ladder in the bathroom. With their warm appearance, ladders create a special atmosphere not only in the living room, but also in the bathroom. And not just because they are wonderful decoration in modern interiors. Wooden ladders also offer much more storage space in the most private room of the apartment. You will see for yourself when you look at the following picture gallery.

Wooden ladders in the bathroom are decorative and practical

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A ladder combines several functions in the bathroom

Ladders have been a popular interior element for a while. They are light, functional and versatile. Ladders are a great use in the bathroom. Wooden ladders find their right place, especially in small bathrooms. And not only as a decoration, but also as additional storage space.

There is actually space for a ladder in every bathroom. Leaned casually against the wall, they combine two functions in one: they are a useful object and a living accessory at the same time. And if the ladder becomes superfluous, then you simply relocate it. Generally speaking, wooden ladders bring order to the bathroom.

Even if towel ladders made of any material such as stainless steel or bamboo are particularly trendy, ladders made of solid wood are enjoying greater popularity. Used wooden ladders as well. Wooden ladders are easy to combine and make the room look natural. The rubber on the feet prevents any slipping.

You don’t need any extra towel hooks in the bathroom! A wooden ladder takes on this role perfectly. By hanging clothes, towels and accessories on the ladder, you give the bathroom a cozy look. The wooden ladders are primarily suitable for towel rails. But if you attach a few baskets to it, you can store additional accessories here. But it is important to arrange them nicely, because everything is visible on these strange shelves.

Wooden ladders are great furniture for a cozy bathroom

wooden ladder bathroom simple decoration ideas creative storage space ideas

How you can use a wooden ladder as a decoration in the bathroom

Looking for creative solutions is a must, especially in a small or older bathroom. Often times, a small change makes a big impact. This is also the case with the wooden ladder in the bathroom.

The towel ladders can inscribe themselves in any style of living and exert a different influence on the room. This is due to the variety of designs and colors. In most cases, this involves self-made wooden ladders. You can give the bathroom a rustic touch or a shabby chic look without much effort.

Depending on the selected colour Wooden ladders complement the overall look of the room or they create a clear color contrast to the interior. These could also contrast with individual accessories to create more dynamism in the room. So ladders in natural colors are timeless and therefore particularly popular. A towel ladder in white, on the other hand, attracts attention and turns into an eye-catcher. And with a black ladder you can achieve wonderful effects in the bathroom. You could also do it yourself paint the ladder and give the bathroom even more individuality.

plants help you to make the ambience even fresher. These come into their own when you put them on the ladder. All you have to do is choose the right hanging plants and you’re done! A fresh atmosphere is guaranteed in your bathroom! The size of the room does not matter!

Give the bathroom a shabby chic flair

wooden ladder bathroom create creative bathroom shelves

The ladder shelf – a functional solution in the modern bathroom

Gone are the days when the wall was drilled to mount hooks for cloths. There is a new tendency in the modern bathroom – to lean a wooden ladder against the wall. It’s a lot easier and nicer at the same time. But the ladder shelf is also a very practical and creative interior solution in the bathroom.

Anyone looking for more storage space in their bathroom will hit the mark with a ladder shelf. Without taking up a lot of space, they offer space for towels and other items. Ladders with deep steps are extremely functional. They are perfect for storing small items such as brushes and bottles. Then, if you want to add a decorative touch to the ladder shelf, place some potted plants on top. It becomes much more playful and representative!

Ladder shelves offer plenty of storage space

wooden ladder bathroom baskets create lots of storage space

Ladder-shaped shelves are a modern and practical solution for any bathroom. Whether a wooden ladder or a ladder shelf, it depends on the size of the bathroom and your own needs. Get more home inspiration from the following pictures.

There is space for all kinds of things here

Wooden ladder bathroom design storage space ideas

The wooden ladder is a flexible towel holder

wooden ladder bathroom towels storage space ideas

You can be extremely creative and create original ladder shelves

wooden ladder bathroom creative ideas create more storage space

You can just as easily bring an exotic flair into the bathroom

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Wooden ladder to store towels to organize the bathroom

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